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Vittorio Never Was as Much Alive as he is Now

Words from Vik's mom who is heading to Gaza with the next Flotilla...

Vik Arrigoni

(ROME Manifesto ) - Do you have to die to become a hero, to be on the front page of the newspaper, to watch TV even outside the home or to die in order to stay human?

Egidia Beretta Arrigoni

I remember the Vittorio at Christmas 2005, when he was imprisoned at Ben Gurion airport, the scars of the handcuffs which had cut off his pulse, the denied contacts to the consulate, the mockery trial.

And the Easter of the same year, when he was stopped by the Israeli police at the Jordanian border, directly behind Allenby Bridge, to prevent him from entering Israel, when he was loaded onto a bus and seven of them, one of them a policewoman, beat him “with art”, without leaving external signs, true professionals that they are, they threw him on the ground facedown, and as a last devilry tore out his hair with their potent boots.

Vittorio was persona-non-grata in Israel. Too subversive, one year before he had demonstrated at the Wailing Wall with his friend Gabriele together with the men and women from Budrus village. He taught and sang with them our most beautiful partisan song “O Bella ciao, ciao….”

Art by Carlos Latuff: Rest in Peace Brother Vik

At that time I did not watch TV, not even when in autumn 2008 an Israeli commando assaulted the fisherboat in Palestinian waters near Rafah and Vittorio was first locked up in Ramle and then sent home in prison clothes and slippers.

Certainly, now I can only thank the press and TV that they have approached us in a decent way, that they have “occupied” our house respectfully, without excesses, and they gave me the possibility to speak about Vittorio and his chosen ideals.

This lost son, now so much alive as he may never have been before, just like the seed that grows and dies in the earth, will bear prosperous fruit. I can see and hear this already in the words of friends, especially the youth, some of them close by and some of them far away who through Vittorio have known and understood how to make sense of “Utopia”, that the hunger for justice and peace, brotherhood and solidarity still prevails and that, as Vittorio said, “Palestine could as well be in front of your door”. We were far away from Vittorio, but we were closer than ever.

As of now, his lively presence which is evergrowing by the hour, is like a wind which from Gaza, his beloved Mediterranean Sea, is blowing wildly and bringing us his hopes and his love for those without a voice, for the weak, the suppressed, bearing us witness.

Restiamo umani."  (Translation from Italian: Sabine Stoehr)

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Agron Belica April 15, 2012 5:56 pm (Pacific time)

God Bless You! Your son was an incredible human being. May the lord give him the highest place in Paradise and may his name and spirit remain with us forever. Rest In Peace Brother VIK.

Anonymous April 15, 2012 4:07 pm (Pacific time)

nothing will change until we all realize the root of the cause..Sadly, salem-news will write and speak of atrocoties, which is ok, but at the same time, until people address the root of the cause, the cancer will continue..The problem is, nobody wants to address the core problems, because it is a detriment (sp) to their lifestyle and beliefs..A lifestyle and belief system that was set up by the same people causing the atrocoties. Its of my opinion, that salem-news, and those who comment are big sissies.. They cant admit their savior obama was nothing more than a banker schill..The republicans are the same. They cant admit that all the wars where our brothers and sisters faught, were nothing more than helping the bankers, and helping enslave our own humanity...Support the troops? heck yeah, support them by supporting Ron Paul. End the wars, get the bankers out of DC, get our troops out of Afghanistan guarding the opium fields sending cheap potent heroin across the globe, and lets take care of America..Lets clean up our own backyard before trying to fix someone elses back yard.

Just another Muslim April 20, 2011 9:18 pm (Pacific time)

Condolences to Vittorio's family for their tragic loss. He was a brave man who did great things. He was an inspiration to many, and like Eileen said, let's hope 2011 is the year we see justice. RIP Vittorio Arrigoni, God bless him and his family...

eileen fleming April 18, 2011 5:01 pm (Pacific time)

My gut has been wrenched since I first learned of the kidnapping and then brutal death Vik suffered, but READING his mom whose loss is unfathomable gives me hope that 2011 will be the year JUSTICE will prevail and human rights will be equal and for all the people of that troubled piece of real estate. I IMAGINE when Mrs. Corrie and Mrs. Arrigoni meet...

Mohamed April 18, 2011 3:53 pm (Pacific time)

The overwhelming majority of Muslims who heard to his untimely death are saddened and we hope his family and friends heal quickly. He was a brave man and rest in peace.

Anonymous April 17, 2011 6:59 pm (Pacific time)

He was a supporter of human values.

Anonymous April 17, 2011 4:37 pm (Pacific time)

Words from Vik's mom who is heading to Gaza with the next Flotilla...she will be with her son soon. Rejoice!

Anonymous April 17, 2011 4:35 pm (Pacific time)

God Bless you and your son who was nothing short of a truly incredible human being.  

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