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Looking Back at Last Year's Meteor Over Siberia

Again, the scientists focus on the resistance of the atmosphere and pressure while completely ignoring the fact that the meteor is passing through the magnetic field current of the Earth at high speed.

Tempel Alive with Light.
Tempel Alive with Light. This spectacular image of comet Tempel 1 was taken 67 seconds after it obliterated Deep Impact's impactor spacecraft. The image was taken by the high-resolution camera on the mission's flyby craft. Scattered light from the collision saturated the camera's detector, creating the bright splash seen here. Linear spokes of light radiate away from the impact site, while reflected sunlight illuminates most of the comet surface. The image reveals topographic features, including ridges, scalloped edges and possibly impact craters formed long ago. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

(SAN DIEGO) - The meteor that “exploded” in a brilliant flash in Siberia on Feb. 15, 2013 offers important clues to meteors and comets if it is viewed in proper pragmatic context. Unfortunately the importance of this flash is ignored or unnoticed, as were these other reports.

NASA Flight Director said the Vega spacecraft was “Zapped by an electrical charge” when the International Cometary Explorer “zipped right through the Giacobini-Zinner Comet tail” in 1985.

In a NASA report: “Moment of Impact”, it stated: “When NASA’s Deep Impact probe collided with Comet Tempel 1, a bright, small flash was created, which rapidly expanded above the surface of the comet. This flash lasted for more than a second”.

Photo taken on Feb. 16, 2013 shows factory
building damaged by the shockwave of the
meteorite fall in Chelyabinsk. Some 1,200
people were injured & many houses damaged
as the meteorite struck Russia's Urals region.
(Xinhua/Jiang Kehong) See: Some 1,200
Injured in Meteor Explosion in Central Russia

I had the opportunity to record this Siberian “explosion” on a DVD so I could watch it in slow motion. I watched the upper surface of the glow as it approached and during the bright flash of light.

The upper surface did not expand upward as would be expected from an internal explosion. But the glow expanded very brightly between the meteor and the surface of the Earth for about 1 second.

This is similar to the flash of the discharge of static electricity between the Deep Probe and Comet Tempel 1.

Then the entire bright ball of light greatly reduced in size which is typical of the loss of the static electricity charge generated by the meteor that was stimulating the atoms of gasses surrounding the meteor mass.

An explosion would cause the entire 360 degree area of the mass to increase in size, not expand brightly just toward the Earth. The meteor mass without the glow continued for many miles before impacting into a lake.

In a Science program regarding the Feb. 15, 2013 “Fireball Over Siberia” Dr. Mark Boslough, physicist, Sandia National Laboratories, said: “The fireball leaves a log pulsating trail. The way I interpret that is when a large object comes into the atmosphere at supersonic velocity it creates a bow shock. It creates a strong shock wave which is a sonic boom an as it breaks off into smaller fragments they trail behind it and they make their own smaller booms. So you hear a big boom from the big object then a lot of smaller booms and bangs.”

The two main smoke trails left by the Russian meteor as it passed over
the city of Chelyabinsk. Credit: AP Photo/

A Daily Planet reporter asked Mark Boslough “What did you see. What do you think happened? What about the smoke trails that it left in the sky? It looks like there are two of them. Does that mean anything to you? Or am I seeing things.”

Mark replied: “I saw a large object coming into the atmosphere streaming through the air and as it streams along it breaks up. The pressure builds up on that. That’s what causes it to fragment and ultimately in the end it explodes. Well now I think I saw two trails as well and what I think is that it means is that it has actually split in two. There are probably a couple of big fragments and each one is leaving its own trail.”

The reporter asked: “Now why are they shattering windows on the ground? Can you walk us through this?”

Mark replied: “Well a big sonic boom is a pressure wave and a pressure wave can actually shatter windows.”

The article stated: “The scientists estimated the force of this meteor was more than a hundred kilotons and possibly as much as 300 kilotons and greater than the atomic blast that destroyed Nagasaki. That makes it the biggest event of its kind since the Tunguska sincident of 1908”

The shock wave not only broke many windows, it blew doors in and collapsed some brick walls in buildings many miles from the path of the meteor. I think only a static electricity discharge can create such a strong shock wave. The mass itself does not necessarily explode. It is only the generated static electricity surrounding the mass that discharges to create the appearance and effect of an explosion. The “smoke” was the condensate of the natural moisture in the air as the meteor mass compressed the oxygen and hydrogen molecules it was plowing through into water drops.

Tunguska incident. Photo:

I have previously explained this static electricity discharge as the cause of the Tunguska incident. As this event very clearly demonstrates, the static electricity discharge is primarily directly between the comet or meteor and the Earth with a shock wave extending outward form the discharge point. This would be a force downward that would strip the leaves and branches from the trees in the immediate impact area and leave the trees standing while blowing the surrounding trees down. As the Feb. 15, 2013 meteor proves, the energy discharges while the mass continues. While the research scientists have been searching for the Tunguska mass for over 100 years in the immediate area, it could be hundreds of miles away.

Again, the scientists focus on the resistance of the atmosphere and pressure while completely ignoring the fact that the meteor is passing through the magnetic field current of the Earth at high speed. Every atom of every mass has a magnetic field. And any magnetic field traveling through another magnetic field at high speed will absolutely generate a charge of static electricity. Once the scientists realize this and recognize that gravity does not rule the universe and then abandon their customary aversion to electromagnetic energy and begin to evaluate anomalies in the unbiased and unprejudiced manner of true scientific methodology, they will begin to unravel many unsolved mysteries.

For instance it will help the scientists understand comets like Comet Holmes, which they revealed they have been studying for over 100 years “But still do not really understand them” and why Comet Halley mysteriously “erupted into a shiny cloud 140,000 miles across when it had receded 1.3 billion miles from the Sun.”



Edsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel's unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth's atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address:


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