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Never Before Campaign Releases Video: 'Israeli Love Song'

It is the same old story for all oppressors; eventually their image comes to fall, and soon afterward, so do they.

(JERUSALEM) - When the Israeli regime feels that it has to create a ministry for propaganda, you know that they are worried. This concern is shared by dedicated Zionists and other misled people all over the world.

Their concern is simple: the world is beginning to realize that the Israeli regime and its policies are nothing better than any other, past or present, discriminatory/apartheid regime.

No amount of spinning tactics or communications strategies will reverse this long overdue awakening. Yet, the Zionists and their regime persist. Over the past few years we have seen initiative after initiative, document after document, and campaign after campaign, to revert to the old perceptions that the Israeli regime represents the values of freedom, liberty and equality.

This regime's latest move, an initiative to turn every citizen into a PR ambassador - highlights the desperation of its spin masters and PR firms.

Along these lines, many documents have been compiled to guide anyone willing to defend the Israeli regime and its policies. Most striking, and what we have been seeing for years by Israeli politicians and advocates, is the focus on the audacious claim that the Israeli regime, and its occupation army, actually cares about the Palestinian people.

It is the same old story for all oppressors; eventually their image comes to fall, and soon afterward, so do they.

Learn more: neverbeforecampaign

Many of the photos are available by visiting:

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Anonymous April 9, 2010 2:51 pm (Pacific time)

True, it is the same old story that all oppressors eventually will be seen as what they truly are and, thankfully, fall soon after. However, it is completely inaccurate to place Israel and its government in this category. Claiming such an absurdly erroneous statement, that Israel is an oppressive, apathetic, “discriminatory/apartheid regime,” is, unfortunately, a common misconception that has devastating consequences. It is because of such claims that Israel does have a need to establish an organization that spreads not just pro-Israel messages, but messages containing the whole truth, and all the facts involved. Israel’s purpose in creating these messages is not to spin the truth, dupe the world into seeing them as helpless victims, or to make mindless PR ambassadors, rather it is to inform the world of the true reasons behind their actions; the need for the fence, the need for the checkpoints, and the need for all the other necessary precautions that, although burdensome, are vital for the safety of Israel’s civilians and have been proven to have decreased terrorist attacks tremendously. In reality, there is no long overdue awakening. What is needed is the realization of the hard facts; for years Israel has only taken military action in response to terror, as acts of self preservation, and has made numerous attempts at peace between the Palestinians. A peace that Israel wishes and strives to obtain.

Editor: It is a fact that Israel not only maintains different laws and rules for Palestinians; it is also true that the people of Palestinian and other backgrounds that are non-Jewish, are restricted in regard to travel.  Finally, the people of Gaza are made to live in a concentration camp setting.  I find it interesting that anyone would defend this type of treatment toward other human beings, especially considering what the Jewish race has been through..  "Safety of Israel" is a broken record line, what about the safety of the Palestinians?  What about the constant violent attacks on peace protests by the IDF?  Israel is a bully nation run by a genocidal government.  I am thankful that so many people in Israel who are Jewish, are waking up to the reality of the lies, and saying something about it.  Haaretz and other groups are becoming increasingly critical, even the U.S. is speaking up.  Genocide is not an acceptable behavior, it is amazing that Israel conducts itself the way it does, from an American point of view.  As bad as our own history may be, we learned generations ago not to assume the position toward our indigenous people- that Israel takes today.   

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