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Salem-News.com (Jan-15-2014 02:12)

Shocking Evidence Suggests Hitler Could Have Escaped Germany

Corsi relies on autopsy reports, interrogation transcripts, documents from Soviet archives, CIA reports, extensive research in the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C., and in College Park, Md., and more to back up his case.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Hitler and Braun Everyone knows Adolf Hitler committed suicide by gunshot in his underground bunker on April 30, 1945. At least, that has been the conventional wisdom.

Now comes WND senior staff reporter Jerome R. Corsi's new book, "Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Germany."

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Salem-News.com (Nov-04-2013 20:04)

My Personal Bookends of War...
Frank Lace and A German Oberleutnant

In the sombre wars of modern democracy there is little place for chivalry.
- Winston Churchillon Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

(DAYTONA BEACH) - Armistice Day This day we used to remember as Armistice Day, a day that can be celebrated by hawk and dove alike.

And a friend of mine sent me a faded newspaper clipping, a sepia-colored snapshot of the back of a truck, or lorry, or whatever they called those primitive transports in The Great War.

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Salem-News.com (Oct-12-2013 17:02)

Hanna Arendt and Jewish Intolerance

Every humanities student in the Western world will, at some time, comes across the work of Hannah Arendt but no one really knows the names of any of her detractors.

(London Redress) - In  1961 the German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt travelled to Jerusalem to cover the trial of Adolf Eichmann for the New Yorker. Margarethe von Trotta’s  new docudrama, Hannah Arendt, tells the story of her journey and the controversy following her report.

What Arendt (Barbara Sukowa) saw in Eichmann was not stupidity, but thoughtlessness – a complete incapacity for independent critical thought. Arendt understood that it was within this thoughtlessness that the evil becomes banal as opposed to being a sinister, premeditated crime.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-07-2013 01:56)

A Palestinian in Hiroshima

Many Japanese yearn for a more caring society and support global solidarity, including with Palestine. This was shown vividly in our visit to Nagoya and Hiroshima.

(HIROSHIMA) - Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh in Hiroshima I and Oliver Stone both spoke at Hiroshima on the anniversary of the first nuclear bombing in human history and we are slated to speak in two days at Nagasaki on the anniversary of the second nuclear attack.

My speech is below in English (I will send the Japanese version later). These remain the most starkest of acts of state terror in Human history.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-07-2013 01:19)

Harry Truman and Memory of Mass Murder

Weeks before the first bomb was dropped, Japan expressed its desire to surrender and end the war.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Harry Truman Harry Truman spoke in the U.S. Senate on June 23, 1941: "If we see that Germany is winning," he said, "we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible."

Did Truman value Japanese lives above Russian and German? There is nothing anywhere to suggest that he did.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-11-2013 15:33)

Dieppe: The Grand Delusion

It would be many years before I fully understood the total and useless disaster of Dieppe.

(DAYTONA BEACH, FL) - Dieppe - 1942 Perhaps the only people who really love war are 12-year-old boys and a few other 12-year-old minds, such as those of arms manufacturers, dictators and right-wing politicians who don't have to go there.

I was a 12-year-old boy in 1942. Model Spitfires, ME-109s and Curtis P-40s hung from the ceiling of my room, I charted daily the deployment of Von Paulus' panzers on the Russian Front.

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Salem-News.com (May-30-2013 14:44)

Doolittle Raiders: The Last Reunion (VIDEO)

Of the 80 Raiders, 62 survived the war. They were celebrated as national heroes, models of bravery.

(WASHINGTON DC) - 80 silver goblets dedicated to the Doolittle Raiders It's the cup of brandy no one wants to drink. On Tuesday, April 17, 2013 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the surviving Doolittle Raiders gathered publicly for the last time.

They once were among the most universally admired and revered men in the United States. There were 80 of the Raiders in April 1942, when they carried out one of the most courageous and heart-stirring military operations in this nation's history. The mere mention of their unit's name, in those years, would bring tears to the eyes of grateful Americans.

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Salem-News.com (May-28-2013 09:48)

Sex and the Soldier, Continuation: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Modern day writers are trying to interpret events they were not present for, and they are making huge mistakes that dishonor the legacy of the U.S. Army in Europe during WWII.

(PORTLAND, OR) - An American soldier offers advice to a French woman I previously posted 'Sex and the Soldier: the Real Truth' May 24 2013 in Salem-News.com.

As a critique of the book "What Soldiers Do" by Mary Louise Roberts, she implies that American soldiers spent most of their free time raping in France, Belgium and Germany. She printed that they committed thousands of rapes.

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Salem-News.com (May-24-2013 19:56)

Sex and the Soldier: the Real Truth

Marriage, yes... Rape, not so much.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Woman during WWII Sex and the Soldier is the title of my own book on this subject and it is included in my own memoir, Gen Patton's Dogface Soldier.

In part, the book Love, Sex and War by John Costello, was the source of the information in many of own books, but I was also not only at the front as a Combat Infantryman, I also ended up as a medical statistician...

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Salem-News.com (May-23-2013 11:51)

Civil Society Strongly Condemns Mayor Hashimoto`s Recent Remark on the `Comfort Women`

Salem-News.com Human Rights Ambassador joins 67 organizations worldwide demanding more for these abused women of WWII.

(HONG KONG) - WWII 'Comfort Woman' from the Philippines Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto is in the world spotlight over remarks issued May 13 about “comfort women” for the Japanese Army during World War II.

He says it was “necessary” in maintaining discipline in the army and providing relief for soldiers.

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