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Colonization Schemes: What Did The B-C Pact Say?

These are lands on which these people have lived for generations and centuries.

(COLOMBO) - R Sampanthan I am happy to follow the Minister, the Hon. Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, who, I think, in the course of his statement referred to the multifarious problems that exist in the North and the East pertaining to State land. I will be dealing with some of these issues in the course of my speech.

Lands, Sir, is a fundamental issue. It has enormous influence on vital aspects of human activity and it is crucial, particularly from the point of view of the affected people, like persons displaced during the war and so on. There are private lands.

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Reconcilition South African Style Will Not Work in Sri Lanka

The mentality of the Sinhalese politicians since the date of independence in 1948, has involved making promises and signing treaties, one after another, and breaking all of them.

(MELBOURNE) - Majinda Rajapaksa On 11 December 2013 South Africa made a gracious offer to assist Sri Lanka in whatever way possible and share its experiences on its reconciliation process, South Africa’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Geoff Doidge said.

He said this during a meeting held to express condolence on the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela at the parliament complex. The event was organised by the Sri Lanka-South Africa parliamentary Friendship Association.

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Sajeeb Wazed Joy Has Millions in a Swiss Bank Account

William Gomes says most of the media became the PR agency of the ruling party and the listed few who were vocal against the fascist regime have been successfully silenced by the ruling government.

(ISLAMABAD) - Journalist William Gomes has claimed in a Tweet and email to Sajeeb Wazed Joy,Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s son that Joy has an account in swiss bank worth 30 bln USD.

Journalist William Gomes has claimed in a Tweet and email to Sajeeb Wazed Joy,Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s son that Joy has an account in swiss bank worth 30 bln USD.

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Are US Policy Makers Really that Stupid, or are they Evil?

Is it a surprise that in a world poll this week the US was voted the biggest threat to peace in the world?

(JAMESTOWN, RI) - Obama the warmonger Are US policy makers really stupid or do they have a natural talent for creating violence and hatred? The latest world poll shows the US is considered the biggest threat to world peace and our government’s daily actions and decisions assure us of a continued “number one”.

Iraq for example, just suffered its worst year of violence since 2008 with almost 9,000 deaths in a country that is a failed state wracked with civil wars, sectarian strife, and infested with large Al Qaeda groups, all trying to impose their will and agenda on a devastated nation.

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Sri Lanka on Full Throttle to Save its Skin & the Tamils Will have to Match It

If the parties could get together, many of the problems faced by the Tamils would be solved. In addition to policy alignment, duplication of duties could be avoided. Travelling, which is a major cost, could be spread among all of them.

(MELBOURNE) - Sri Lanka at Geneva With the dawn of the New Year Sri Lanka is slated to experience pressing political and diplomatic challenges in 2014. Main among them is the session of the United Nations Human Rights Council scheduled for March 2014.

The government is bracing for the event, and already appointments have been sought with the member states for a lobbying-spree ahead of the session.

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Sri Lanka Gov. `War Criminal` Promoted by Cuba`s Prensa Latina

Upwards to 100,000 Tamils were killed in this civil war; some 40,000 in its final few weeks. There are as many dead, disappeared and in exile as the two million remaining in Sri Lanka.

(Cuba HAVANA TIMES) - Sri Lanka Foreign Minister G. I. Peiris. Foto: PL “Sri Lanka is fully able to undertake the tasks set out by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and to guarantee the rights of its citizens”, Foreign Minister G. I. Peiris told Prensa Latina in an interview this year.

The LLRC is a commission appointed by the Sinhalese Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to look into any possible wrong doing that government forces are accused of having committed in the last months of the civil war between it and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

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War Criminals By Default

In my analysis the real tragedy is that something could have been done at a very early stage to stop the killing and destruction. What was needed was for President Obama to have a private conversation with President Putin along something like the following lines.

(LONDON) - Obama My last thought for 2013 is that for their failure to co-operate and coordinate to make the United Nations work to stop the slaughter and destruction in Syria, the leaders of the five permanent and controlling members of the Security Council - the U.S, Britain, France, Russia and China - are war criminals by default.

There are only two ways to run this world of ours.

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Protest Against Disappearances in Sri Lanka

"Release Lalith and Kugan and stop abductions and torture," the crowd shouted at Tuesday's demonstration...

(COLOMBO) - Protest against Tamil disappearances This is a demonstration organised against the disappearances of Tamils in Sri Lanka, The Sri Lankan armed forces, under Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, and its Tamil paramilitary agents were the main operators.

Lalith Weeraraj and Kugan Muruganathan's crimes were to organise rallies two years ago in the North to help Tamils families trace their loved ones, but they were surprised to find themselves abducted instead. To date there is no sign of them.

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Bangladesh Hangs Jamaat Leader for War Crimes

UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay wrote to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seeking a stay of the execution, saying the trial did not meet stringent international standards for the death penalty.

(DHAKA Burma Times) - Bangladesh on Thursday hanged Abdul Quader Molla Bangladesh on Thursday hanged Abdul Quader Molla, a top Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader known as the “Butcher of Mirpur,” making him the first person to be put to death for massacres committed during the country’s bloody 1971 war of independence.

Deputy law minister Quamrul Islam announced the execution, saying Abdul Quader Molla, 65, a senior leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was hanged by the neck at 10.01 pm (1601 GMT) in a jail in the capital Dhaka.

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Regime Change Not a Viable Solution...

Regime change in Sri Lanka will only pave the way for an excuse from the international community that, a new regime needs time and space for its transitional period.

(PARIS) - Sri Lanka flag The 1987 Indo- Lanka accord recognized the North East of the island of Sri Lanka as the hereditary land of the Tamil people. Under internationally agreed arrangement, the North and Eastern provinces were merged as one administrative unit.

Unfortunately less than a year after Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected as President, the merger of the North and Eastern provinces was brought to an end on 16 October 2006, after systematic manipulation.

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