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Veteran`s Day Ceremonies Throughout Oregon

Honoring all veterans who served in American wars.

(SALEM, Ore.) - veterans day Communities throughout Oregon will be hosting ceremonies, parades, and special gatherings to honor America's military veterans and commemorate Veterans Day.

The Oregon Dept. of Veterans' Affairs has a new Internet link for viewing the updated list of Veterans Day events occurring statewide:

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Dr. Phil Leveque, WWII Hero and Pot Doc Has Died

Doc Leveque was the greatest part of the Greatest Generation.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Bonnie King and Dr. Phil Leveque It is with great sadness that I share this news. Our doctor, friend, teacher, and mentor 92-year old Phil Leveque passed away Saturday afternoon, peacefully with his family aside him.

His great niece described him as “The Most Awesome, Intelligent, Funny, Open-minded, Game Changing, Great Uncle, Dr. Phil Leveque”, and that about covers it. He did change the game.

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Rising Tide of Veteran Suicides Concerns Oregon Senator

Senator Merkley Marks Military Appreciation Month by Co-Sponsoring Legislation to Prevent Suicide Among Veterans

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Veteran suicides Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley visited Lines for Life on Friday to see its military helpline in action and met with veterans and veteran advocates to discuss how to stem the rising tide of suicide among veterans.

“Too many of our men and women in uniform are coming home from battle with less visible wounds – PTSD, traumatic brain injury and depression. But we’re not making the same kind of commitment to treating those wounds of war,” said Merkley.

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Marine Turned VA Civilian Discusses Saving Veterans from Foreclosure in New ``I Am AFGE`` Documentary

AFGE member and VA Loan Specialist Christopher Lee Castle helps veterans like himself every day

(DENVER) - Christopher Lee Castle Christopher Lee Castle joined the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2008, eager to give back to the military community after having served in the Marine Corps.

It was the height of the Great Recession, and Christopher's job as a loan specialist in the Veterans Benefits Administration meant he was soon counseling veterans and family members who were going through foreclosures on their VA guaranteed home loans and facing other economic hardships.

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Tribute to Vietnam Veteran Gary E Harvey

Special Forces Veteran from the Vietnam War is being held against his will in New York hospital.

(HORSEHEADS, NY) - Gary Harvey is a Veteran who unfortunately, is trapped in an abusive guardianship. A wife's loving tribute to her husband, Gary Harvey - Veteran and unfortunately trapped in an abusive guardianship. Currently, Gary is confined to a hospital room and denied all visitation from family, friends, advocates - even clergy.

The guardian does not keep his wife informed of his medical condition and blocks all her efforts to advocate for his best interest and his preferences.

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Police Accused of Murdering U.S. Soldier in New York

"We did not find a weapon." - police spokesman

(NEW YORK) - Noel Polanco He was chased by an unmarked police car as he drove home. His tearful mother is demanding justice for her son. 'They are going to pay for this,' she said. 'We want justice.'

The shooting, which occurred at 5:15 a.m., was the latest in a series of episodes in which police officers fatally shot or wounded civilians.

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Remembering Vietnam

After 1,000 years of domination by China, Vietnam’s conflicts with the French and the U.S. were mere bumps in the road.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Flag of Vietnam January 30th marks the forty-fourth anniversary of the beginning of the Tet Offensive, a defining event in the Vietnam War.

I was a U.S. Army Transportation officer stationed in Vietnam during the 1968 Tet Offensive.

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Get `er done!

This story has been told in greater detail by Rebecca Liss in her article titled “An Unlikely Hero” and published September 10, 2002. It was recently reprinted by MSN/Slate.

(HARRISVILLE, N.H.) - S/Sgt David Karnes The three words that make-up the title of today’s piece typify the attitude that caused more than one Commander-in-Chief to issue the order to “Send in the Marines”! Those words also define the attitude of a Marine who has been described as “Crazy Brave” for his actions at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001.

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From Cheerleader to Enemy of the State

From the Book RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War published by Trine Day.

(OLDENBURG, Germany) - Ninja cheerleader The long, flouncy curls from Judy Davis's cheerleader days are gone. Her straight blonde hair is now cut short. Large blue eyes stand out in a face pale without makeup.

Her soft Southern drawl has an undertone of determination. "It's taken me awhile, but now I'm glad to be considered an 'unsuitable influence.'

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Generations of Resistance to War

From the book RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War, published by Trine Day 2010.

(OLDENBURG, Germany) - Vietnam protest A Granny for Peace told of finding young allies in the struggle against military recruiting. Due to the Patriot Act, she wishes to remain nameless

It's never easy being a parent or a child. The generations always have friction between them, a conflict between the elders' need to give guidance and youths' need to find their own way.

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