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About Tibet articles (Mar-13-2013 09:47)

Tibetan Uprising Day Reminds Us

I wish the Tibetan movement finds new champions among the youth of all countries.

(PRINCETON, NJ) - Tibet Uprising Day More than a half century ago, on March 10th, 1959, Tibetans revolted against the Chinese military occupation of Tibet that began in 1951.

The revolt ended badly for the Tibetans who suffered from a brutal Chinese crackdown. This caused the Dalai Lama, with the help of the CIA, to flee with his supporters to India.

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Tibet: Another Teen Self-Immolates, Burnings Rise To 70

It took longer than usual for local Tibetans to relay the news of the self-immolation due to communication curbs imposed by Chinese authorities.

(HONG KONG) - Tibet claims Another Tibetan teenager burned himself to death this month in protest against Chinese rule in Gansu province in the eighth self-immolation this week, sources said.

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A New Slanging Match

Nepal confronts the UN over two reports on the ‘homeless’ and the ‘stateless’

(CHENNAI The Indian Express) - President Junius Jayewardene In early 1987, the UN country representative in Sri Lanka had a meeting with then President Junius Jayewardene to offer any help the UN could.

“That would not be a pleasant thing to happen, as Sri Lanka will be kicked like a football by its 180-odd members,” was the president’s firm answer.

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Holding the Line for Tibet

My talk explains why Tibet is geopolitically strategic for USA and India.

(PRINCETON, NJ) - Rajiv Malhotra The Tibetan Youth Congress approached me to be their keynote speaker at the end of a large rally and hunger strike in front of the Chinese consulate in Manhattan.

Their peaceful event brought 10,000 supporters, mostly white Americans and Tibetans. Traffic was stopped for a few blocks. There was heavy police presence.

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CHINA: Public Frustration Over Denial of Basic Rights and Freedoms, Magnified by a Lack of Rule of Law Eye on the World Report.

(SAYDABAD, Bangladesh) - Flag of China Public frustration in China over the government’s denial of basic rights and freedoms, magnified by a lack of rule of law....

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Tibetan self-immolations - the most `underreported` story of 2011

“Not so the despair of many Tibetans at their plight under Chinese rule, now in its seventh decade” - TIME magazine

(DHARAMSHALA, Tibet) - A screen grab of a short clip of Palden Choetso's self-immolation on November 3, 2011 in Tawu region of eastern Tibet. An agony that many Tibetan and Tibet supporters continue to suffer, following the recent spate of self-immolations in Tibet, has now come to the fore of international media.

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Leading Tibetan Blogger Arrested by Chinese Security Police (VIDEO)

Jamyang Kyi is also a singer and songwriter and has released several well-received albums.

(KATHMANDU, Tibet) - Jamyang Kyi of Tibet Chinese authorities in Tibet have arrested a leading Tibetan writer, television producer, and performer in the midst of a major crackdown on anti-Chinese protests in the region, Radio Free Asia reports.

Plainclothes state security officers escorted Jamyang Kyi from her office at state-owned Qinghai TV on April 1st, an authoritative source told RFA’s Tibetan service. "She never returned," a source in Siling [in Chinese, Xining] said.

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Fresh Protest Reported in Tibetan Capital

The March 29th protest coincided with a day-long visit to Lhasa by foreign diplomats, who came at the invitation of Chinese authorities.

(KATHMANDU, Tibet) - Students stand in solidarity in Tibet Witnesses in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, say fresh protests erupted there Saturday afternoon despite a massive Chinese police and paramilitary presence, Radio Free Asia reports.

Witnesses told RFA's Tibetan service that several hundred Tibetans rallied around 2:00 PM on March 29th, beginning in the area near Center Beijing Road. Shops near the central post office on Lhasa Youth Road were closed, as security forces surrounded the Tibetan residential areas in Barkhor, Kama Kunsang, Ramoche, and the Jokhang temple.

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