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`Return of the Zeppelin` - a Video Essay

"What's unique is that this is very much flight by feel, not flight by numbers. You know a lot of airplanes you do everything in a set time, in a set way, at a set speed, in a set place; this is very much fly by feel." - Katharine Board, Zeppelin Pilot

(SALEM, Ore.) - Zeppelin 'Eureka' in Salem, Oregon A long time has passed since Americans witnessed the flight of a zeppelin; an airship that uses an inner superstructure for support inside of an 'envelope'.

A rare chance exists in Oregon for enthusiasts to actually ride aboard a zeppelin, in fact it is the largest such craft in the entire world.

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Seattle P-I to Publish Last Edition Tuesday

The Seattle P-I's story on their upcoming last day of print publication.

(SEATTLE, Wash.) - Seattle P I The Hearst Corp. announced Monday that it would stop publishing the 146-year old newspaper, Seattle's oldest business, and cease delivery to more than 117,600 weekday readers.

The company, however, said it would maintain, making it the nation's largest daily newspaper to shift to an entirely digital news product.

"Tonight we'll be putting the paper to bed for the last time," Editor and Publisher Roger Oglesby told a silent newsroom Monday morning. "But the bloodline will live on."

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Marijuana Legalization: Retired Seattle Police Chief Says Obama Should Listen to Voters

We understand Mr. Obama has a full plate. Our economic crisis and the threat of terrorism are only two examples. However, we know that ending the drug war will offer a partial fix to both of these issues.

(SEATTLE) - Barack Obama on NBC In early December, Barack Obama invited Americans to participate in an unprecedented, bottom-up approach to government. Visitors to the President-elect’s official website,, were able to submit questions and vote on which questions should take priority for the new administration.

More than a dozen of the top 50 questions called for amending America’s drug policies, with inquiries ranging from availability of doctor-recommended medical marijuana to the economic impact of continuing to arrest and incarcerate millions of people for drug offenses.

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