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Rohingya Leaders Say ARU Conference Should Have Been Postponed

Rohingya people must work together and avoid infighting; it is what the oppressors want...

(BERLIN) - Mohamed Ibrahim and Abdul Aziz of ERC, and the Prof. Dr. Wakar Uddin at the United Nations in Geneva. On behalf of Rohingyas around the worldwide Mohiuddin Mohamad Yusof (Maung Sein) sent a formal letter to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to postpone the Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) Conference that took place from July 7-8, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Yusof wrote that it’s important to “not to divide the Rohingyas' unity” by holding the conference when 14 out of 25 ARU signatories won’t be attending.

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Saudi Arabia: Release Mohammad Fahad al-Qahtani and Abdullah bin Hamad

"...these sentences are a shocking step in the wrong direction, violating international law that prohibits arbitrary arrests and guarantees a fair trial" - Dr. Lantos Swett, USCIRF

(WASHINGTON DC) - Saudi flag The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today called for Saudi Arabia to release Mohammad Fahad al-Qahtani and Dr. Abdullah bin Hamad from prison immediately and unconditionally.

The men are leading Saudi human rights activists.

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ERC Delegation Visits OIC Head Office in Jeddah

OIC representatives thanked ERC delegates for working for the suffering Rohingyas in this critical time.

(JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia) - ERC and KSA officials met today to discuss plight of Rohingya The ERC delegation from the KSA branch visited OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) headquarters in Jeddah today.

Delegates oriented OIC representatives on the current catastrophic situation faced by Rohingya in Arakan state of Burma and Bangladesh.

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National Front Buddhist Monks in Sri Lanka Protest Over Beheaded Maid

The demands of the National Front of monks were handed over to the President.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Angry Sinhala monk confronts Sri Lankan official National Front Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka are protesting against a decision in Saudi Arabia to execute a house maid for the alleged death of a child in her charge.

The monks protested as part of a National Front demonstration.

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Saudi Arabia Rejects Maid Beheading Criticism

Rizana Nafeek was beheaded on Wednesday in a case that sparked widespread international condemnation, including from rights groups that said she was just 17 when she was charged with murdering the baby in 2005.

(RIYADH, al Jazeera) - Rizana Nafeek Saudi Arabia has criticised world reaction to its beheading of a Sri Lankan maid convicted of killing her employer's baby.

Riyadh "deplores the statements made... over the execution of a Sri Lankan maid who had plotted and killed an infant by suffocating him to death, one week after she arrived in the kingdom", the government spokesman said.

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Saudi Arabia: Detention of Human Rights Defender Mr Issa Al Marzooq Nukheifi

William Nicholas Gomes asks the King of Saudi Arabia to intervene in a case involving a human rights defender.

(SALEM) - Mr Issa Al Marzooq Nukheifi Saudi Human Rights Defender Issa Al Marzooq Nukheifi has earned the wrath of his government by publishing uncomfortable truths about both Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Arrested on 15 September 2012 by Mecca police and detained in Al Muwahad Prison in Mecca; Issa Al Marzooq Nukheifi was interrogated and repeatedly accused of inciting a protest.

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Saudi Star-Gazers Accused of Bungling Ramadan Dates

Some astronomers in the Gulf suggested that the object the Saudis claim they saw in the sky on Monday night was in fact Saturn.

(AUCKLAND, NZ Herald) - Muslims women offer Eid al-Fitr prayers at the Hazratbal shrine in Srinagar, India, to mark the end of the month of Ramadan. When is a moon not a moon?

That is the question vexing Islamic astronomers after accusations that Saudi Arabia had jumped the gun in declaring the festival of Eid al-Fitr because they mistook Saturn for the Moon.

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Fifth TAALEM Board of Directors Meeting Held in PMU Campus

PMU Rector gave an overview of the University’s study programs. He briefed about implementation of the latest information technology that helps the University run its operations smoothly.

(AL-KHOBAR Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) - Prince Turki Bin Mohammed Bin Fahd Chairing the Meeting The Chairman of the Board of Directors of TAALEM and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU), HRH Prince Turki Bin Mohammed Bin Fahd chaired the 5th TAALEM Board of Directors Meeting in the university campus.

Several issues came under discussion in this second session meeting.

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Dismembering the Arab World

The Qataris and Saudis give financial support to the ‘rebels’ for weapons, payments to fighters and mercenaries, and logistical oversight of attacks on Syria.

(CAMBRIDGE, UK) - Map of Syria The behaviour of the NATO-aligned, anti-Syrian bloc is now blatant enough for us to better understand what is happening in Syria.

On the one hand, we find political operators such the ad-hoc group ‘Friends of Syria’, and on the other, two Arab personalities, both ministers of two Gulf sheikhdoms.

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US: Intervene to Stop Campaign of Arrest, Arbitrary detention and Deportation in UAE

UAE must end arrests of activists.

(SALEM) - Lawyers Mohammed al-Roken, Mohammed al-Mansoori. Authorities in the UAE have arrested at least 50 Emirati civil society activists and human rights defenders since late March.

Among those arrested for rallying in the UAE in favor of political reform, are two prominent human rights lawyers, Mohammed al-Roken and Mohammed Mansoori.

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