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About San Luis Obispo articles (Jan-22-2011 01:49)

California Law Changes at the San Luis Obispo County Line

Police harassment and intimidation in SLO County; Medical marijuana laws don't apply here.

(SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.) - Pro-medical marijuana rally on the San Luis Obispo Courthouse steps by Tristan Miller I’m not against law enforcement, unless it uses terror to bring down non-violent suspects in the medical marijuana community.

Like most people, I’d rather be left alone. But I refuse to “lay low” when law abiding-citizens are being unjustly harassed and thrown into jail.

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Dirty Sheriff?

Citizen complaint against Sheriff Hedges demands investigation into Misconduct.

(SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.) - Charles Lynch and Al Rokert Sheriff Patrick Hedges’ involvement in the Charles C. Lynch medical marijuana case sparks a citizen complaint regarding possible misconduct.

Lynch, the former operator of the Morro Bay medical marijuana dispensary, Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers (CCCC), faces up to 100 years in federal prison. Federal Judge George H. Wu scheduled Lynch’s Sentencing for Monday February 23rd 2009 at 8:30 AM

The complaint alleges Hedges wasted untold amounts of California tax-payers’ money, beginning in March 2006 to present, to subvert California State law in favor of his own political agenda. Stacey Warde, publisher of the Rogue Voice, urges oversight by citizens and the press.

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