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How To Build An Environmental Activist

The first installment in a continuing series.

1998: In The Beginning...

(LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.) - Aliso Beach in South Laguna In early 1998, my introduction into the world of environmental issues began with two seemingly unrelated subjects that eventually merged to both outrage me and set a match to my eco-zeal.

I had never been involved with, nor interested in any community problems let alone ecological ones. Never spoken at a public hearing, never written a letter to the editor either.

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The County Formerly Known as `Orange`

“Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse?” -The River by Bruce Springsteen

(LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.) - The Huntington Beach Pier at sunset With the dawn of a new decade, Orange County residents should reflect on what a blessing it is to live around here, what a miraculous job the Irvine Company, Henry Segerstrom, the Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo Corporations plus the O’Neill and Moiso gangs et al have accomplished.

In the latter half of the 20th Century they managed to pave over paradise. Of course they had assistance, what with the willing, greedy, hands-out-what’s-in-it-for-me-attitude of the incestuous Republican political structure. It wasn’t an easy job, this was well thought out and no fluke, but hey, somebody had to do it, right?

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Congressional Investigators Say Toxic Military Base Health Hazards Were Overlooked

Former assurances to Marines over health concerns related to Camp Lejeune are off the table; the feds now say the notion that Marines will remain cancer free, is false.

(IRVINE, Calif.) - Military decals It was just less than a year ago when we began investigating and reporting on the contamination of Marine Corp bases in North Carolina and Southern California.

Now there is a new President with new environmental policies, and the historically reluctant flow of data on these environmental disasters appears to be increasing.

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Deadly Toxic Chemicals from El Toro Marine Base Affect Woodbridge in Irvine

The Internet is allowing the truth about this contaminated and closed down Marine air base to move into public view. Sign the petition to help Marines, the link is at the bottom of this article.

(IRVINE, Calif.) - El Toro Marine Air Station A series that began May 1st 2007 about deadly toxic contamination at the now-closed El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Orange County, California, seemed like unwelcome news at the time to City of Irvine officials and also the public representative for the Irvine Ranch Water District.

Loose lips do sink ships, but so do plenty of other things. The ship in this case, was a huge development project planned by Lenar Homes that would have turned the dangerously polluted base into an upper end housing community and public park.

Construction ground to a halt and the base is now being used to store automobiles.

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