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On The Israeli Eugenic Project and the Radiation of Arab Jews in the 1950`s (must watch)

The documentary alleges that 100,000 children were irradiated, and that 6,000 of them died shortly after receiving treatment. Many of the 'ringworm children' later developed cancer.

(LONDON) - Israeli x-ray radiation Directed by David Belhassen and Asher Hemias. The documentary won the award for "Best Documentary" at the Haifa International Film Festival and was featured as a documentary at the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2007.

It is claimed in the documentary that the X-ray radiation used on the children was thousands of times beyond the maximum recommended dose...

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Free Vanunu: 3rd Annual Global Call for Public Actions

"Nixon stopped the inspections and agreed to ignore the situation. As a result, Israel increased production. In 1986, there were over two hundred bombs. Today, they may have enough plutonium for ten bombs a year." - Mordechai Vanunu, Israel's nuclear Whistleblower

(CLEARWATER, FL) - The Third Annual Global Call for Public Actions in support of a Free Vanunu , [Israel's Nuclear Whistle Blower] began last week with the reminder to recall what Mordechai Vanunu said:

"The French were responsible for the actual building of the Dimona. The Germans gave the money; they were feeling guilty for the Holocaust, and tried to pay their way out.

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Reactor Reax Top Stories - US Nuclear Site Fire was Preventable

The latest news about everything nuclear, from Physicians for Social Responsibility.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Nuclear danger In this edition of Reactor Reax, BBC reports that the US nuclear site fire that shut down the only US underground nuclear waste repository in February 'was preventable'.

The report also cited problems with emergency response and oversight at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), outside Carlsbad, New Mexico. The state's two senators called the findings 'deeply concerning'.

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Reactor Reax Top Stories - U.S. Nuclear Agency Hid Concerns, Hailed Safety Record as Fukushima Melted

"Reactor Reax" is brought to you by Physicians for Social Responsibility.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Reactor Reax Today on Reactor Reax, NBC reveals that the U.S. Nuclear Agency Hid Concerns, Hailed Safety Record as Fukushima Melted; the NY Times writes that Fukushima's tragedy is continuing.

Also, Public Radio International reports One lesson of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown is that Japan's culture needs to change. Center for Public Integrity asks, A world awash in a nuclear explosive?

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Nuclear Resister Cites Nuremberg Principles in Court

In court, Siptroth cited and explained the Nuremberg Principles, stating that they have had an important impact on him both because he is Jewish and was, as a youngster, profoundly affected by the film "Judgment at Nuremberg."

(SEATTLE) - Michael Siptroth arrest An anti-nuclear weapons activist appeared in a Kitsap County Courtroom to apply the Nuremberg Principles in defense of his recent protest at a US Navy "Trident" ballistic missile submarine base.

Michael Siptroth appeared in Kitsap County District Court March 7, 2014 before Judge Marilyn Paja at a mitigation hearing...

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Fasting for Fukushima on Third Anniversary

The disaster that has struck Fukushima has much about it that’s unique. But it’s just the tip of the radioactive iceberg that is the global atomic reactor industry.

(WASHINGTON DC EcoWatch) - Fasting for Fukishima Fasting can be a way of mourning, of cleansing, of meditation, of focus. Tuesday, March 11, the third anniversary of the beginning of the disaster at Fukushima, we will abstain from food from dawn to dusk. Our purpose is tied to the atomic disaster that continues to threaten life on Earth.

The three melt-downs, four explosions, scattered fuel rods and continual gusher of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima have torn a deadly hole in the fabric of our ability to survive on this planet.

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Reactor Reax Top Stories - Paying in Advance for Nothing at All

"Reactor Reax" is featured on, a Web site maintained by Physicians for Social Responsibility.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Nuclear Hazard Today in Reactor Reax, Crain's Chicago Business reports, "If Exelon's nuclear plants are losing money, the company has only itself to blame. Exelon chose a business strategy that worked well for a while but turned south as market conditions changed..."

Three years after, Quake or tsunami? Panels at odds over cause of Fukushima nuclear disaster. Obama budget puts SC's MOX fuel project on ice, these stories and more...

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Fukushima 3rd Anniversary/Lessons Unlearned?

Updated Fukushima Civilian panel report highlights largely unaddressed "Human Factors" as important as earthquake and tsunami in 2011 Reactor Disaster

(CHICAGO AND TOKYO) - Fukushima reactor disaster An extensively updated and expanded version of the Independent Investigation Commission on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident report published in English by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) has been released.

It cautions that Japan has not yet fully learned the lessons of the Fukushima reactor disaster, particularly the several ways in which the “human factor” played a major role paving the way for the crisis and worsening its aftermath.

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Why the Obama Administration Will Not Admit that Fukushima Radiation is Poisoning Americans

Why isn’t GE being held accountable?

(TORONTO) - Fukushima nuclear facility We all know that the radiation from the stricken Fukushima plant has spread around the globe and is poisoning people worldwide. We all know that the West Coast of the United States is being polluted with radioactive debris and that the oceans, the beaches that border them, and even the air is becoming more polluted by radioactivity as time goes on.

You have to ask yourself why the government won’t admit this. It’s not like a disaster half a world away is their fault, is it?

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NATO War Crimes In Libya: Deformities of Newborns Because of Depleted Uranium Bombs

Just like in West Bank and Fallujah, western forces kill and contaminate simultaneously. There is no doubt that NATO/US broke every agreement imposed by the Geneva Convention.

(TRIPOLI Lybian Free Press) - Soldier with DU weaponry Regarding this depleted uranium report below, we brought in the first sophisticated radiation detectors with us on our fact finding commission in May of 2011.

Libyans knew that depleted uranium was being used by NATO in their bombing raids and they were very concerned.

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