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Prosecutors Indict Woman in MySpace Cyberbully / Suicide Case

Missouri authorities have been investigating, but they have opted not to charge Lori Drew. The federal authorities in California are the first to move forward with legal charges.

(LOS ANGELES) - Megan Meier A Los Angeles federal Grand Jury indicted a Missouri mother whose actions through an online hoax may have led to a 13-year-old girl's suicide.

Lori Drew is alleged to have become closely involved in her teen daughter's love life, and that may be where the problems began. Prosecutors say she helped create a false MySpace page to contact Megan Meier who thought she was talking with a 16-year-old boy named "Josh Evans."

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Emotions Stirred in Oregon Over Video on Unclaimed Veteran`s Remains

Identification of cremated vet remains in Oregon continues.

(SALEM, Ore.) - A video produced by a Missouri TV station claiming the remains of 1,000 Oregon veterans sit in corroded jars on dark shelves at the state hospital in Salem, has angered veterans groups around the nation.

But an inside source tells that the number of unclaimed, cremated veterans remains is well under 50, probably less than 20.

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Future of F-15 Discussed by Air Force Officials

The future of what was for years the world's most formidable jet fighter, looks like it may be short lived.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Pair of Air Force F-15s in flight Senior Air Force leaders gathered for a press conference in Washington Thursday to share findings from the accident investigation board currently examining the November 2nd crash of a Missouri Air National Guard F-15C Eagle.

They say the upper right longeron, one of four metal beams that help hold the cockpit to the main fuselage - was found to have manufacturing defects. That announcement came from Colonel William Wignall, the head of the F-15 accident investigation.

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