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Remarks by President Obama and His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan After Bilateral Meeting

President Obama, Vice President Biden and King Abdullah of Jordan’s hour long bilateral meeting wrapped up just around 11:45 a.m. ET.

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - President Barack Obama Meets with King Abdullah President Obama praised the King’s efforts in fighting ISIS and acknowledged the “enormous challenges his majesty and the Jordanian people face” and called Jordan an “outstanding partner … Jordan is a country that punches above it’s weight.”

On the Israeli-Palestinian situation, Obama said Jordan has played a “critical” part in “reducing some of the immediate tensions around the Temple Mount” and called the King a “voice of reason ...and tolerance. We’re lucky to have a friend like Jordan.”

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Kerry: Iraq Will Only Survive if Leaders Come Together

Jordanian army sources said Jordan's troops had been put in a state of alert in recent days along the 112-mile border with Iraq, redeploying in some areas as part of steps to ward off "any potential or perceived security threats".

(BAGHDAD, Iraq) - Iraq ISIS Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday promised "intense and sustained" U.S. support for Iraq, but said the divided country would only survive if its leaders took urgent steps to bring it together.

Hours before Kerry arrived in Baghdad, Sunni tribes who have joined a militant takeover of northern Iraq seized the only legal crossing point with Jordan, security sources said.

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Israelis Attack Palestinians in Jordan Valley near Deir Hijlah

Violence jumps as Israeli Apartheid week gets underway...

(BETHLEHEM) - Israeli soldiers patrol in the Ein Hijleh protest camp, Jordan Valley, West Bank, February 5, 2014. (photo: Early this morning, Israeli forces brutally uprooted Palestinians who made presence in the Jordan Valley near Deir Hijlah. Many Palestinians were injured including our friend Abdullah Aburahma from Bil'in whose arm was broken.

Israeli media ignored this event...

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Protests Against Kerry`s `Palestine Policy` Rock US Embassy in Jordan

The signs were provocative and antagonistic, yet protestors who reiterated their chants were against US foreign policy, not Americans.

(AMMAN, Jordan) - Palestinians in Jordan On Wednesday January 29th at 4:30 pm, the castle-sized US Embassy in Amman, Jordan (next door to the largest US Embassy of the world in Baghdad, Iraq) had a paltry amount of between 50 and 100 visitors.

The Jordanian police were lined up directly in front of the proliferating crowd, a police wagon was conveniently located to the left of the crowd prepared to take offenders away...

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Jordan Revisited

Jordan, a constitutional monarchy where I did my bachelor degree, is still a fascinating, beautiful and diverse place.

(BETHLEHEM) - Prof. Zuhair in his lab The distance from Amman to my house in Beit Sahour is 45 miles (72 kilometers). In normal situations, that should take 1-1.5 hours. Sunday it took me some 13 hours (i.e. Ten times more) and I arrived at my home at 3 AM. I won’t bore you with details of misery and can just summarize the main reason: occupation.

The illegal military occupation and colonization of the West Bank by Israeli forces has now been in place for almost 47 years, one of the longest in history. I see the worst of people and the best of people daily. I spent five days in Jordan working on biodiversity issues with my friend Prof. Zuhair Amr.

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New Cut: My Life by Ace Feat. Lisa Spaulding and Muhsin Corbbrey

New song celebrates those who invest themselves in positive change for Gaza and all of Palestine...

(SACRAMENTO / BOSTON) - Our family's names and our mission spray painted on the wall in Gaza. This new version of My Life by Ace featuring Lisa Spaulding and Special Guest, Muhsin "The Technician" Corbbrey, is an empowering, unified, statement of strength on human rights.

It centers on Gaza, where "Hussein for Peace" (Hussein Haniyeh), our new writer and video reporter from Gaza, lives from day to day in the shadows of a grim Israeli occupation.

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Palestinian-Jordanian Crossing Open for Trade for the First Time

Israel closes the crossing for religious and national occasions.

(AL KARAMA CROSSING, Jordan) - Map of Jordan Chief of General Committee for Crossings and Borders, Nazmi Mohana, announced on Thursday that Al-Karama Crossing connecting Jordan with the West Bank is open for commercial purposes.

"This is the first time the crossing is going to be used for commerce," Mohana said.

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The Forgotten Refugees of Gaza

The infrastructure of the Gazan camp is not only lacking in proper sewage, but there is a severe lack of recreational areas like parks for children.

(JERRASH, Jordan) - Gaza refugee home in Jordan The Gaza camp in Jordan, near the northwestern historical area of Jerrash where the ruins of the Greco Roman Empire flourished along with other civilizations, is a camp that originated from the 1967 Arab/Israeli War.

During this war, about 12,000 refugees fled from the now blockaded city of Gaza in Palestine to this area. As of recent, it now has a populace of about 30,000 Gazan émigrés.

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Al-Qaeda`s Infiltration in Afghanistan

Foreign fighters are present in some parts of Ghazni and creating a state of insecurity.

(FAISALABAD, Pakistan) - Oregon and Wisconsin National Guard soldiers on a patrol in Ghazni, Afghanistan in early 2006. Photo by Tim King Al-Qaeda members, most of whom are citizens of countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt, are still present in Afghanistan, according to some Afghan analysts.

In addition, Chechens and Uzbek loyalists of late Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader Tahir Yuldashev are fighting the government in various areas.

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Human Rights and Jordan

Israel’s policy is routine deportation of internationals who come to visit us under occupation. Thus internationals are forced to not disclose the purpose of their visit.

(AMMAN, Jordan) - Gush Shalom cartoon by Latuff On Sunday Israeli occupation forces denied entry to the occupied Palestinian territories for 100 visitors in the third Welcome to Palestine Campaign (WTP3).

Media was present on both sides of the crossing from Jordan.

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