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Salem-News.com (May-21-2012 21:27)

Poverty is Tearing the Middle Class Apart, in the Hell of the `New Poor`

Any of us can fall into extreme poverty.

(MADRID, Spain) - Poverty in Spain About 3,000 “new poor” arrived to Caritas Spain in 2010.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-24-2012 19:18)

Families of Fishermen Forgive Italian Marines

The Kerala high court approved the out-of-court settlement.

(KERALA, India DeccanChronicle) - Italian Marines The two families of fishermen Valentine and Ajeesh Pink, killed in the Italian Enrica Lexie shooting, accepted the Rs. 2 crore compensation, by demand draft, from the Italian government here on Tuesday.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-11-2012 00:35)

A Message of Encouragement in Search for Truth and Freedom

Cuba must shape virtuous men in order to forge a nation of dignity and freedom.

(MADRID, Spain) - Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI held a historic 3-day trip to Cuba. In the crowded Mass, which was celebrated in Havana, he stated: "If you follow my word, you are truly my disciples; know the truth and the truth shall make you free".

Benedict XVI took only the Word of God to encourage the Cuban people to find the truth, that is, freedom.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-13-2012 00:44)

`STAY HUMAN` written by Vittorio Arrigoni THE READING MOVIE

- Chapter VIII - read by Huwaida Arraf...

(SALEM) - Vittorio Arrigoni and Huwaida Arraf Every movement waging resistance against state terrorism, requires heroes.

The deadly and bloody effort to liberate the trapped people of Gaza and bring their highly suppressed stories to the world, has fallen on the backs of a select few people, and two steely activists whose efforts really matter, are Vittorio Arrigoni and Huwaida Arraf.

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Salem-News.com (Jan-14-2012 15:23)

At Least 40 Missing in Italian Passenger Shipwreck

According to reports, this was the first night of a Mediterranean cruise. The ship set sail Friday with more than 4,000 people aboard.

(TUSCANY, Italy) - Capsized Costa Concordia In perfectly clear and calm weather, a cruise ship off the coast of Tuscany, Italy crashed into the rocks and has now partly capsized, at least 40 souls are missing.

There are reports of the crew having little or no training in emergency and evacuation procedures. At this point officials in Italy have confirmed that three people have died.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-27-2011 14:34)

An Occupational Christmas

Could you live like the Palestinians?

(BETHLEHEM) - Jerusalem ban angers Christians I was prevented from entering Jerusalem despite a claim by the Israeli authorities that all Christians can go to Jerusalem during the Holidays. For information on this see the video below, Jerusalem ban angers Christians.

But we had great functions around Bethlehem that highlighted and challenged the apartheid system.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-27-2011 13:15)

Israel strikes Gaza Strip for second time in hours, IDF says

1 killed, 10 wounded in two strikes on coastal enclave; Israeli army says strike thwart plans for major attack on Israel-Egypt border.

(GAZA CITY Ha'aretz) - A motorcycle-taxi that was targeted in an Israeli airstrike that killed a militant, at the main road in Jabaliya, northern Gaza Stri Photo by: AFP The Israel Air Force conducted a second strike of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, just hours after the Israeli army confirmed it targeted a terror operative in the coastal strip.

A statement by the IDF Spokesman's Office said that the second strike targeted a global Jihad terror cell in the northern Strip that was planning to attack the western part of Israel's border with Egypt.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-25-2011 19:16)

Israeli Army Radio instructed to call West Bank by biblical `Judea and Samaria`

Army Radio instructed to call West Bank by biblical ‘Judea and Samaria’

(TEL AVIV +972 Mag) - Palestine According to a report in Israel National News, the commander of Israel Army Radio, the national radio station in Israel operated by the Israel Defense Forces, has determined that all the station’s reporters should refer to the West Bank as “Judea and Samaria.”

The report states the decision was made as a result of complaints made by Israel Media Watch that the radio station’s referral to the area as the “West Bank” gives the impression to listeners that the territory does not in fact belong to Israel.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-25-2011 15:00)

Vittorio Arrigoni: Gifts that are Given, and Those Taken From Us

This Christmas remember our warrior for humanity, Vittorio 'Vik' Arrigoni.

(SALEM) - Vittorio 'Vik' Arrigoni When we first reported the death of Vittorio Arrigoni last April, we knew we were faced with the passing of a spirit larger than those that can be contained inside of any man, or activist.

His death represented something far worse than the loss of any single person.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-13-2011 03:15)

Libya: Can We Have the `Lady Be Good` Back Now Please?

Do the spoils of war include this? If so is there enough left to worry about?

(SALEM) - Lady be Good I don't think it's easy to take a single story from the pages of aviation history and call it the 'best' or 'most interesting' because the competition is fierce, but the doomed crew of the World War Two B24 Liberator 'Lady Be Good' ranks for the title if any do.

The crew became hopelessly lost and because they were flying at night, they ultimately came to believe they were over the ocean, just about to run out of fuel, and this is what led to their decision to bail out.

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