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Zero Dark Thirty: Turning the Spotlight On US Use of Torture

I highly recommend Zero Dark Thirty. Americans should see another example of what is being done in their name.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - The new film 'Zero Dark Thirty' Everybody knows that Osama bin Laden was killed by a team of Navy SEALS on May 2, 2011.

The film Zero Dark Thirty involves the ten-year search for bin Laden, pitting Maya, played by Jessica Chastain, who believes bin Laden is likely hiding in plain sight, against the non-believers, which builds up to an action-packed climax where bin Laden is killed.

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Zed Wants Lindsay Lohan to Apologize for `Racist` Gypsy Remarks

Lohan reportedly had an altercation with a fortune teller when she reportedly uttered the racist Gypsy slur.

(RENO, NV) - Lindsay Lohan Distinguished religious statesman Rajan Zed has asked for an immediate public apology from Hollywood diva Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls) for suggesting gypsies were thieves.

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Ending the U.S. Senate`s Filibuster Rule

In the last six years, the Senate has had 380 filibusters.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Filibuster There is increasing sentiment in the U.S. Senate to end or reform the filibuster.

Supposedly, all seven of the newly elected senators and newly elected independent Angus King of Maine have pledged support for changing the Senate's filibuster rule.

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The Election, the Market, the Fed and the Irish Bookies...
Now Poll This

The Republicans are predicted to prevail in both Congress and the Senate, winning clear majorities in both. The White House is something else.

(DAYTONA BEACH, FLA) - Howie Mandel With the launching of the second week of the Convention Circus, the main question on most people's minds is:

"What will the Democrats come up with to offset Clint Eastwood putting bad words in the President's mouth?"

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Montford Point Marines Honored with Congressional Gold Medal

Approximately 20,000 African American recruits were trained at Montford Point during World War II.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Original Montford Point Marines The first African American Marines, also known as Montford Point Marines, were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in a ceremony in Emancipation Hall of the Capitol Visitor Center today.

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Dr. Boyce: Gwyneth Paltrow and All Her N*ggas

We should all be concerned with those who travel the world and bastardize the black experience with buffoonish behavior.

(SYRACUSE, NY YourBlackWorld) - Gwyneth Paltrow used the term “Ni**as in Paris” to describe her time hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Someone recently gave me a call about the incident in which actress Gwyneth Paltrow used the term “Ni**as in Paris”.

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Top Gun Screening Will Benefit USS Ranger Project

The USS Ranger Foundation is working to place a retired supercarrier Ranger, in Fairview, Oregon on the Columbia River as a Community Heritage Center.

(MT HOOD, OR) - Top Gun An event to celebrate the anniversary of the releases of Top Gun, which was filmed aboard the USS Ranger, will be held Sunday, the 6th of May 2012, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Mount Hood Theatre, 401 E. Powell Blvd, in Gresham, Oregon.

The event includes a raffle, silent auction, the screening of the movie, special guests and more.

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`Hanoi Jane` Fonda Cast as Nancy Reagan for Movie

Some political moves are just too hard to forget.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Jane Fonda betrayed American POW's in Vietnam. Jane Fonda's sincerity is measured in her complete and total absorption by yuppie values, and now she is going to play Nancy Reagan?

In the report below by Henry J. Reske, we see that the new career direction for this Vietnam War bomb straddler- who is said to have turned a note from an American POW into his Communist North Vietnamese captors, will be a very different role for Fonda.

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There are No Fat Marines

From news media to Clint Eastwood films: accuracy in depicting Marines is dismissed; integrity shattered by illusion.

(SALEM) - No fat Marines A few months ago, reporters around the country took up the subject of young Americans being unfit to serve in the military, and I raise no question over it.

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Actress Demi Moore Hospitalized for Drug Consumption

Drug addiction has become a popular playing card for a big part of young people around the world.

(MADRID, Spain) - Demi Moore Demi Moore was rushed to the emergency room due to serious problems caused by the consumption of drugs by the actress. Recently, Ashton Kutcher and Demi divorced. The break up was not easily taken in by the 49 year old actress.

The actress’ poor health conditions are also due to the cruel demise of being an aged actress in Hollywood.

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