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Nightmare for Muslims in Bangladesh Continues

"I highly condemn the abuse and torture by the law enforcement agencies demand a judicial investigation of the incident" - William Nicholas Gomes, Human Rights Ambassador

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - The dead were quickly removed by government forces and taken away in trucks, never to be seen again. "So many people killed at large, the streets were flooded with blood." This was the 5th May, as the narrator in the video below explains, just a month and a half ago.

The Bangladesh government has been murdering Muslims for speaking out and assembling in public. Is this the effort of a government trying to be secular, trying to avoid Sharia law, or genocide?

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Trade Justice and the Building Collapse in Bangladesh

Trade Justice activist William Gomes, who is's Human Rights Ambassador, visited large clothing retailers in the UK, along with other activists, to talk about working conditions in garment factories.

(YORK, UK) - York campaigner William Gomes Trade Justice activists have called for retailers to take more responsibility for the safety of the people who are making the clothes that they sell.

The building collapse in Bangladesh, which resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, is a stark example of what can happen when the safety of workers is ignored.

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`Black Night in Bangladesh` - Government Accused of Massacring Thousands

It's time for the world to do something. It's time to terminate the Murderous government of Bangladesh.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Bangladesh Genocide The 6th of May 2013 will go down in history as one of the darkest nights in the history of Bangladesh.

This is a government that has no problem striking down unarmed citizens in cold blood, in fact that is the way this country was formed, perhaps it will be the same it ends.

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UK Activists Protest for Victims in Bangladesh

"Many people died making clothes for retailers in the West. They paid the price for our fashion" - William Gomes,

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes protests outside of the Primark building A trio of activists protested the deadly collapse in Bangladesh, where workers manufactured clothing for retailers that included Primark.

Fairtrade activists Anne Tracy and Mary Manchen were joined by Human Rights Ambassador William Gomes, a former visiting fellow at the Centre for Applied Human Rights at York University.

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BANGLADESH: The Motijheel Massacre: Many Die After Police Fire At Protesters

Unarmed protestors slaughtered by government forces in Bangladesh.

(DHAKA, Bangladesh) - A sickening moment forever captured in time, as a Bangladesh soldier opens fire on an unarmed crowd of protestors with a machine gun. Bangladesh security forces opened fire on protesters in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city, killing many after a rally numbering up to a million people.

While the exact number of dead is unknown, estimates range from several dozens, to hundreds, possibly more than a thousand.

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Reason and Responsibility: the Rana Plaza Collapse

The Rana Plaza tragedy was an outcome of a corrupt system that is rotten to the core. Who should - and can - be held accountable?

(YORK, UK) - Rana building collapse The deadly collapse of a building in Bangladesh late last month made news around the world and brought the country back into the western media spotlight.

On 24 April Rana Plaza, a eight-story building housing several garment factories, situated in Savar, 24 kilometers outside Dhaka, was reduced to rubble...

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BANGLADESH: Burning Garment Factory Collapses, 225 Dead

Fire investigators say the blaze broke out after rags on the ground caught fire.

(DHAKA, Bangladesh) - A fire broke out in the debris of the collapsed multi-storied Rana Plaza at Savaramid A garment factory fire was first observed around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, it only took about 15 minutes for firefighters to bring the fire under control.

At least 255 factory workers were trapped inside. NPR reports that the Readymade Garment Factory produced cheap retail items for WalMart in America.

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Bangladesh: Allama Ahmad Shafi, Stop Acting Like a Prostitute!

A true revolution can take place and these leaders are stopping the arrival of the spring.

(YORK, UK) - Hifazat-e Islam chief Allama Ahmad Shafi Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes has warned Hifazat-e Islam chief Allama Ahmad Shafi to stop acting like a prostitute.

William Nicholas Gomes said Allama Ahmad Shafi has been used by political forces like BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) and others in the name of Islam.

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#HT Why R U Silent ON #BANGLADES​H ?

Surprisingly you remain silent when a huge number of people are dying because of the political ideology; prominent Islamic scholars are facing false charges because of their Islamic ideological politics.

(YORK, UK) - Violence in Bangladesh Many lives have been lost in Bangladesh due to religious violence, and the answers not yet in sight.

In this letter, our Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes, tells other leaders that their integrity is on the line, they mush speak out over the persecution of the Jamaat e Islami party, its members high and low are being targeted on the streets and in the courts.

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Bangladesh`s Political Civil War

As an insider, William Gomes knows how difficult life can be there for anyone who objects to political policy.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - 18 school girls arrested by the govt. for association with Jamaat-e-Islam, accused of sabotage. The headlines out of Bangladesh today were grim and disappointing.

Observers on the ground express shock and dismay from the repeated clashes between protestors and police. Casualties are mounting and predictably, western media ignores the strife.

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