October 22, 2019
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Salem-News.com (Dec-04-2013 12:08)

What Does Latest Dead Afghan 2-Year-Old Have in Common with Paul Robeson, John Wayne, Ernest Hemingway, Bob Marley, the Kennedys

Remember the millions of nameless forgotten dead, the victims of the industrial-scale "signature strikes" that have been our biggest public investment.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Giving thanks This is the season of death, when we celebrate the dying of the sun with an orgiastic burst of consumption and environmental destruction. This is the season of rebirth when we spend time with loved ones and reach out to help others we don't know.

Now would be an appropriate time to come to grips with public murder and make a public investment in peace. If I were summoning back ghosts of governments past for a press conference at the National Press Club, my first inclination -- lasting only a split second -- would be to bring the Filipinos, the Vietnamese, the Native Americans...

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Salem-News.com (Sep-07-2012 16:23)

Medical Marijuana for PTSD: Oregonian Newspaper Promotes Pot???

The Oregonian vilifies “sympathetic doctors”. Well there have been about 3,500 marijuana sympathetic doctors out of 8000 doctors in Oregon.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Military PTSD I couldn’t believe the latest spate of The Oregonian newspaper diatribes about medical marijuana (wolves in sheep’s clothing), I can see that The Oregonian and all of its minions are disregarding all medical science facts and figures in favor of the “Reefer Madness” and “Devil Weed” movies of the 1930’s.

For Shame!!!

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Tribute to Palestine and to the incredible courage, determination and struggle of the Palestinian People. ~Dom Martin

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