February 6, 2023
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Salem-News.com (Feb-06-2012 02:25)

A Child Dies of Hunger Every Six Seconds

1 out of 7 children born in the world’s poorest countries is sentenced to die before reaching the age of 5.

(MADRID) - Starving child in Africa Let's consider some statistical facts that must be taken into account: A child, less than 5 years old, dies of hunger every 6 seconds.

About 30 children die every 3 minutes from impoverishment. Studies reveal a total of 6 million children under 5 suffering from malnutrition worldwide.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-28-2011 16:43)

Rare Bird Captured for First Time, Fitted With Tracking Device and Released

Yellow-billed Cotingas are about the size and shape of a pigeon and are strong flyers.

(WASHINGTON. D.C.) - Yellow-billed Cotinga female. Photo: Karen Leavelle American Bird Conservancy and Friends of the OSA today reported that three endangered Yellow-billed Cotingas were for the first time ever, captured and released unharmed near the Costa Rican town of Rincon.

This rare bird about which relatively little is known is endemic to the Pacific slope mangrove forests of Panama and Costa Rica.

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Salem-News.com (Aug-16-2010 16:00)

History Mysteries: The Legendary Yacumama, Mysterious Monster of the Amazon

The Yacumama real are real. They may even be a previously undiscovered species.

(CHICAGO) - Early depiction of a Yacumama. The world is filled with secrets. Many of them it does not give up easily. Empires have risen and empires have fallen in the midst of mysteries-riddles that remained unsolved through the centuries.

One such mystery has haunted the darker, steamier regions of the fabled land of the Amazon. The Amazon, that dark, forbidding river sluggishly twisting its way through Brazil and eight other South American countries. It is a river second in size only to the mighty Nile and it's so wide that no bridge passes over it.

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Salem-News.com (May-28-2010 21:16)

Charging the Big Swells in the Earthquake Land: Chile

California Big Wave Rider meets Chile Con Carne.

(PUNTA DE LOBOS, Chile) - Big wave riding in Chile A recent trip to Chile left amazing memories and impressions, I had a great time paddling the entire trip and shooting an amazing big wave session: the Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta de Lobos Big Wave Event.

The waves in this remote Chilean spot never wer smaller then double overhead, easily 12' to 15'. That was great, but most days were solid 3-4 times over head, with a few bigger days.

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Salem-News.com (Oct-19-2009 19:38)

Adios a Oregon

Views of a rainy NW state from a South American Paradise.

(PATAGONIA, Argentina) - El Bolson, Argentina Patagonia is a long way from the USA not just in terms of the miles that a person has to travel to get here, but culturally and politically as well.

When I recently returned to our little outpost here in the southern cone, several of the neighbors dropped by to say welcome and chat for a bit. It was good to be back on our dusty lane in Patagonia where people value tranquility just ahead of raspberry jam.

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