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Salem-News.com (Apr-17-2014 12:21)

``Killing George Bush``

This morning's piece on "Mike Palecek & The New American Dream"

(WASHINGTON DC) - George H.W. Bush YOU MIGHT HAVE SEEN that George H.W. Bush still lives. That old snake that we saw sneering in the backroom on the night his son was dishonestly named President of The United States. The one who lied that he was out of the loop. The one who ordered the killing of thousands of people in Panama.

The one who ordered the building of many new prisons to get tough on drugs and criminals in America, and it was all a scam, all to get elected, gain power.

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Salem-News.com (Nov-23-2013 20:49)

Old Chemical Weapons to New Mexico?

FNS asked a State Department source to confirm if U.S. chemical weapons long stored on Panamanian territory would be sent to New Mexico for disposal, but had not heard back from Washington by press time.

(LAS CRUCES , NM) - Isla San José The Panamanian government announced an agreement November 21 between the United States and Panama that could involve the disposal of old chemical weapons in the state of New Mexico. Panamanian Chancellor Fernando Nunez Fabrega told the international press that old weapons will be removed from San Jose Island and buried in the desert of New Mexico in 2014.

“In this way, Panama will be free of bombs without exploding them on the island of San Jose, and this place will regain its tourism value,” Nunez said.

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Salem-News.com (Jun-30-2011 17:10)

Little-known world war excuses slaughter of Panamanian civilians

"I would call up to the pilots and tell them bomb here, bomb here! They would call me back all anxious and say, ‘Did we kill anyone?’"

(PANAMA CITY) - The remains of Noriega’s former beach house (Photo: Kurt Fernández) Shortly after midnight, 20 December 1989, Don Felipe—a Panamanian man now in his fifties arrived at Río Hato military base, 52 miles west of Panama City.

He cannot remember why he went wandering outside at such a late hour, but he does remember what happened after he killed the snake that appeared in his path.

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Salem-News.com (Jun-28-2011 23:27)

Statement by the Press Secretary and Fact Sheets on Trade Adjustment Assistance and Pending Free Trade Agreements

Includes fact sheets on the proposed improvements to the Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements.

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - President Barack Obama Today, Press Secretary Jay Carney made the following statement on progress on Trade Adjustment Assistance for American workers and pending free trade agreements that will support tens of thousands of American jobs.

“President Obama has fought for an ambitious trade agenda that doubles exports in five years, levels the playing field for American workers, and reflects American values..."

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Salem-News.com (May-11-2011 14:47)

Panama`s Underappreciated Role in the Creation of Israel

Good coffee, good cheer, good luck.

(PANAMA CITY) - Israel and Panama In honor of the 63rd anniversary of Israel’s independence, the Israeli embassy in Panama issued a four-part magazine series entitled “Israel: 63 years of constant progress”.

The first installment deals with typical cultural themes; hummus, shawarma, and the coexistence in Israel's democratic “oasis” of various ethnicities enjoying equal rights.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-16-2011 19:57)

Air-Conditioned Vestiges of an Empire

A secret tunnel and dirty secrets about the real number of civilians killed during the U.S. invasion of Panama.

(PANAMA CITY) - One end of the Tunnel When I told my father about my morning jogs up Panama City’s Ancón Hill, former headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command—he said his own father SOUTHCOM's director of intelligence from '71-'76, used to see Manuel Noriega in the Ancón Hill “Tunnel”.

I asked what tunnel. He responded: The thing dug into the side of the hill.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-14-2010 02:31)

Bulker Sea-Jacked by Somali Sea-Shifta

he bulk carrier MV Renuar is at present commandeered to the Somali coast...

(NAIROBI, Kenya ECOTERRA Intl.) - Panama-flagged MV Renuar A cargo vessel was captured on 11 December 2010, approximately 360nm SW of Minicoy Island, 1,200nm from Mogadishu in Somalia and 550nm off the Indian coast. Naval reporting centres finally confirmed our reports on Sunday.

The Panama-flagged MV Renuar is a bulk cargo vessel with a dead-weight of 70,156 tonnes and was en route to Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates from Port Louis in Mauritius when it was captured on Saturday.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-29-2010 16:35)

Pirates Seize Ships Near Port of Aden

Another ship falls to Somali pirates.

(NAIROBI / SALEM) - Gulf of Aden The Panamanian-flagged cargo ship MV Iceberg 1 was hijacked by Somali pirates today, about ten nautical miles from Aden Port in the Gulf of Aden, along with her crew of 24, according to Ecoterra International.

The vessel is now being sailed toward the Somali coast, though little more is known.

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