February 6, 2023
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Salem-News.com (May-15-2013 22:06)

Father Beaten To Death By 9 Sheriffs, Bystanders Captured On Camera

Bakersfield cops drop to an all time low?

(BAKERSFIELD) - Witnesses say David Silva was beaten to death by nine deputies in Bakersfield, California. A Bakersfield father of four died this week after struggling with nearly nine police officers outside of a medical facility. Witnesses say that the thirty-three year old pled for his life.

Reports say he died early Wednesday morning after being struck by nine officers an unreported number of times. He was believed to be intoxicated.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-04-2010 13:22)

Police Search Warrants: a Thing of the Past in Bakersfield California?

Just as Every Cop is a Criminal, and All the Sinners, Saints... - Rolling Stones

(BAKERSFIELD) - This is the bail bondsman who claims to not need a search warrant to enter a private residence occupied by a lone female. When police become sanctioned criminals, you can bet that you are watching the final act in a very deceptive play- one that never was anything close to what it seemed.

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