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UAE Likely to Pull out of Saudi-led Coalition

The enormous loss of life may have convinced UAE's authorities not to deploy any more to Yemen.

UAE soldiers funeral
A three-day period of national mourning was declared after 45 UAE soldiers were killed.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Fresh news reports suggest that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) forces in Yemen will likely pull out soon. The retreat decision could heavily shock the Saudi regime as it is known as the pillar and organizer of the campaign of aggression against the Yemeni people.

An Emirati news website has told of UAE’s decision of withdrawal from Yemeni territories.

According to Emirates 7 Days news agency, the Emirati people called for an immediate halt to assaults on Yemen and withdrawal of UAE forces, a demand rising after deadly missile attack on Emirati forces camping in a military base in Yemen’s Maarib province in the “black Friday” last week, in which 47 military forces were killed.

This loss convinced UAE's authorities not to deploy any more to Yemen.

Actually, with possibly UAE’s forces pulling out of Yemen war Saudi Arabia will lose an essential ally force in Yemen.

While in the preliminary days of Saudi aggression on Aden and Sana'a some Arab-coalition countries set to accompany Saudi Arabia in its aggression, but after heavy losses in the following days inflicted on Riyadh and its allies by Yemeni forces, they have begun to slacken their presence in the battlefield.

The UAE was almost the only ally standing firmly beside the Saudi Arabia in its atrocious aggression, however after a fatal missile attack carried out by Yemen’s Ansarullah movement, resulting in a large number of death among the invading Emirate and Saudi forces, it seems that the Arab state sees no way ahead better than withdrawal to avert more tolls on its forces.

The UAE’s forces could pull out of Yemen for a series of reasons, such as:

  • Unsuccessful Saudi Air strikes against Yemen
  • Considering the fact that heavy air raids so far could not secure the Saudi objectives in Yemen, and with the recent losses and fatal blows received by the aggressors from Ansarullah, army and popular defensive committees' forces, it is very likely that the UAE will head the countries dropping out of the Saudi-led coalition.
  • Risk of surprise attacks on the aggressive coalition’s ground forces by Yemen’s Ansarullah, army and popular forces
  • The Ansarullah forces’ deadly attacks launched against the coalition’s forces proved that an easy ground assault in Yemen is a mirage. The Persian Gulf Arab states have paid dearly for the aggression. Accordingly, it is expected that the UAE reweigh its plans, and adopt a more flexible, conservative and wise policy in dealing with Yemen crisis. Moreover, UAE’s pullout will create a deep gap in the Saudi-led coalition, perhaps resulting in Saudi Arabia reviewing its hostile policies towards Yemen.
  • The 5-month Saudi aggression has failed to reach meet the objectives
  • Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies have launched a heavy military invasion of Yemen, however, the assault proved unsuccessful and failed to meet Riyadh’s goals, and despite the fact that the coalition in this period of time has used highly advanced arms against the impoverished Yemen, as it committed grave crimes against the Yemeni civilians, killing a lot of women and children.
  • Shaky and unsteady Saudi-led coalition
  • Since the beginning, due to some signs, it was predictable that Saudi Arabia would face difficulties in advancing on its aggression against Yemen, as there were possibilities that it would crack up, and very likely decompose. Primitively, the Yemeni crisis was heading to be settled politically, however, the Saudi military intervention and its air strikes, and now the coalitions' preparations to launch a ground offensive from Yemeni southern ports, have deteriorated the already-complicated circumstances in the country.
  • Yemeni people and Ansarullah movement’s resistance
  • Obviously, Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies within the coalition could not settle the Yemen’s crisis by military solutions especially that the coalition is widely intervening into Yemen, carrying out heavy bombardments and cruelly killing the civilians. In response, the Ansarullah resistant movement has encountered the assaults of the Arab coalition, consistently emphasizing the option of resistance, and proving that it is impossible retreat its geographical and ethical redlines.


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Anonymous September 22, 2015 8:38 am (Pacific time)

In ur dreams UAE will move out after WINNING

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