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Israeli Regime's Ploys to Attract Migrants, Prevent Reverse Immigration

Israel has frequently invited Jewish people to migrate and stay in its settlements, exploiting international incidents and crises.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Jewish people’s migration from across the world to Israel has been a stepping stone for the establishment of Zionism, securing the regime’s existence, and the stay of Jews in the occupied lands.

An issue motivating Tel Aviv, besides maintaining the current population, is the struggle to convince other Jewish communities around the world to migrate to the Israeli territories, using some incentives as well as tricks.

After its establishment, the Israeli regime sped up moves to draw as many Jews as possible to its territories.

Following a series of conflicts known as Arab-Israeli Wars, the regime felt it was a necessity to gather more Jewish people, a need that pushed the Israeli parliament known as Knesset, to enact two incentivizing plans, the Law of Return in 1950 and the Citizenship Law in 1952, to ease flow of Jewish immigrants into the occupied land.

Meanwhile, millions of Jews from around the world were attracted to Israel by the Jewish Agency through the expenditure of huge money and the use of a variety of tactics. From 1948 to 1972, over 129,000 Jews from Iraq, 4,500 from Syria and 6,000 from Lebanon were transferred to the occupied territories.

Moreover, from other countries Jewish communities were incentivized to immigrate to the Israeli regime, including 5,600 from Tunisia, over 50,000 from Yemen, 892,525 from Egypt, over 36,000 from Libya, 14,000 from Algeria and 260,000 from Morocco.

Exploiting the international incidents and crises, the Israeli regime has frequently invited the Jewish people to migrate and stay in its settlements.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tel Aviv benefited from the volatile and unstable situation of the countries within the union to attract the Jews into the regime’s territories, as it made use of the poverty and miserable economic conditions in Ethiopia and other African countries to increase and forge a nation.

Incentive plans for Jews' return

To avert reverse migration from the Israeli settlements, the regime has presented a set of actions to encourage the Jews to stay.

The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption has allocated $24 million in a bid to support Jewish immigration into the Israeli settlements, launching a $10 million plan aimed to absorb annually 20,000 Zionist youth to study in the Israeli regime's universities, provided by the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency.

Another arrangement was to return 75,000 Israelis to the Israeli territories, those who left occupied territories and now are living in other countries.

The plan was launched in order to deter reverse immigration, and to pull in more Jewish people from other parts of the world. It introduced three incentives including 18-month income tax exemption, 10-year customs duties exemption, loans for small businesses. The program covered Israelis who live outside the Israeli territories for 6 years, and intend to return them back.

Encouraging foreign workers’ Judization, showing flexibility towards immigration

Creating a population crisis, reverse immigration has driven the Israeli officials to think of ways to tackle the population problems by proposing solutions within an “initiative program”.

The proposed ways to increase the Israeli population included spurring the foreign workers in the Israeli regime to embrace Judaism, granting citizenship to them as well as facilitating immigration of non-Jewish people into the Israeli territories, those who come with the intention of converting to Judaism.

The proposals were given in a conference held in Tel Aviv. Previously, these kinds of propositions were considered treason to the ideology and ideas of the Israeli regime. However, the population crisis forced the regime’s officials to rethink and update their plannings.

These reforms come while according to Jewish beliefs only those who are born from Jewish mothers are considered genuinely Jewish.

Exploiting Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen terrorist attacks

The published figures in a report suggest that France ranks first among the countries whose Jewish citizens choose the Israeli regime as their destination for immigration.

The report adds that the number of Jewish French immigrants to the occupied territories has exceeded 7,000 in 2014, while in 2013 this number was only 3500. The regime plans to make the number of the French immigrants to its territories in 2015 10,000.

The issue of immigration to the Israeli territories has turned into a preoccupation for the Israeli officials to discuss the recent attacks on the controversial Charlie Hebdo magazine. This comes as the Israeli regime formed a team responsible for management of measures encouraging Jewish people in France to immigrate to the occupied territories.

After attacking the French magazine’s office, the Israeli officials have worked hard to exploit the crisis and make Western Europe Jews feel insecure as much as possible to prevent more flow of reverse of immigrants. “Israel is your home”, said the Israeli Prime Minister, addressing the French Jewish community after a march was held in Paris following the attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The Israeli regime, to spur immigration of Jewish people to the occupied territories, has opened offices around the world, operating under the Jewish Agency. Confirmed reports suggest a series of methods these offices use to encourage or even force the Jews to move to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Edward Joseph Snowden, the US Whistle blower, disclosed in an interview that the Israeli regime has been displeased from the past years reverse immigration of the Jews from the Israeli territories, an issue which made the officials in the Ministry of Immigrants Absorption ask for the regime’s spying agency Mossad to help check the stream of immigrants flowing out of occupied territories.

Responding to the call, the Israeli Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, launched a mission to distribute insulting cartoons of Prophet Mohammad across Western countries in order to create a pugnacious atmosphere against the Jewish people living in Europe, and consequently force the Jews to remain in the occupied territories.

With these policies in agenda, the attack against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo prepared the ground for the Israeli officials to take advantage of the events in Europe to call on the Jews in the European countries to immigrate to the Israeli regime.

After the Copenhagen terrorist attacks in 2015, the Israeli PM asked the Jewish people of Denmark to immigrate to the occupied territories, adding that his government would consider a $46 million plan to encourage the European Jews to immigrate to the Israeli territories.

“Jews deserve protection in every country but we say to the Jews, to our brothers and sisters: Israeli is your home, we are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe,” said the Israeli PM, in a memorial event held after Denmark shootings.

Abusing Ukraine’s crisis

After France, Ukraine ranks second among the countries whose Jewish citizens choose the Israeli regime for immigration.

In 2014 the number of Ukrainian Jews immigrating to the Israeli regime has reached 6,000, a considerable and unprecedented growth compared to 2013. After Ukraine's crisis and its disputes with Russia, the Jewish Agency managed to spur thousands of Ukrainian Jews to immigrate to its territories.

The Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi has asked the Jews of the country to move to Israel due to the instability, insecurity in the country as well as hostility against Jewish people. 6,000 immigrations from Ukraine to Israel in 2015 shows 300 percent growth in comparison to the Immigration rate in the last years.

It shows that the Ukrainian conflict has been majorly influential in the immigration of the Jews to the occupied territories. The Israeli regime has struggled to exploit the Ukrainian crisis to facilitate Jews' move to the occupied lands.

Tel Aviv consistently needs a portion of insecurity and hostility against Jewish people across the world in order to tip the advantages balance in favor of living in the occupied territories.

So, utilizing the crises in some countries, the regime follows a policy of creating fear and terror and a feeling of hostility among the Jews in the crisis-hit areas, intending to push them to move to the occupied lands. Indeed Israeli regime needs more Jews to develop its strategic settlement projects in the occupied Palestinian territories. A significant pitfall the regime has been wrestling with is the reverse immigration which poses a vital threat to the regime. Actually, reverse immigration opposes the second principle of the Zionism philosophy which rejects absorption of the Jews from around the word to the occupied lands, justifying it could change the Israeli demography in favor of the Palestinians that threatens the very existence of the regime.

In addition to the plans encouraging immigration to the occupied territories, the Israeli regime is having other propagandistic activities to pave the way for the return of Israelis. However, the encouragement programs applied so far has been insufficient to reabsorb 1 million Israelis living out of the occupied territories.

Sources:, news media sources


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