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Pro-Israeli Group Calls Pro-American Veterans Group Extremist!

The ADL, a non-government Zionist agent organization embedded in the USA posing as a philanthropic group, calls Veterans Today out as Extremists; Veterans Today responds and calls ADL a “threat to U.S. citizenry everywhere”

Foxman's Chocolate Factory
Foxman's Chocolate Factory --

(MELBOURNE, Aust.) - Congratulations, Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, Alan Hart, Alan Sabrosky, and Kevin Barrett … you have arrived!   That you have been singled out for approbation and condemnation means that you are doing the right thing, and doing a good job of it. Abe is running scared!

Hats off to you!

You are now in the privileged company of true American patriots as Alison Weir, Executive Director of If Americans Knew website, Former President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop  Desmond Tutu, Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, and Professor William Robinson among others who have likewise been bestowed the ‘fake antisemite’ label by his highness Abe Foxman!

Someday such ‘fake anti-Semitism’ labels will be worn with pride and honor, and be honored by all of those who see them.

Someday you will be honored on the White House Lawn for ‘your courage and service to the Nation.’  “That day is not too far off.”

While “Hate” sounds like something that all decent people would condemn, one man’s hate may be another man’s righteous indignation. Zionists, for example, tend to conflate anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism, ( to borrow a phrase from our veteran journalist and reporter Alan Hart) with anti-Semitism, and, therefore, as something that could be considered a “hate crime”.

“But are Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt engaged in hate propaganda by documenting the harmful influence of the Israel lobby over US foreign policy? Or is former US President Jimmy Carter  a “bigot” for comparing the Israeli occupation of Palestine to apartheid South Africa? Are the survivors of the USS Liberty who refuse to remain silent about Israel’s deliberate attack on their ship merely motivated by hatred of Jews?

Is Professor Norman Finkelstein a “self-hating Jew” for exposing the holocaust Industry’s corruption of history and memory in the service of an extortion racket? And is UN special rapporteur Richard Falk also “self-hating” for likening Israel’s actions against the besieged Gazans to what the Nazis did to Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto?”

My point is, at what point does this become a violation of their NGO charter, treasonous, or require registry as a Foreign Agent?

The fact that they themselves have taken this literally innocuous term and turned it into a defamatory and insulting epithet, however inappropriately they apply it,  inasmuch as almost all of the critics at which the term is applied were not criticizing Semites or Semitism at all, could well prove to be their own ironic self-undoing.  

Especially, since most of the targets as mentioned above, at whom they have directed this defamatory attack were not talking or writing about racist, cultural or religious events or people anyway, but historical political events and activities such as committing criminal acts of aggression by bombing civilians and children in their homes, knocking down or demolishing big buildings without proper City Permits, and conducting Bank Fraud schemes, etc. and various other crimes as defined by law…. a lot of which was written by many of these very same people to protect their own interests.

Abe Foxman and his ADL may be big, and they probably have sufficient money and legal staff to handle five simultaneous lawsuits in as many different jurisdictions and states without any great difficulty or expense, but if if something like this were to catch on in the US Legal profession, it could grow into another Industry, just like the Holocaust Industry… the “Sue the ADL Industry.”  It could balloon or suddenly go critical and erupt into massive proportions, big and expensive enough to deprive them of one of their favorite and most effective weapons. Any lawyers willing to do it?

Lawsuits for defamation and libel have long been the ADL’s most intimidating threat and damaging weapons in the ADL arsenal.  They are weapons which the ADL understands, and perhaps the only ones which can penetrate the ADL defenses and do real good.

Are there any plaintiffs out there brave enough to file?  Are there any Lawyers out there with sufficient courage to take the cases?

If so, take a bat and step up to the plate… it is hardball, but it is an open game and it is about time.

In the hands of willing prosecutors this defamatory and an insulting epithet might easily be defined as “hate speech,” in violation of recent Hate Speech Laws written and sponsored by the ADL.

How’dja like those apples for chickens coming home to roost?

Of course, the ADL is among the last of Israeli associated organizations who would want to see knowledgeable witnesses testifying under oath in a court of torts, investigating an incident which a plaintiff has the legal right to open, investigate and lay bare  the truth about what he is charged with having said.  This would hardly make Abe very popular back home in the Promised Land.

I think Abe is a worried man, and perhaps he will have some more even bigger and deeper piles of doo doo to worry about.

Here is the ADL press release, worth reading:

Read his accusations carefully… he is detailing the construction of the holocaust Industry, as Norman Finkelstein has described it.

It is an old story.  One which they know very well, for they wrote the script.

All Abe is doing here is accusing Veterans Today and the “anti-Semitic establishment” of doing with 9-11 the very same thing which they did with the Nazi German internment of Jews and other anti-Nazi minorities in slave labor camps to support the Nazi Military-Industrial Industry.

To cut a long story short, let us examine just one case he makes against veteran journalist and reporter Alan Hart.

First Listen to Journalist Alan Hart Break his Silence About 9/11 on the Kevin Barrett Show 

Note carefully below how Foxman’s  choice of words describing Alan Hart is completely true, based upon fact, yet somehow, he seems to diminish him and discredit him as a has been, presumably a fool, probably a liar, and definitely an anti-Jewish bigot.

Alan Hart -- veteran journalist and reporter

Foxman asserts : “Some have gone further. For example, Alan Hart, once a mainstream reporter (IOW, a has been ?) for the BBC and the Independent Television Network alleged (he is not accusing Alan of actually saying it, but only alleging it, which sounds like the same thing, but is definitely not the same thing) in an May 2010 Internet radio interview with Kevin Barrett that Israel and the Mossad were behind the 9/11 attacks.

Note, that he has said Alan has said, or alleged that “Israel and Mossad were behind the 9-11 attacks,” a plain and simple, non bigoted statement about state terrorism or a war crime. A legitimate charge or accusation, considering the preponderance of evidence which raises the question and points that way.

He claims, After pre-emptively trying to dismiss charges of anti-Semitism, Hart asserts: I tell you what I honestly believe. I think it started out as an all-Muslim operation, but I think it would have been very quickly penetrated by Mossad agents. My guess is at an early point they said to the bad guys at the CIA, ‘Hey this operation is running. What do we do?” And the Zionists and the neo-cons said, ‘Let’s use it.”

On the face of it, this seems to be a fairly straight forward and legitimate accusation of an act of war or criminal activity conducted or perpetrated by a State Agency. A legitimate accusation, given the evidence as mentioned above. Now, we shall see what Abe accuses Alan of ‘meaning” by this?

Hart’s interview has appeared on YouTube and other places on the Internet. His video is just one of thousands online blaming Jews or Israel for 9/11, he says.

Although he does not directly accuse Alan of “blaming Jews” for anything, which Alan has not done, he cites the ” thousands of others,” whomever they may be who may have done so, in such a manner that the reader will without critical thinking toss Alan in and condemn him with all of those unnamed, unenumerated “thousands of others.”  By, “thousands of others,” he is probably using the same enumberation techniques by which he and his friends have come up with 6.000,000 million Jewish “holocaust victims.”

These videos have been seen by tens of thousands of people and continue to gain currency among those who wish to demonize Israel and the Jews, he continues.

They may have indeed have been seen by “…tens of thousands of people….,” I surely hope so….  and, Alan’s accusations may well be describe as an “attempt to demonize, blame or condemn the State of Israel… but what evidence does he cite to attribute such condemnation or accusation to Jews in general which, Alan has surely not done, and he presumes to interpret the dreams or wishes of those “thousands of people….?  It is he who makes this seemingly ineluctable connection, not Alan.”

This is an excellent example of good writing to deceive, or accuse one of character, cultural, racist or religious bigotry where none exists and none was intended.

They definitely know how to use language. That is good, not so subtle, persuasive writing, propaganda at its best.

Hart and Duff should sue ADL and Abe Foxman, also. A lawsuit, or score of lawsuits against the ADL and any Zionist entities would be a helluva lot more effective than all of the words in the world, which are, after all, just words.  They are useless unless they inspire actions.

I reiterate, Money and Law are the tools and the weapons of the Zionists, It is high time to engage them with weaponry with which they are not only familiar, but weaponry which can penetrate their weak defenses and do the whole world a good deal of real good for a change, pun intended.

Read their rejoinders below:

Some of our writers have specifically addressed this topic a year ago, in two special series, titled: Zionism Unmasked and Anti-Semitism, what is it ?

I present below links to the crisp, concise and interestingly enlightening and penetrating articles of the series:




I doubt that any change will ever be made in the United States, as long as the situation in Washington with regard to the stranglehold over the US President’s office, the US Congress, and every influential institution in the United States  by the Israel Lobbys, AIPAC, ADL and the Zionist owned mainstream media is allowed to persist without any formidable resistance from the citizenry.

To sum this up, I quote Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veterans Today from one of his recent opinion pieces:

“…What can we assume from this? Is, in fact, the President of the United States no longer Commander in Chief ? Did our government hand itself over to “shadow” rule with Bush or did it happen earlier, after President Reagan’s dementia made him unable to manage the cabal that surrounded him? How long have we been operating under no Constitution at all?”

This is the view point of the office of the US President and Commander-in-Chief, as seen by most veterans he knows and speaks to, observes Duff.

These are the things which Abe Foxman and his people do not want American veterans to discuss with currently serving men and women of the US armed forces.

“This is what Gordon Duff’ and his website Veterans Today is all about”.


Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. An advocate for Justice and Peace for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Her main focus is US-Middle East Policy issues while writing cutting edge commentary for today's growing number of Internet news viewers seeking unfiltered information about real events. She is committed to exposing Israel Lobbies control of U.S. Middle East Policy. Her Website,, is a source for many other reports. She also plays a key role as a Producer for and several other groups, all of which we also partner with.

Debbie has a fresh perspective in her interpretation of historical events and their relationship to today's current news developments between Palestine and Israel. She can be reached at:

End Israel's Unwarranted Murder of Kids

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Israel September 13, 2011 11:22 pm (Pacific time)

The onlt apartheid in Israel is what Hamas does to people who play music during weddings. Kills them.

You are not a reporter. You are scum who bends over backwards for the same Palestinians that use their children as human shields and make fake videos of children dying.

Oh Wait!! It looks like the kid just moved. Wasn't he supposed to be dead?

Editor: Man, listen to the desperation in your tone!  I say strike up the band, the Israeltanic is getting ready to sink fast!  

Life must be a bitch when you're a racist scumbag baby killer, go tell Hamas what you think of them to their face BTW, I'm not their conduit, neither is Debbie, thanks anyway.  

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