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Political Absolutism

If Romney doesn’t do as he is told, his presidency could be a living hell.

Romney and Ryan
Courtesy: Chicago Sun Times

(PASO ROBLES, CA) - One short paragraph from a report by The Tax Policy Center confirms the truth of the Holy See’s objective and how it relates to Romney’s candidacy.

“Grover Norquist“, in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee, admitted that:

“Conservatives (read Holy See and Rove) have pushed Romney to take extreme positions throughout the 2012 campaign (adding) they wont stop once he becomes president... We are not auditioning for a fearless leader: we don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go; we know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget ….we just need a president to sign this stuff.”

The Holy See selected Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate, and if Romney doesn’t do as he is told, his presidency could be a living hell. The kindest thing that could happen to him is that he lose the election.

Kenneth G. Ramey,'s Religion and Philosophy Writer, confronts the hard issues of politics and religion from a logical point of view that combines interesting insight with history into the truth, or lack thereof, that underlies the strengths and weaknesses of the Religious Right’s determination to use American politics for its own misguided, or selfish, interest. It’s rare for a writer to balance his writing between religious values and the secular guarantees of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with the knowledge that Ken possesses, and to do it so effectively.

Ken was born in Minnesota but was raised in California since 1932. He is the youngest of four boys raised by his mother alone during the dark years of the Great Depression. He Graduated from SFSU in the 1970s when in his mid-forties, majoring in Spanish North American History, and added three years of post-graduate study, much of it in Philosophy and Religion. We live at a critical time in history and believe Ken's views represent the view of many who are tired of the commercialism and false interpretations about religion today. Watch for Ken's articles on religion, philosophy, politics and history. View articles written by Kenneth G. Ramey You can email Ken at:



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Anonymous October 31, 2012 11:59 am (Pacific time)

Ken as per the below stats from the liberal Wash. Post, does this mean that those who vote against Obama are followers of the Holy See? Or more accurately, that these citizens see what has happened in the last four years, and want a different tack? n my opinion. "WashPost Says Romney Winning Whites 63-37 (In 2008: 57-43); Ruins Liberal Theme GOP Couldn't Get to 60 Percent" 63% of whites supporting Romney => racist/ 97+% of blacks supporting 0bama => not racist. If Romney is really leading in the white vote by 26% nationally, then he stands to take at least 55%, and probably closer to 57%, of the popular vote. Which means 300 EVs, minimum. But then, voter fraud is pretty much a given, and regardless of who wins, we will be a divided country, and violence is going to be through the roof. Have you prepped?

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