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11 Rohingya Organizations Appeal to Save the Arakan Muslim Population from Genocide in Arakan-Burma

President Thein Sein’s central government are doing nothing at this violent situation to prevent such kinds of untold atrocities and mass killings

Myanmar President Thein Sein
Myanmar President Thein Sein

(KULA LUMPUR Asian Tribune) - A total of 11 national and international Rohingya organization members, Rohingya Diaspora in a joint press release have strongly denounce and condemn and expressed serious concern over the current news information that Buddhist Rakhine extremists led by Rakhine ruling political party - Rakhine Nationalities Development Party-(RNDP) had restarted mass killing of Muslim population of Arakan, as well as burning and destruction of Muslims villages and houses, in Minbya, Mrauk Oo, Kyaukpru, Pauktaw, Ratheydaung, Myebone, and Kyauktaw Townships since October 21, 2012.

According to the joint press release this was the second time of genocide and persecutions of Muslims in Arakan in 2012 by the RNDP led Buddhist Rakhine people including Buddhist Monks with the direct help and strong involvement of the Burmese Government security forces of President Thein Sein from both central and Rakhine State Government.

The joint press release further stated, “Beginning from the month of October 21, 2012, at least fourteen villages were burnt down and thousands of people killed. Hundreds of Muslim girls and women were raped by the Burmese security forces and Rakhine extremists during attacking the Muslims in those townships. The Burmese Government officials and Security forces did nothing to prevent and stop these mass killings and attacks. President Thein Sein led Burmese Government had claimed that Arakan State is in normal situation but, in reality the situation has become more worsened day after day. These atrocities and mass killings were being committed under the open eyes of the Burmese security forces involving the Police, Lun Htein, and Army. Available reports confirmed that Buddhist Rakhine people led by RNDP President Dr. Aye Maung and Rakhine State Prime Minister Hla Maung Tin are trying to spread this violence across the whole Muslims residing areas of all Townships in Arakan.

According to the latest and available news verification, more than 40 boats load of Muslim Rohingyas from Kyaukpru Township are now floating in the river near the Akyab (Sittwe). The boats tried to land in Akyab as the boats had no fuel, water, foods and medicines, but the Burmese Government officials and Nasaka Authority does not allow them to land. There are more than 22,000 people on the boats and their fate is unknown and insecure. They are now in a very worst situation in the river without any help and assistance from the Government officials. Burmese security forces are surrounding them with arms. Moreover, about five thousand people from Myebone Township are also hiding in the jungle to escape persecutions from the Rakhine extremist Buddhist people. They are without any helps and foods. Their houses and villages are already burnt down and destroyed by the Rakhine people backed by the Burmese security forces. Nobody go to help them in that area.

Regarding this, both Arakan State and President Thein Sein’s central government are doing nothing at this violent situation to prevent such kinds of untold atrocities and mass killings on Arakan Muslims. Extremist and racist Buddhist Rakhine people were given open license to kill Muslims, burn their houses, destroy mosques and looting their properties, rape under-aged girls and women. Even security forces are committing such crimes on daily basis. So, Muslims of Arakan completely lack of confidence and trust in Burmese security forces since they are actively collaborating and supporting the Buddhist Rakhine people to exterminate the Arakan Muslim population.

Almost one million Rohingya Muslims are now living in a terrible and horrendous situation throughout Arakan State. In Sittwe Township, only Aung Mingalar and Mawleik Quarter is the Muslim remaining places in downtown area. All other Muslim quarters were completely burnt down and destroyed and all their residents were shifted to the temporary concentration camps. Buddhist Rakhines are continuously threatening to move out Aung Mingalar and Maw Leik residents to the camps situated at the outskirt of Sittwe Township. Buddhist Monks and Rakhines have openly demonstrated recently to drive them out and they are also demanding the segregation of Muslims in Arakan State setting a new precedent for apartheid system. Buddhist Rakhines and monks also tried to torch historical main mosque of Sittwe. They have destroyed and burnt more than two thousands Muslim holy books belonged to the Akyab Central mosque (Jame Masjid).

Every now and then, Buddhist Rakhines and radical monks hold meetings and issue warning to the Buddhist population not to sell foods to Muslims or do business and deal with Muslims. Anyone who disobeys will meet severe punishment according the recent announcement by the Monks group. Muslims of Arakan known as Rohingyas are totally isolated in the whole Arakan State. Rakhine Buddhist and Monks also block flow of foods, necessary commodities and medical supplies to the Muslim population areas. They even block relief agencies from reaching Rohingyas.

Finally, even Burmese government bowed to the demand of some radical monks to bar OIC from opening liaison Offices in Sittwe and Yangon to provide aid supplies to both effected Muslim and Rakhine community people. On the basis of available news information from inside Arakan, mostly elder people and minor children are passing away day to day basis due to the lack of food and necessary commodities and also insufficient of medical supplies. In such condition death by starvation is imminent for the entire Arakan Muslim population.

Regarding the particulars mentioned above, we would like to earnestly appeal the United Nations, Asean Secretary General and its member countries, US Government, EU,UK,OIC member countries, and all other Human Rights Commissions and organizations worldwide to urgently call the President Thein Sein of Burmese Government putting strong pressure to stop immediately the mass killings of Muslims in Arakan and also ask to deploy international peace keeping force and observer teams in Arakan State to prevent the further loss of lives and property of Arakan Muslim population.

We urge the Western media and Burmese news groups to expose and circulate the real situation of Arakan Muslim population to the world for the defense of human dignity and human rights.

This statement was endorsed by the following organizations-

1. Rohingya Concern International (RCI) 2. Burmese Rohingya American Friendship Association (BRAFA) 3. Rohingya Muslim Organization (RMO), Bangladesh 4. Rohingya Youth Development Forum (RYDF) Arakan-Burma 5. Arakan Rohingya Organization-Japan (JARO) 6. Rohingya Arakanese Refugee Committee (RARC), Malaysia 7. Arakan Rohingya Ulama Council (ARUC), Malaysia 8. Human Rights Association for Rohingyas (HURAR), Malaysia 9. Myanmar Muslim Council (MMC), Saudi Arabia 10. World Rohingya Congress (WRC) 11. Ethnic Rohingya Committee of Arakan (ERCA) Malaysia

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Mahmud November 15, 2012 1:22 am (Pacific time)

hey Cracked Jamie, are you ok? see a Doctor and seek medical assistance to determine if you are ok. are you human? you surely belong to the most stupid class of the world..

najam aldin November 2, 2012 5:57 pm (Pacific time)

You low down dirty evil human, but nobody will escape Allah! Every human has to follow his law known as death. Then you will be confronted by your own words and actions, so live and laugh at others misfortunes for now! Your turn is coming you trairorous dogs.

Jamie November 1, 2012 6:32 am (Pacific time)

UN says the Rohingya are the "least wanted people" in the world. Islam, the religion of peace, seems to be much of the issue with the Rohingya and eveyone in their neighborhood. Why not allow them all free passage to Afganiatan, Pakistan, or maybe Iran; depending on which sect of Islam they are aligned with. Geographic location should not be an issue as they are Muslim and intend to make the entire world their caliphate. After they have killed all the Buddhists, Christians, Jews Hindus and other infidels they can move back.

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