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The Sun and Paranormal Activity

It is believed that many spirits manifest or exist within the vibrational frequencies on the IR end of the spectrum…

Sun and Paranormal Activity
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(SALEM, Ore.) - We all (should) know that the fields of Paranormal and Parapsychological research are still in their infancies. Therefore, most of what we believe to know about this subject is for the most part, theoretical.

To learn more we must continue to broaden our views and explore new concepts in trying to gain an understanding of what really may and may not be going on.

Keeping in tune with our article on Full Spectrum and UV Light in which we postulated that everything is comprised of energy and vibration. Everything is said to vibrate at various frequencies. Spirits or ghosts are also assumed to be comprised of energy; and that energy may exist at vibrational rates higher or lower than our own.

This brought about a new angle of thought concerning the frequency and occurrences of observable paranormal activity. Namely, the time of day and regularity at which these phenomena are traditionally believed, and reported to take place.

In the past, I myself, when asked why paranormal occurrences seem to happen more at night have said things such as “senses are heightened due to fear, or that there is less EMF inference from electrical equipment and appliances, etc…

But now, with information about light, vibration, energy and frequencies being applied to our theories, we are forced to consider a new set of rules and probabilities.

As we said the article on Full Spectrum Light, everything is comprised of energy and vibrates at various rates, entities, spirits, ghosts may be more visible in other areas of the light spectrum than within the parameters of narrow range of light visible to human perception.

These different vibrational rates are picked up and detected by our eyes as colors. Higher numbers signify longer wavelengths, which translate into slower rates of vibration or frequency, the lower the number, the shorter the wave and higher the frequency.

The lowest frequency of light we can see appears red, and the highest appears violet, but as we said, the entire spectrum of light is much larger than this.

Most people do not realize how important these various frequency are in our every day lives.

In our last article we provided a basic chart that demonstrated the light spectrum as far as color and vibration is concerned, but here we see the much more further reaching implications of the light spectrum and how these various rates of vibration play a part in our daily lives:

As we can see here, directly below the infrared end of the spectrum are microwaves followed by the frequencies over which AM and FM radio are broadcasted, as well as cell phones, cb’s and walkie-talkies, satellite television and wireless internet connections.

It is believed that many spirits manifest or exist within the vibrational frequencies on the IR end of the spectrum… The UV and x-rays given off by the sun are known to not only disrupt the IR band, but it can fragment and scatter it!

The frequencies that most readily demonstrate this quality are AM and shortwave radio signals. That is why these bands are heard better at night and often signals can be picked up from distances hundreds of miles away, yet, in daylight, nothing but static is heard.

AM and short radio waves are more conductive, and 'skip' or 'bounce' off of the ionosphere at night, but they are scattered by the atmosphere in the day time.

The rate, distance and time of this skip are determined by seasons, time of day, sunspot and solar flare activity; which can cause electrons to be released into the atmosphere that absorb lower frequency vibration and dampen conductivity in within these bands.

Considering this, it seems reasonable to suggest that if spirits do indeed exist on higher and lower frequencies in the forms of energy, then perhaps their wavelengths can also affected during day and night cycles.

The daylight and solar activity may very well be absorbing the energies required for paranormal activity to take place in some cases.

Bernard Powell is a local author and independent publisher; a devout student of religion, mysticism and the language of occult symbolism. He has had a life-long interest in all branches of the paranormal; and is also the founding member of a Salem-based paranormal research society called OPHIR (Occult & Paranormal House of Investigational Research).

You can visit their site at or you can contact him directly at:

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xexon October 26, 2010 8:00 pm (Pacific time)

I'm usually known for my political commentary concerning the Middle East. But my nature is that of a spiritual being. So let me tell you what I see from that vantage point, All of creation is nothing more than a kind of electromagnetic spectrum. As humans, you only see a tiny slice of this.You are sensitive to an even smaller slice of it. "Spirits" are the residual electrical energy left over by things that were once alive. It's the electrical brain energy to be specific. Very rarified. Not spirit by proper definition. More like the afterglow you see after a camera flash. Spirit itself does not exist in this world.It is not of this world of matter as you understand it, and it departs instantly upon death of it's host body. But electricity is close enough to physical matter that it can interact with it. The manifestations you would call paranormal are these events phasing in in and out of your perceptive range. It goes on all the time. It is your abilty to see it or not that changes. x

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