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Are the Afghans Security Forces Ready for Turnover of Security in 2014?

The US is committed to Afghanistan until 2014, when will the Afghan Security Forces be ever ready if we don’t wean them off the bottle?

Downtown Kabul
Photo by James Van Thach

(KABUL) - Americans in the United States are unaware of the daily security details that U.S. Forces have to endure in Afghanistan.

One such detail that U.S. Forces are doing in the capital city of Kabul is maintaining movement of traffic on Friday and Saturday due to the large majority of Afghan Police and Army are off for their weekend.

“It’s astounding”, says Sergeant Johnson, “That after 11 years we are still out here in downtown Kabul pulling traffic detail. Where are the Afghans? It’s their country to provide the basic security while we go out and combat the Taliban and al Qaeda.”

Ahmad Mohammed, a local taxi driver yells from his car, “I am happy the Americans are here on Friday and Saturday because during the regular work week I have to pay bribes just to go back and forth to the other part of the city and I only have enough money in the day just to pay my gas, I have to go without lunch. At least on Friday and Saturday when the Americans are here they are honest and I can make income to support my two wives and 9 children.”

Afzal Gailani, a teacher says, “I am suppose to have 30 students in my High School class but usually days I only have 12 students and when I call their home to find out why they did not come to school, they say it is because they did not have the money to pay the Army and Police at the checkpoint to get to school.”

“When is this going to end, let the truth be known, tell the American people that the government of Afghanistan has a bunch of thugs working in the Army and Police and they are not protecting us, but stealing from us and taking away children’s education!”

As the turnover of security to Afghan Security Forces is scheduled for 2014 are they really working for the best interest of their country or for their own personal benefits to enrich themselves at the cost of the average Afghan people.

The US is committed to Afghanistan until 2024, ( ) when will the Afghan Security Forces be ever ready if we don’t wean them off the bottle? How many more of our service members have to die until the Afghan Security Forces step up to the plate and do their job out of a sense of loyalty to their nation and not for their own selfish indulges of personal wealth. (


A highly decorated Iraq War Veteran, Captain James Van Thach served twenty-four straight months in Iraq, despite being wounded twice during his first year, for which he was awarded the Purple Heart. Also, the government of Iraq awarded him the rank of Honorary Staff Brigadier General in the Iraqi Army.

Standing in Captain Thach’s presence you notice instantly an aurora about this young man and admire the goals he set forth in his life through education in the United States and travel overseas in his fight in war torn Iraq.

Why would an educated Law School graduate of Touro Law Center turn down numerous private sector job offers with a very generous salary or a safer career path as an Attorney with the United States Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) and only to choose a dangerous job as an Infantry Officer in active combat as a Military Advisor in Iraq?

Captain James Van Thach answered in a commanding voice, “My sacrifice had to be made because of the opportunities given to me from the men and women who sacrificed their lives and died for our country. I had to do the same in their honor, to protect our nation and protect the unborn of this country so that they might live in a peaceful world.”



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Julie October 22, 2012 8:49 am (Pacific time)

Wow, I am so disappointed that things are still such a mess in Afghanistan. Where's the infrastructure that should exist by now? Thanks for the "real" news.

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