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It is Time for the House to Work with the President

It is time for Speaker Boehner to stand up to the right wing elements in the House of Representatives.

Speaker Boehner
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(WEST DENNIS, MA) - John Andrew Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives, should understand that half of America does not belong to the wealthy and half of this great country does not belong to the middle class and the poor; we are all united for the common good and purpose to make this great nation work for all. In this modern world in which we all live, paying our fair share of taxes should not divide us.

In my opinion, it is an insult to the intelligence of all Americans when John A. Boehner made the claim that half of the people in America making over $250,000 are small business owners; and therefore should not pay more taxes. This claim does not hold water; many of the small business owners, Republicans and Democrats, voted to re-elect President Obama.

It is time for Speaker Boehner to stand up to the right wing elements in the House of Representatives. The voters that gave President Obama a second term are very much aware of the stonewalling that existed in President Obama’s first term; the right wing elements wanted Obama to fail to prevent a second term. Obama won; and it’s time for the House of Representatives to restore some trust by working for the people to avert the “Fiscal Cliff.“

It is in their hands to undo their damage.

Alfred Waddellt
West Dennis, MA.

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Anonymous November 30, 2012 2:03 pm (Pacific time)

M. Waddell, Sen. Harry Reid, senate presidet, has not put forth a budget for nearly four years now. Where is President Obama's budget? The House has put forth many budgets (every year) with many democrats joining the Republican majority. The majority of business owners did not vote for President Obama (look at exit polls), just the opposite. I dare say that all we are seeing from the Whitehouse is ongoing never-ending campaign rhetoric, just smoke and mirrors. By changing the tax code (increasing rates) all that happens is the new revenue will have little effect on the debt or on the deficit (the two are different uno?), but it's a 100% certainty that we will lose future jobs, which means even less revenue. Please recall Obama a few years ago saying "we don't want to raise taxes during a bad economy." So what's changed? It is a smoke and mirror thing that is intended to create even more divsion. Do the math. Why would a business owner, who already has high overhead costs, and the highest corporate tax rate on the planet, want to see an increase in taxes, fees, and regulations?

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