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Did Zapruder Kill JFK?

President Kennedy and his brother, U.S. Attorney Robert Kennedy, were set on eradicating organized crime from the United States.

Abraham Zapruder
Abraham Zapruder photo courtesy: ABC News

(SALEM) - It has been fifty years since U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Since that time, many theories have abounded that seek to resolve the issue of whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or if at least one more gunman participated in the November 22, 1963 murder. Until now, no clear picture has emerged that would satisfy all parameters, both within the government and without. I believe that I can change that.

Francke and Gable reports by John Atkins

Some months ago, I wrote a ten part series that exposed a government conspiracy in the State of Oregon that resulted in the assassination of the Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections in 1989. In that case, a local hoodlum named Frank Gable was framed for the crime. He has since remained in prison for a crime which I proved that he could not have done. But what does any of that have to do with what happened in Texas in 1963? Plenty.

The crime in Oregon was orchestrated by, and had the full support of, the Jewish Mafia. This conspiracy went all the way up to, and included, Governor Neil Goldschmidt, at least two assistant Attorney Generals, the A.G., the D.A., numerous Judges, several State police Officers, Frank Gable’s own defense attorneys, and a half a dozen paid witnesses. Point is, keeping in mind that the Jewish mafia had, and has, taken over the Oregon government, I decided to look into the JFK assassination.

The first thing that I wanted to know, were any of the people involved Jewish? It was a fair question that needed an answer. I was surprised (and not so surprised) to learn that Abraham Zapruder was a Russian Jew. For those of you who do not know, Zapruder gained notoriety as the man who had filmed the entire assassination. Interestingly, he did so from the grassy knoll where many theorists conjectured that the second gunman fired at the President.

Jack Ruby

Next, I discovered that Jack Ruby’s real name was Jack Rubenstein. Bingo, there was a second Jew involved in this event. Rubenstein was of Polish descent. He changed his name in order to hide his ancestry.

LBJ in Congress

Now I was intrigued. Two of the most visible players were Jewish. Could that be purely accidental? Or was there a connection between the two men? I dug deeper.

On Wikipedia, I discovered an interesting item called Operation Texas. In 1938, a young Congressman named Lyndon Baines Johnson was busy smuggling Jews into Texas via Cuba, Mexico, and Latin America. I had found my third Jew.

The evidence proving a link between the assassination of President Kennedy and the Jewish mob was rapidly mounting. It was at this time that I had to ask the most crucial question: Was Lee Oswald in any ways affiliated with the Jewish community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Again, Wikipedia would supply the answer.

Marine Lee Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald went to Russia in 1959. At that time, he gained notoriety because he then defected. During the course of the next three years, Lee would live and work in Russia. He married a Russian who appears to be Jewish. The Oswald family would move to the United States in June of 1963.

George de Mohrenschildt

In the months preceding the assassination, Lee and his wife were welcomed into the Jewish community in and around Dallas-Fort Worth. One of the Jews who were closest to the Oswalds was a man named George de Mohrenschildt. Now Mohrenschildt was quite an interesting character who even helped Lee secure employment…in a photo shop!

George was a world traveler who did work for the Office of Strategic Services and, later, the C.I.A. George de Mohrenschildt was a Russian Jew (who had fled to Poland in 1920) who routinely engaged in clandestine operations all over the world. My curiosity peaked when I noted that the wiki article stated that George had emigrated to the United States in 1938. It was at this point that I remembered LBJ had helped hundreds and hundreds of Jews enter the U.S. in, yep, 1938.

All of the pieces were starting to fall into place. I kept reading. Mohrenschildt, himself, had also worked with camera equipment. One of his first jobs in the United States was in that capacity in New York. Ironically, according to wiki, Mohrenschildt knew Jackie Bouvier (long before she married JFK) in New York. In fact, Jackie used to sit on his knee and called him Uncle George. A strange irony indeed!

Drawing on research I had conducted years ago, I connected the dots. Oswald worked with cameras, Mohrenschildt worked with cameras, Zapruder had a camera, and the C.I.A. had some cameras. Boy did they! One camera developed by the C.I.A. actually fired bullets. And one bullet developed in that laboratory was an exploding bullet. Could it be?

I went to and searched through the many Zapruder films there. Many had been doctored, edited, or otherwise tampered with. Still, there was more than enough there for me to come to the conclusion that Zapruder was the one who fired the shot that actually killed John F. Kennedy. Please allow me to explain.

Zapruder had an expensive camera that enabled him to look through a view-finder and frame in any scene that he wanted to photograph. When a normal person photographs a historic event, such as the President and his motorcade, they put the President at the center of the frame. Zapruder started out doing precisely that. However, as the President drew closer to Zapruder’s position on the grassy knoll, you see that Zapruder is no longer looking through the viewfinder. Or, I should say, Zapruder was no longer interested in filming the President.

As you watch the video, it readily becomes apparent that Zapruder is zeroing in on his target. By the time the film gets to frame numbered 313, Kennedy’s head is down at the bottom of the picture and just a wee bit off to the left of center.

Obviously, Zapruder was lining up the President’s head for the kill.

A sniper knows to sight in just ahead of his target when the target is moving. This allows for the reaction time between the time his finger squeezes the trigger, the primer ignites, and the gases expel the projectile. All of this is highly visible on the Zapruder film and yet not one government agent, not one reporter, not one single person on the planet has ever brought the issue to the forefront.

Next on my list was the issue of the magic bullet. Allegedly, Oswald fired a shot that hit the President then the same bullet went through the right chest of Texas Governor John Connally, through Connally’s right wrist, and then entered the Governor’s left leg. There were way too many things wrong with that scenario. Try placing your right hand on your left leg (which is what was being asserted in order for the shot to work).

Nowhere in the film was the President and Governor lined up so as to make such a miraculous shot even possible. Fact is, the magic bullet never happened. About a half a second or so after Kennedy was shot by Zapruder, Oswald fired. Oswald had not intended to hit the Governor. At the time that Oswald started squeezing the trigger, Kennedy’s head was in view. Zapruder’s shot pushed Kennedy’s head off to Oswald’s left and that left a clear shot at Connally.

Depending on which version of the film you see, the shot to Connally appears between six frames and twenty frames after Kennedy’s fatal wound. The camera was filming at eighteen frames per second. In any version, it is obvious that there had been two shots fired almost simultaneously. But I wanted more.

I got more evidence when I located a version of the Zapruder film that was coincided with dictabelt evidence. For those of you who do not know that term, there was a sound recording from one of the police escort’s motorcycle. When overlaid on the film, you clearly hear the two shots that killed Kennedy and wounded Connally. You can check this out at the following web address:

Another thing I did long before I found the dictabelt video was to look at the Zapruder film frame by frame. There are several films on Youtube that show the Zapruder film one frame at a time or you can go with super slow motion. These are interesting to study.

The hardest thing about investigating the Kennedy assassination is the fact that so much evidence was either fabricated or covered up. Who do you believe when you have a hard time just finding a film that has not been altered in some way?

The next piece of the puzzle is why would the Jewish crime family want JFK murdered? Actually, this was one of the easiest questions to answer.

President Kennedy and his brother, U.S. Attorney Robert Kennedy, were set on eradicating organized crime from the United States. These two brothers were instrumental in putting together the law that would be passed in 1964. It was called the Civil Rights Act.

The Civil Rights Act would make it easier for Bobby Kennedy to round up major mafiosa. The Act made it a felony for two or more people to conspire to deprive a race of the equal Rights afforded all other races. What that meant, and means, is that Italian mobsters could be imprisoned solely because they only allow Italians to hold the highest offices within their enterprise. Makes no difference that the enterprise was legal or illegal. Willfully refusing to promote non Italians, or Non Sicilians, to management positions discriminates. It is a felony.

Ditto for their Jewish counterparts. Jewish criminals refused to employ any non Jews, banned non Jews from high level jobs in Hollywood, specifically, and elsewhere, generally. Moreover, it was discrimination of a ridiculous level for Jews to refuse to marry non Jews. In reality, all Christians can trace their roots back to Israel.

Just the fact that no Attorney General is cracking down, or has ever cracked down, on organized crime shows just how bad this problem is. JFK was assassinated for it. So was Bobby Kennedy (1968). Even so, there was an even more sinister reason for killing JFK. It is called the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that was formed when some notable Jews and their cohorts went to Jekyl Island (off the coast of Georgia). Six Jewish Bankers (with Rothschild being the prominent figure) and a Senator came up with the idea of having a bank regulate money…only they did not call it a Central Bank. They passed it off as a part of government and had President Wilson sign it into law in 1913.

All currency in the United States was printed by the Federal Reserve. Every single bill in circulation represents a loan to the government from this private bank. The U.S. government borrows that money, and pays it back along with interest. The Jews who own and control that bank, including Ben Bernancke and Timothy Geithner, decide how much money to give out and to whom. That, my friends, is a monopoly power and is illegal. Moreover, notwithstanding the Federal Reserve Act, private production of money is illegal.

Let’s look at history. In the 1830s, President Andrew Jackson abolished private banks because the government, and only the government, should be issuing currency. That prompted a would-be assassin to walk up to Andy, stick two pistols in his belly, and pulled the triggers. The guns failed to fire.

When Abraham Lincoln went to bankers to borrow money for the Civil War effort, the banks wanted to charge him 36% interest---annually! Abe told them to take a hike and had the U.S. Treasury print up U.S. currency (called green backs). That pissed off the bankers who had started the war with the intent of getting rich off of Uncle. And dear old Abe was assassinated.

JFK was in the process of going after the Federal Reserve Bank because it was, and is, ridiculous that the United States should be “borrowing” money from, and paying interest to, a Jewish Bank when the job of printing money belongs to the U.S. Treasury. With that much money at risk, they had to assassinate the President and his brother.

And here we are on the verge of another Great Depression. Once again, it is being caused by greedy Jewish Bankers and the Federal Reserve. A pudgy little Jew named Ben Bernancke went before Congress and bragged about how he was the perfect man to be in control of the Federal Reserve. He, Ben proclaimed, was an astute student of the Great Depression as he had studied the event at length. Indeed he had.

The Great Depression was caused by the Federal Reserve restricting the amount of money being sent to each and every bank. This single action brought the entire banking system to its collective knees. It enabled Jewish banks to take over non-Jewish banks. By sending lots of cash to these Jewish banks, these thugs were then able to buy up corporations, businesses, homes, farms, etc., etc., for pennies on the dollar.

Fast forward to 2008. The Federal Reserve sent billions of dollars to their cohorts while outsiders were hung out to dry. Washington Mutual, to name just one of thousands of regional banks, was trading on the stock market at two dollars per share on a Friday. That weekend, these criminals got drunk and decided that they wanted to take over Wa-Mu. Monday morning, Wa-Mu was declared insolvent and Chase Bank got to acquire Wa-Mu for nothing. Stockholders were left holding worthless pieces of paper.

Incidentally, I lied when I said that Chase Bank got Wa-Mu for nothing. Huge lie. Actually, Congress paid Chase hundreds of billions of dollars to take over Wa-Mu and all the other regional banks.

We know who killed JFK. We know why. So now what?



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Me Again September 27, 2020 7:34 pm (Pacific time)

The Christian GOD showed me in a dream after years of prayers and asking "why", that Zapruder shot Mr. Kennedy with a camera gun. He had "eyes on target" the whole time.So did someone else using a camera gun. They were recoilless and lenses inter-changeable.Somebody needs do a gun powder rescue test on the camera's inner workings. That is why I search for this type of an article this week. ...Luke 8:17

lee December 29, 2014 2:09 pm (Pacific time)

the camera still exists and is going on display this year.i'm pretty sure it can't fire bullets!

DERRICK WILSON December 14, 2014 8:05 am (Pacific time)

HIS secretary stood behind zapruder on pedistal for two reasons 1, so not to get hit by bullets coming towards them, up on hill, up on pedistal. 2, SHE WAS A SPOTER OR OBSERVER,while shooter looks through eye piece... HILL IS A OBSERVER FOR MOORMAN WHO LOOKS THROUGH EYE PIECE... OF COURSE ZAPRUDER SMILES, HE GOT THE SHOT, as does moorman who smiles a little smile...both assassins thinking they killed him...NOW A PHOTO FINISH AS FRAMES GO MISSING...THE WINNER GOES TO ZAPRUDER WHO COLLECTS 200ooo... YES NO BLOOD...A SWEATER TO HIDE WHITE SHIRT WITH NO RED...DO YOU SEE RUBY FACE??? HE DISAPPEARS...and hauled back inside amongst a crowd..TO STATION....PROBLEM I HAVE...IS RUBY DOESNT WEAR EYE GLASSES...AS THE ASSASSIN DOES AND IN HIS POCKET...notice the spy cameras at club that take a few photos on one frame...6 pick on a frame or four or two..notice speed of picks taken...split seconds apart...

ELISKA WISON December 12, 2014 3:13 pm (Pacific time)


The facts April 9, 2014 12:16 pm (Pacific time)

I may agree with your suggestions because there is another question: Why. A.Z. Secretary stood behind him ?? It was not necessary at all...If you see the very first interview of zapruder while describing the infamous killing he had a brief smile.... I could not believe !!! But perhaps the most strange event was the fake killing of oswald by his friend ruby. I never saw a killing without blood !!! Look carefully how oswald is taken immediately away. From the scene before showing again when the ambulance came. This confirm that ruby oswald and zapruder were all members of the Same mafia so your conclusion is absolutely right. Zapruder did a lot of money with that film just like did the owner of the twin towers after sep. 11th

Anonymous March 1, 2014 1:45 pm (Pacific time)

Oh, and while I disagree with your point about the mob, great job on the suggestion that it was Zapruder that did the actually assassinating. I've often thought Zapruder was there as a sayonim to document the event (just like the five dancing, cheering israels who claimed they'd gone to the USA to "document the event" were doing with their cameras on 911). However, I overlooked the possibility that he was the killer. It really makes a lot of sense - holding a camera that functioned as a weapon would give great cover (no one would see a gun); and it would also give him a great reason to be up high, with such a great vantage point for shooting (a gun, not film!!). And when you look at the film of the president's head, it truly does seem as though the bullet could be coming from the camera. Brilliant! Just the fact that the ONLY person known to have recorded this even is a person of Jewish extraction is very, very interesting. 

Mike March 1, 2014 1:40 pm (Pacific time)

You are on the right track, but rather than the Russian mafia, you overlook Ben Gurion's hatred for JFK and the fact that Zapruder and Ruby were most likely "sayonim" (Jews living anywhere in the world who are called upon to help the cause of Israel). JFK wanted Dimona opened for inspection. When JFK was killed, no US president ever demanded that again. It's clear, then, that the USA knows exactly who was behind the assassination which is why all US presidents who take office are afraid to say a thing against Israel to this day.

hiramo November 27, 2013 7:27 am (Pacific time)

Mr. Atkins, Thank you for responding to my post. I feel no need to respond to yours. You've said enough.

John Atkins November 26, 2013 5:33 pm (Pacific time)

Hiramo, your sarcasm is most welcome. Even your petty attempts to insult me are heartwarming. My article was brief (of necessity). It was the culmination of ten minutes of writing which was preceded by over five years of intense research. I found it most interesting that two billion people around the globe, and of diverse ethnicities, have banned Jews from their countries. What that means is that Jews, like those who engage in acts of domestic violence, do not think that they, themselves, did anything wrong. Don't you find that a bit stoic? Two billion people are wrong and five million Jews are right. To think that you are special because God allegedly gave you a mission once is tantamount to a child thinking he or she is special because he or she was asked by a parent to go to the store. You are not special and you do not have the right to come into this country and rob, steal, murder, and anything else that suits you. I do not mind your insults but please do not obfuscate the truth while you are doing it.

hiramo November 24, 2013 1:27 pm (Pacific time)

Zapruder killed Kennedy? What a brilliant deduction! Why did I not realize this was just another Zionist plot? And the brilliance of hiding in plain view like Poe’s Purloined Letter and recording it to prove the act for his Zionist masters, a stunning deduction. Incredibly perceptive also to deduce from the two paragraphs in Wikipedia Johnson’s crypto Jewishness. I need not comment on the rest of the article. It is of the same quality as the above. I have had occation to observe in the past some of the brilliant reporting of Salem News and look forward to more revelations from its hard-working staff.

Ralph E. Stone November 24, 2013 6:57 am (Pacific time)

This is just another an imaginary "Jewish cabal" article. When I read "Jewish mafia" and "Jewish mob," I know we are in the land of anti-semiticism. Because some of the characters he mentions in his article happened to be Jewish, it must be some kind of Jewish conspiracy. In defense of his article, he points to his "Scots-German Jewish ancestry." It only means to me that the author has internalized Judeophobia. Otherwise the article is just one more of those conspiracy articles that were bound to emerge on the 50th anniversary of JFJ's assassination.

John Atkins November 23, 2013 12:29 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, maybe you should point out that I am of Scots-German Jewish ancestry. Organized crime is most generally affiliated to some specific group. In this case, it is the Jewish crime family. The one thing they absolutely abhor is for somebody to expose that association. Understandable. I can trace my lineage back to 1492-1496 Spain when Isabella sent a fella named Columbus off with three ships full of primarily Jewish people. The queen then exiled the majority of Jews; with most of them going to England, Scotland, and Germany. Look it up then come tell me that I am anti-Semitic. In the meantime, crooks are still crooks and there is no room in the United States for people who do not think all people are worthy of God's grace.

Ralph E. Stone November 23, 2013 7:27 am (Pacific time)

This is anti-semitic garbage.

Ralph can you elaborate?  I know the way John presents information about Jewish people seems abrasive, but how is it antisemetic if in fact the facts match what he presents?  Thanks.  

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