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The Oregon State Prison Sh*t Bomber

Poop thrower's sentence extended to 2038...


(SALEM, Ore.) - "Master Sh*t Bomber" - what a title. Oregon prison inmate Peter Raymond Kaha originally was sent to the big house with a relatively short sentence, a couple of years.

Kaha: top sh*t tosser

But half a century has been added to his prison sentence over multiple convictions for sh*t bombing prison staff.

A story comment from a corrections officer in our ongoing series on corruption in the Oregon state prisons, accuses an inmate we have written extensively about, Clayton Howard, of being a sh*t bomber. This in itself when examining the record, is a load of crap. Howard has never been accused or convicted of such an incident. But since the guard leaving the comment wanted to make the idea of sh*t bombers in Oregon prisons public, I figured I'd toss our readers a real steaming pile of information.

Former Oregon Corrections Officer William Coleman remembers Kaha, in fact he says he is a person he will never forget. Coleman had about ten encounters with this man whose name, somehow not surprisingly, rhymes with 'caca'- from Latin caco (“to defecate”).

"It is a five year sentence per incident, if you sh*t bomb 20 or 30 people you're never going to get out," Coleman said.

At this point Kaha is looking at 30 March 2038 as a release date.

He is 30 years old, and long ago completed his original prison sentence. In fact it was so many years ago that his original charges are not even listed. He Sent for a relatively short stay, Kaha will be inside of these walls for so many more years because of his offbeat addiction to attacking guards with his excrement.

What is a Sh*t bomber?

A sh*t bomber is an inmate who has a reputation for collecting their feces and throwing it at corrections officers, often aiming for their faces. Coleman says it can be spit out of an inmate's mouth into the officer's face, sometimes they have it in their hand and he's even heard of a cup being used to fling the poo.

Kaha lives an extremely isolated life. His goal from what Coleman knows, is simply to lure prison staff over to his area so he can exercise his seemingly favorite pastime. The Oregon State Prison put him Kaha out in the main population one time when Coleman was there; he says other inmates jumped him and beat him up and back into isolation he went.

Coleman says Kaha lived a quiet life in the Oregon State Prison's DSU (Disciplinary Segregation Unit) a few years ago when he knew him. There is no entertainment, just 24 hours a day, week after week, month after month, year after year, in the exact same cell. His food is delivered and Kaha declines opportunities to walk outside, as Coleman recalls.

Today Kaha is in the Snake River Correctional Facility in eastern Oregon. Coleman knew him in the old Oregon State Prison where he was kept in a section of the place that was extremely isolated even from the other prisoners in solitary.

Who Flung Poo?

Former Prison Guard William Coleman never was sh*t bombed, he was one of the lucky ones...

How many sh*t bombers were you around as a guard?

"One was Kaha, then I went to SMU, the Special Management Unit for inmates with mental problems. There was one in there, I was asked to talk to him. He had sh*t all over the walls of his cell and his body. He didn't want anybody touching him."

What was his reason for doing that, was he violent toward you?

"He didn't attack me, I didn't want to actually have to do the paperwork on a bunch of stupid crap, he just didn't want to take his meds at that time."

Where does Kaha rank in terms of this, with other sh*t bomber inmates?

"One time there was another known sh*t bomber on the tier; Kaha was upset because he is 'the master sh*t bomber' and he was pissed, in his mindset he was supposed to be the only one doing this. 'I'm the king man,'" Coleman recalls him saying, as if it were an organized sport. "He talked about how his sh*t could knock people down."

Covering the faces

Many recall this scene with David Morse in The Green Mile.

In spite of his highly segregated location, Coleman says this star sh*t bomber has an uncanny ability to know the latest scores from the latest football, basketball and baseball games.

"He's a sports guy, and he can sure talk about sports. He could tell you who won the latest games, even though no TV exists in his part of the prison."

Coleman never did figure out how to account for the specifics cited by Kaha during these encounters.

"He could tell you which individuals helped win the game, who the high point man was, what the best plays were; he knew things that were almost impossible from his perspective."

Coleman says inmates like this, after many years in solitary, develop extraordinary senses; vision, hearing and smell. Of course this inmate's particular habit would make the life of a sh*tbomber extremely unpleasant in the olfactory sense, you would think, but Coleman says it hasn't slowed Kaha down.

I guess in the end there are some things that you just can't take away from a man, and wouldn't want to.

Coleman recalls a couple of specific incidents. Most of the officers were wise to Kaha's ways, so he generally relied on getting the new guards or catching those he particularly disliked when they weren't expecting it. In one case, a guard who Coleman believed exhibited poor character traits when dealing with the inmates, was the recipient of a gift from Kaha.

"He was trying to get the officer to come over to him and said something to catch the officer off guard. Kaha's mouth was fully loaded. I saw the pictures of this officer; he has feces all over his face and clothes, in his eyes and around his mouth. He had to have his picture taken before washing."

Coleman speculates that sometimes officers have to walk around that way for up to half an hour, covered in human poop, during the initial investigation process.

"Kaha would get who he wanted, and who he got had a lot to do with how he was treated by the particular officer. He got several of them."

Several might even be an understatement. In examining the page for Kaha on the Oregon Dept. of Corrections Website, there are 16 convictions for Assault-3. These are the sh*t bombing incidents that gave this man an extra 40 years of incarceration, so far.


Of course the corrections staff figured out quickly that Kaha throws feces. Perhaps it is their reaction that caused him to go to new, even more obscene levels.

Coleman says placing the human feces in the mouth is one approach. Like a ventriloquist, a sh*t bomber needs to master the art of speaking in a seemingly normal voice, without letting his proposed target know. With a mouth full of poop, Kaha in particular was practiced at calling an unsuspecting officer over: 'hey officer, come over here', and absolutely spewing the poo onto their faces and uniforms.

Pictures of officers who have been sh*t bombed hang on a wall inside the Oregon State Prison, Coleman says.

Coleman laughs when he tells the story of Kaha, but says in reality, this poor guy is living a life that no human being should live, well past the idea of having dignity. Perhaps he should be in a hospital instead of a prison.

The story also illustrates how unpredictable life must often be for prison guards. You can go to work in a clean uniform, but sometimes it's hard to come away smelling like a rose.


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NR December 20, 2010 7:46 am (Pacific time)

I would disclose my identity but it seems you are on a witch hunt and don't wish share that with you. The whole problem I have with your story is it seems as if you are grouping all corrections staff into one group.It seems you are more of an "inmate sympathizer" rather that a bias journalist. Like I had said before in my other response I am here to try and make a change in someones life. I never in a million years would I stand by and let illegal activity go on around me. I would never intentionally hurt someone. What exactly are you doing for the victims of their horrific crimes?
I cant believe that you would write in another artical about the size of a man penis and the damage it would have cause to a 13 year old little girl. I was horrified that someone would question the crediability of a child like that. Then I read this artical about the staff deserving getting feces thrown on them. It's disgusting to me. That makes me wonder about the morales of someone that would write something like that.
I do enjoy the conversation though. I hope that one day you can report on what actually happens in the prison. I would encourage you to come in and take a tour and witness all the good that does happen in here.
I dont believe I am using this site for propaganda, but I do think you are. Open your mind.

Tim King: A man is serving 19 years for sex abuse and the victim had no evidence of the attack, according to the doctors had never had sex;  too bad if that offends you, it is  you who offends my good senses as a person because you are a DOC operative trying absolutely anything to get  something in here to dispel the truth that has been written and read by thousands and thousands of people.  Kimble's story is like that of Darrel Sky Walker and so many more.  These are black men who are wrongly convicted in the Oregon Corrections System.    

You wouldn't question my writing if you were an inmate would you?  You have no idea how much email I receive from Oregon prison inmates.  I don't have time to be an inmate advocate and I happen to believe that most of these guys are probably right where they belong, but not Kimble. 

I am a human advocate by the  way, and more than anything I am an advocate for the fair treatment of my fellow man according to Oregon and US law.

Coleman is at the center of this story for blowing the whistle on racism.  He was framed and took the whole thing to court and beat it with a unanimous verdict by a jury of his peers.  Coleman won, the crooked state officials and their 'man in the DA's office' Brian Orrio lost.  .   I would trust him as much as any human being I have ever met.  You believe I am writing about the system at large and I am, because there is a whole history of whistleblowers like William and there are also just a ton of DOC staff suicides that would be the likely result of a corrupt system.  Then there is the unsolved Murder of Michael Francke; that one gets me most of all.  Be disgusted by racism, drug dealing, prostitution, and most of all official misconduct and malfeasance.      

Editor December 19, 2010 4:21 pm (Pacific time)

NR: You are welcome to email me and fully disclose your actual identity, otherwise I am not buying a word of it. You seem to misunderstand that I know Mr. Coleman extremely well, I have seen all of the relevant paperwork and court documents and there is simply nothing in his past that is even questionable. There are some rotten heart bastards in the mix of people you claim to represent, be careful and never step out of line, right? 

You can not use Salem-News.com for a false propaganda board, have a nice day.

NR December 19, 2010 8:30 am (Pacific time)

These comments really show the ignorance of the readers as well the writer of this ridiculous story! The officers get what they deserve? No one should deserve to get that horrible mixture thrown on them! The type of inmates that do this kind of thing are a waste of human skin, the scum of the earth! They absolutely deserve to be punished for an assault, which is what a s*andT bombing is.
As far as the mentally ill goes and how "poorly" they get treated, the state needs to stop closing all the facilities that can help these fools! The men and woman that work in the prison are doing a job that you, Mr. King would not be able to do. And has been shown that Mr. Coleman could not do either. Why dont you talk to some of the men and woman who actually have been able to keep there job at the prison? The men and woman who are working there right now who are there to make a difference? The men and woman who are there keeping you and your family safe Mr. King?
These men are being sent to prison because they are criminals, rapist, murders, theifs, and child molesters. Personally I am glad they are behind bars.
Makes me sleep better at night knowing I am a little safer. So, thank you to any correctional officer out there reading this!

Tim King: I never state that people who are truly 'bad' should be punished, and I certainly commend the corrections staff that does their job well.  The question is, what violations of Oregon law do they commit in the process of carrying out their jobs?  How many corrupt or illegal things do these guards 'overlook' or 'look the other way' over?   How easily will these corrections officials go along with what they are told, regardless of the law or laws they violate?  

Your entire point is lost on our readers because they know what happens when a law abiding person attempts to work in Oregon prisons; that is William Coleman by the way.  His highly documented observations of illegal wrongdoing are what this story is about.  At several points along the way, all prison staff had  to do was 'the right thing'.  That is what this series is about.  William Coleman was treated with a particularly raw form of prejudice that is the philosophical attitude of the superiors at OSP.  All they ever had to do was follow the law, they didn't and now we are reporting the story.

And by the way, the Salem police theoretically are who keep us safe, not corrections staff.  You guys need to turn around, back William Coleman's message of truth, and blow your own whistles.  Those interested can get in touch with me, I will protect your identity if that is necessary.. 

Sandy November 18, 2010 8:51 am (Pacific time)

Great Story Tim! I have to say that while I agree completely with the comments listed above, I couldn't help but smile at the thought of a few of the corrupt receiving what they give-

jon November 17, 2010 6:12 pm (Pacific time)

Isn't it nice to know that the state government is spending our tax payers money just to keep this guy in prison even after he has already done his time.. yep sounds like oregon too me.. oregon/fail

Editor: Jon, your comment appears to be cut off, please resend the rest and I will gladly add it, thanks.

November 17, 2010 10:02 am (Pacific time)

How many prisoners are mentally ill like this guy, yet are treated so poorly they have no other way to express themselves than to take this disgusting approach.  I would bet that if we could ask them, we would hear the real $4it.

Anonymous November 17, 2010 10:16 am (Pacific time)

Once in a U.S. prison, you basically never get out, and if you do, its a revolving door. The "rehabilitation center" is a joke. THat is why the U.S. has the highest prison inmate system per capita in the entire world. Land of the home and the free. Lets not even get into the TSA groping people. In closing, we were told that the brown people hate us for our freedom..since our freedom is gone now, can our troops come home? The U.S. has been rated at top of the list of police states..maybe the brown people did not hate us for our freedom, maybe they hated us for invading their countries? ya think?

gp November 17, 2010 9:01 am (Pacific time)

obviously there is something sh...y about a system that would keep such a nutty guy locked up, he needs therapy, drugs, a shrink, not solitary confinement. Good grief.

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