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Czars and Broken Down American Empire Deceptions


(PHILADELPHIA) - The subtle word ploy title or symbol is used to mask the envy of the Roman Empire by the broken down self anointed reverse victim industry American Empire of the 21st Century.  It is incongruous and an alarming ambiguity why the United States, a democratic republic, has created the title of “czars” for bureaucratic appointees within the Executive branch.  An absolute insult to the intelligence of every citizen in the global community c.2010. List [3] of Executive Branch Czars

There have never been any U.S. government offices with the title "czar", but various governmental officials have sometimes been referred to by the nickname "czar" rather than their actual title.

Czar (also spelled as tsar) literally means an emperor or a male monarch. It was the imperial title of Russian rulers, who ruled Russia from 16th century until the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. It is derived from the Latin word Caesar that was the title of Roman emperors. Czar also means a person having great power.

Emperors gave bread and circuses to its citizenry to divert and distract attention from the absolute corruption of the Roman Empire c.46BC.  Striking parallel to America c.2010 with accelerated deception and distractions of the theft and confiscation of daily bread and outrageous corrupt and criminal circuses perpetrated on its citizenry.

2000 years of Roman Empire foundation to all Western civilization, laws, society, culture and glory versus possible 400 years of debt scams illegal war and occupation schemes and confiscations of labor wealth natural resources and assets of masses of global citizenry.

Nation of Laws Revoked

The U.S. a totalitarian autocratic state that cannot be disputed as we take a look at two unaccountable criminal [10] Czars.

TSA Janet Napiltano and collusion with Homeland Security Czar and exclusive rep for Rapiscan 'Cancer Scanning' airport machines Michael Chertoff.  Two Czars out of the total 35 operating above the U.S. Constitution, and Articles Bill of Rights to the detriment and against the will of all U.S. citizens. State of New Jersey files lawsuit against TSA  [11] [15]

It is extremely alarming why the United States, a democratic republic, has created the title of “czars” for bureaucratic appointees within the Executive branch. These little czars require no Senate approval/confirmation and, as a result, are accountable to only the president and no one else.

"Ten years of rule by the Bush and Obama regimes have seen the collapse of the rule of law in the United States. Is the American media covering this ominous and extraordinary story?"  Posted Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  President Obama has in effect appointed himself chief Czar and Caesar complicit in the crimes of his predecessor by refusing to enforce the rule of law by ignoring and omitting the the U.S. Constitution, Internation Law, Nuremberg Tribunal, and the Geneva Conventions. In his criminality, Obama has actually surpassed Bush.

Bush is the president of extra-judicial torture, extra-judicial detention, extra-judicial spying and invasions of privacy. Obama has one-upped Bush who exposed himself a documented International War Criminal in his new book. Obama is the president of extra-judicial murder [12] including appointing more than 35 autocratic unaccountable psychotic czars. This equates to the killing of any American citizenry any time or place, at the whim of sociopaths, with no trial or alleged accusation of crimes committed. In effect Obama/Bush Czar/Caesar documented actions [12] and self incrimination state verbatim that all 310 million population of America is not worth the single breath intake required to sustain life and further confirms the Henry Kissinger statement all citizenry are "useless eaters.'

Repeat 16th Century Czar Symbol

Russian Czars were autocrats with total power, unchecked by man or institution, which made Imperial Russia a totalitarian state where the Czar’s power seeped into every nook and cranny of society. Nothing was private. Czar (also spelled as tsar) literally means an emperor or a male monarch. It was the imperial title of Russian rulers, who ruled Russia from 16th century until the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. It is derived from the Latin word Caesar that was the title of Roman emperors. Czar also means a person having great power!

Is the imitation and repeat of 16th Century Russian title Czar appropriate for American engineered collapse?  Absolutely, [10"People will have to accept longer lines before entering buildings, longer delays at airports, more intrusive searches of belongings and our persons, and higher ticket prices to pay for all of this. . . . Greater vigilance will also involve a willingness to compromise some of our civil liberties, including accepting more frequent phone taps and surveillance." essay by Richard Haas c.1996 CFR.  This encompasses and includes the self anointed reverse victim industry of War against Humanity, War against Peace, elimination of 800 years of Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, International Law, Nuremberg Tribunals, Military Commissions Act, and the Geneva Conventions against and to the detriment of the U.S. Constitution and 'We the People.' 

Banking Czars Caesars Repeat 1917 Revolution  Death 

"Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution how Western capitalists funded Lenin, the Bolsheviks, and the Soviet Union" -- by Antony C. Sutton, [1] 1974 source: Reformed Theology  Or the theft and confiscation of bread and the horrible Czars or emperors circuses of Wall Street bank barons and its correlating engineered and manufactured collapse of America in the first decade of the 21st Century.  Full circle of contempt, death, destruction, theft and confiscations directed to masses on the globe and especially its very own citizenry from c.1910 to c.2010.  A pathetic epitaph that includes genocides, war against  humanity, war against peace, eviscerating capitalism, free markets, eliminating opportunity for its citizenry, quantitative easing QE1 QE2 [13] theft of labor property assets wealth, creation of parasitic health and pension plans under the moniker entitlements, environmental and ecological catastrophe, phony gas house tax laws, and absolute control of future rigged markets through the conduit of taxes, contracts, artificial free markets, and interest rates of financial and economic systems by private parasite banking barons..

Betrayal by Sociopaths and Quislings

This is also a story reflecting the betrayal of the Russian Revolution and an analogy to 'We the People'.. The tsars and their corrupt political system were ejected only to be replaced by the new power brokers of another corrupt political system. Where the United States could have exerted its dominant influence to bring about a free Russia it truckled to the ambitions of a few Wall Street financiers.  The Shiffs, Warbugs, Morgans, Rockefellers who, for their own purposes, could accept a centralized tsarist Russia or a centralized Marxist Russia but not a decentralized free Russia.  The untold history of the Russian Revolution [2] and its aftermath a striking parallel to the dominate sociopath unhinged and quisling Czars that control U.S. bureaucratic apparatus

Summary Analysis of Self Anointed Reverse Victim Industry Roman Emperors presented the Roman citizenry bread and circuses to distract any rebellion or to halt storming the gates of power. American under performer Caesars self anointed narcissistic reverse victim industry Czars confiscate their citizenry bread daily present the worst artificial unprofessional circuses of deception, corruption, and deceit by sending Christmas underpants spontaneous combustive foul ordor sad sacks against 21st Century Americans who have no idea or clue where the gates of broken power are located. Hint Washington, D. C.

There exists no challenge dispute or argument that Caesar and his little minions operate a totalitarian reverse victim industry crime state where the Czar’s power creeps into every nook and cranny of society.  A corrupt unhinged government apparatus and criminal gang banksters [13]prying into every single [5] aspect of life, just waiting for a reason to confiscate everything citizenry labors have worked so hard to attain!  Simultaneously calculating the elimination of more than 50% of its citizenry thereby imitating the Bolsheviks of a Century ago. 


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