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Excuse While I Vomit

The more I see and hear Mark Regev in action, the more it seems to me that he makes Nazi Germany’s propaganda chief look like an amateur.

Mark Regev
Mark Regev photo:

(LONDON) - I imagine I am not the only one who feels the need to vomit (dictionary definition - “to throw up the contents of the stomach through the mouth”) when Israel’s Goebbels justifies the Zionist state’s ferocious and monstrously disproportionate attacks by air and sea on the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip, the prison camp which is home to 1.5 million besieged and mainly impoverished Palestinians. The Israeli to whom I am referring is, of course, Australian-born Mark Regev, the prime minister’s spokesman, for which read spin doctor. The more I see and hear him in action, the more it seems to me that he makes Nazi Germany’s propaganda chief look like an amateur.

In a piece for The Observer on 6 June 2010, Ruth Sutherland wrote the following. “If the men from Mars ever wanted to manufacture a PR man, they would model their robot on Regev. No matter how formidable the interviewer, or how aggressive the questioning, he never buckles under pressure. His disarming Aussie accent and unfailing politeness - he calls interviewers ‘Sir’ and uses phrases like ‘I beg to disagree’ - almost lulls listeners into overlooking his aggression. He is always regretful about death and horror - he regrets that the non-Israeli victims brought their fate on themselves. Viewers are reduced to a trance of slack-jawed amazement at what he is prepared to say with a straight face. He is unlikely to win sceptics to Israel’s cause, but as a PR performer he is horribly compelling.”

Compelling he certainly is but, as Sutherland indicated (I will be more explicit), only to Westerners and Americans in particular who have been conditioned for decades by Zionist propaganda and, as a consequence, know nothing or little worth knowing about the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel.

In the immediate aftermath of Israel’s targeted assassination of Hamas’s military commander, Ahmed al-Jabari, Regev was at his best. Via the BBC and many other networks his main message to the Western nations was that Israel is just like them - democratic and civilized. “I would ask them all,” he said, “how would you act?” (respond to rocket fire from “terrorists”). By obvious implication he was saying something very like, “You would take all necessary action against the terrorists to defend and protect your people, and that’s why I am sure you will understand and support what we are doing.”

The flaw in that presentation is that Israel is NOT like the Western nations. It is a brutal occupying power, and the cause of the incoming rockets is its occupation and on-going colonization and ethnic cleansing of the West Bank including East Jerusalem, and its blockade of the Gaza Strip. That plus the fact that Israel’s leaders have no interest in peace on terms the Palestinians could accept.

Regev also appealed for Western understanding and support on the grounds that “they” (Hamas) say my country should be wiped off the map.”

That’s one of the many big, fat Zionist propaganda lies. The truth is that Hamas is firmly on the record with the statement that while it will never recognize Israel’s right to exist, it is prepared to live in peace with an Israel inside its 1967 borders.

Regev’s master, Netanyahu, was also up to his old tricks - diverting attention. He played the Iranian nuclear threat card to get Palestine off the international community’s agenda. With Israel’s next election less than 70 days away, one of his reasons for authorizing Operation Pillar of Defense was, as a report in The Times of Israel put it, “to divert public discourse from social justice to security issues and silence the government’s critics.”

The Mossad’s motto is “By way of deception, thou shall do war.”

Netanyahu obviously believes that by way of deception he can not only retain power but emerge from Israel’s next election with more power than ever. (Enough to tell Obama to go to hell if that ever becomes necessary).

The support (by default if not design) of Western governments for Israel’s latest ferocious and monstrously disproportionate attacks also makes me want to vomit.


Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East.

Over more than four decades Alan Hart enjoyed intimate access to, and on the human level friendship with, leaders of both sides including Golda Meir, Mother Israel, and Yasser Arafat,Father Palestine. (Others included Moshe Dayan, Shimon Peres, Nasser, Sadat, King Faisal, King Hussein—the list is long). He also participated at a leadership level in the secret politics of the search for peace in the Middle East (as an intermediary between Arafat and Peres when it was presumed that Peres was headed for leadership).

Alan recently announced the American edition of his epic book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Vol. 1: The False Messiah. This is Alan Hart’s epic three-volume journey through the propaganda lies and the documented truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of what has come to be called the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

He blogs on, and tweets on

See also:

Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. The sub-title of this volume is Conflict Without End? It takes the story from the 1967 war and the creation of Greater Israel to the present and the question: Is Peace Possible?

Will President Obama be allowed to deliver an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians in order to achieve peace for all and, if not, what’s the most likely future for the region and the world?<

  • "... immensely readable and a magnificent piece of work ..."
    -- Clare Short, MP and Int'l Development Sec't in Blair Govt

  • "... elucidates the dangers involved in the unconditional Western support for Zionism and its oppressive policies against the Palestinians."
    -- Ilan Pappe, Leading Israeli revisionist Historian

  • "... principled, ... historical, ... excellent, even heroic, in effort and scope."
    -- Mark Bruzonsky, founder,; World Jewish Congress, first Washington Representative



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    Terry Benedict November 18, 2012 6:09 am (Pacific time)

    You make me laugh Mr. Hart. You do understand the definition of Apartheid? It's almost cute that you try to end your reply with some bang, but you fail. It makes no sense to accuse someone of actually being 'Apartheid'. Your lack of intelligence, failed logic, blatant bigotry and hypocritical tendencies make me want to puke. You make me sad to be a human being, your poisonous idea's spread like cancer and impressionable people will fall victim to your horribly emotional claims. You're a terrible journalist, so I implore you to retire Mr. Hart, and leave journalism to those with a little less bias and racism.

    Editor: Alan Hart is one of the most distinguished reporters walking the face of the earth.  You are a hasbara stooge and you obviously are so racist you can't see straight, you are apartheid.

    Catherine White November 18, 2012 1:03 am (Pacific time)

    Incredible, even embarrassing deductions. Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East, which is why they are America's staunchest ally.

    Sir, I too want to vomit, at your naked anti-semitism.

    Editor: What on earth is wrong with you?  The Israelis are killing babies for God's sake.  Sick- you are sick.  You think people care what religion the murderers are?  For all of the parents in this world, I resent your baby killer troops more than anyone on earth and I hate your apartheid government and your bigotry toward those who are not Jewish.  Of all things, you represent a government with separate laws for Jews and non-Jews and even 'Jewish only' roads.  This is a sad day, and that fact about being a US ally, just remember that the US stood up for apartheid South Africa to the last moment.  Bigot, you make all humanitarians want to puke, you are apartheid. 

    Emilio K November 16, 2012 4:16 am (Pacific time)

    I'm an indifferent, left, observer of the conflict, and I ask you Mr. Hart, how you would deduce that Mr. Regev's entire 'argument' for the world to support israel is on the false claim that he says Hamas calls for Israel to be wiped off the map. In my own research I can find no evidence to support that claim, and I would like if you could show me some of the sources you have used to come to these conclusions. Furthermore I ask how you would support your assertions that the Gaza strip is a prison camp? Which obviously draw comparisons to the Nazi Concentration Camps. I would certainly appreciate if you could back up your claims with some further evidence. Considering Gaza is self administered, run by the terrorist Hamas organisation. Thank you.

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