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Vietnam, Monsanto and GMO's

Despite enormous opposition, now Monsanto is making further attempts to profit from Vietnam by selling their genetically modified creations.


(DA NANG) - During the Vietnam War, Monsanto’s Agent Orange was used as a part of the United States’ ‘herbicidal warfare program’. Having killed an estimated 400,000, deforming 500,000, and sickening 2 million, even 30 years after the war people are still suffering from the health effects induced by the chemical.

Agent Orange has been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, liver damage, and other major health problems. Although the damage is great, US courts have protected both Monsanto and Dow Chemical from liability and criminal prosecution.

The US government has shielded Monsanto and Dow from the massive cost of medical treatment for victims and environmental remediation cleanup costs that would spell out bankruptcy for the corporations.

Despite enormous opposition, now Monsanto is making further attempts to profit from Vietnam by selling their genetically modified creations. It would be completely outrageous to see Vietnam accept Monsanto’s GMO’s, as they have already ruined hundreds of thousands of lives with their toxic Agent Orange.

Given the well-known human and environmental destruction behind GMOs, Vietnam would only be inviting back tragic health complications.

The Thanh Nienn News in Ho Chi Minh City reports:

    No biotech company has yet got the official green light for selling genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but it does not assuage the fears that Vietnam could end up with another tragic legacy from a company that once caused many deaths in the country, environmental activists say.

    The alleged purpose of using Agent Orange was to deny the enemy cover in forested areas through defoliation. However, the US Army did contract studies in 1943 of the effects of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D (the other ingredient of Agent Orange) on cereal grains, including rice, and developed the concept of using aerial herbicide spraying to destroy enemy crops to disrupt the food supply. It seems that poisoning the enemy, farmland and civilians was a chemical warfare strategy.

The Global Post reports:

    Monsanto is, of course, highly aware of Agent Orange’s reputation and has fought numerous lawsuits filed by chemical’s victims both Vietnamese and American. The chemical, commissioned by the U.S. military, was dumped over jungles to kill vegetation and rout communist forces.

    In Monsanto’s own primer on the Agent Orange era, it casts the chemical as patriotic — it was meant "to save the lives of U.S. and allied soldiers," Monsanto says — and contends that the matter "should be resolved by the governments that were involved."

Chuck Palazzo
Agent Orange Action Group
Chapter 160, Hoa Binh, Veterans For Peace


Chuck Palazzo is a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran, the Interim Editor for Agent Orange, and a longtime Vietnam Veterans Against the War Member. Chuck Palazzo has spent years since the war studying the impacts and effects of Agent Orange, a defoliant chemical sprayed by the U.S. govt. on the jungles of Vietnam. He says Dioxins have been re-discovered to cause all sorts of damage to humans. These include Heart Disease, Parkinsonism, Diabetes et cetera. Dioxins are already known to produce serious birth defects and a variety of cancers. The chemical is still sold in Third World Countries and is causing the same problems.

We at welcome Chuck aboard and look forward to sharing more of his stories with our readers in the future.


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Anonymous November 11, 2013 10:47 am (Pacific time)

The North Vietnamese and the communists, not just in SE Asia, but in all of the world have killed in excess of 100 million people. Agent Orange was provided via the U.S. Government, not Monsanto, and it was used to save American lives at the time of combat operations. It worked. It is the North Vietnamese and their "tools" who need to take responsibility for the "cause and effects" of their genocidal war mongering. To suggest any company that the American Government (which is "We the People") have liability is absurd. Go to the CDC for government data on so-called Agent Orange diseases for those exposed in Vietnam and civilians who never went. There is no difference. Likewise for suicide rates by Vietnam vets, it soon became lower than their same age civilian cohorts after approximately 5 years. Liberals are generally insane, who pursue things like this on an emotional level, and that is why all liberals should be ignored, and if in a power position, removed. For you combat veterans, have a great Veterans Day. Death to our enemies, foreign and domestic.

No offense but I think you are the enemy, you support the corporate bastards in their greed but fail to support those who fought for this country.  They'll take down Monsanto eventually and all of the morons who stand up for it had better hold on tight, because there are a lot of pissed off ghosts in the VVN ranks. 

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