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'A Newfangled Impeachment Better Should I Have Known!'

A poem verbalized in the context of the current prearranged and equipped “impeachment” by Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa government, against the present Chief Justice (CJ) of Sri Lanka, Dr. Shirani Anshumala Bandaranayake...

Art by Sunalie Ratnayake
By Sunalie Ratnayake


“Impeachment”, as we all may know…
illicit detached, and off they go…
else if lingered, tragedy may grow…
though slow in pace, the end shall show…
a state in ruin, as crimes galore…
hence, better indict - reprimand them so…
But, what of these “litigants” intense - they roar ?
no faults in them  - are they white as snow ?
what if alike trials, or even more…
were brought against these ‘claimants’ of ‘dishonour’ ?
what shield would they have to hide from ‘bylaw’ ?
wait a minute ! – I forgot, that “they are the law !”
The first nitpick in breaching the law,
by the first to hold ‘title’, in the female gender,
as “CJ” -  all dressed in her ‘Kandyan’ gear,
is said to be crimes, committed by her ‘kinfolk’,
her “spouse”, in this case, who willingly chaired,
a “Bank of Savings” of the Nation’s folk,
treachery in creeping to “The Finance” firm,
bidding to buy shares, via incongruous form,
when brought in front of a court of law,
his “CJ wife” had questioned the cause,
but, all in all, wasn’t it the “Big Man” upstairs ?
as “President” - who appointed the “husband-wife-duo” ?
to unfitting chairs, inapt - of parallel mode ?
so, “who should be impeached”, for causing terrible ‘chaos’ ?
the “Original Culprit”, or the “Subordinate Felon” ?
Secondly, they bring-up as abysmal fault,
having opened nine ‘accounts’, of the ‘checking’ sort,
in her name, in a private bank of some sort,
as reasons being added to kick her butt off…
Next comes denunciation of different sort,
this time around, her only sibling involved,
an erudite of the ‘engineering’ sort,
domiciled in ‘Perth’, yet investing back home,
having purchased fresh dwelling, in a tower - grandiose,
worth fortunes in terms of the current souk,
but failing to pay the unabridged amount,
while “power of attorney” held by ‘sister CJ’ alone,
making ‘deals’ concealed, backing her Aussie sister’s want…
Then comes the CJ’s undesired embroil,
in a President-Sibling’s ministerial force,
“Divi Neguma” as known by the economic growth,
yet another loophole pocketing billions or more…
the minister in-charge – Mr. 10% - bravo !
But how did the CJ be at fault, no one knows…
when all she did was - act in a sovereign mode…
yet, the government been irked, of a ‘Financial Note’,
which, the “Supreme Court” said, must be taken ‘below’,
to “Provincial Councils”, for endorsement – hello !
before it being succumbed to “Parliament” for support…
Weeks of a seething spat, boy - did finally explode,
between the “Executive”, and the “Judiciary”, we were told,
to add to the annoyance of the government folks,
the “Commission of Judicial Services” arose,
claiming meddling of the “Bench”, by the “Executive” force,
until the ‘Secretary’ of the said ‘Commission’ faced assault,
on broad daylight - the typical spectacle did unfold,
the customary song was sung with clamour ;
by the government throngs, unashamed to the core,
the ‘culprits’ were ‘nameless’ – o’ what a joke !
how seemingly sickening – are these obnoxious blokes !
Not only been favoured by the present ‘topmost’,
where the ‘Kabaragoya’ became opportunely ‘Thalogoya’ by form…
a political appointee of a preceding dominant force,
the nation’s  “Ex-Woman-Chief”, and her “Statutory Bloke” ;
a two-tongued “Profesari” of a fairly comical sort,
as they both chose the “accused”, to the “Supreme Court”,
ignoring all protests that were vehemently brought,
by barristers, judges, advocates – and, all of the sort,
in unison to contest, the then given ‘prejudicial post’.
Now as we approach an era much worse,
where nothing is spared from “His Excellency’s” mean hold,
a nation of “Puppets” clad in countless uniforms,
holding ‘titles’, gaining ‘benefits’ of innumerable sorts ;
“making hey while the sun shines” – with no solid backbones,
all “basking in glory” of the “reflected” sort,
atrocious indeed – a dreadful spectacle, Oh Lord !
they roam around merrily, with no conscience at all…
His Excellency’s Brothers playing all ‘Dominant Roles’,
no one dare speak against them ! -  it’s “Familial Canon” !
the “CJ” is facing her share of pay-offs,
as all ‘hay days’, shall finally be caused, to ‘fold’,
as “payback” may play an important role,
in the ‘Dictators Eye’ she’s no more than a ‘micron’,
“Pahu-Pahu wenakota Kohu-Kohu” notion has taken its toll,
where once trusted “friends” of the diehard mode,
has now turned into “foes”, in an unpleasant approach…
what shall we call this whole “episode” – ‘ridiculous’ or ‘grose’ ?
an “impeachment” enforced, to punish the ‘outlaw’ ?
then, how come is it possible, when the “litigants” are all,
those who denote a worse horde, of the hazardous sort…
aren’t they all belonging to much worse ‘felonious’ droves ?
a régime symbolizing the filthiest norm…
hence, what kind of an “impeachment”, could this better be known ?
“A Newfangled Impeachment” – Better should have, I known !
Authour’s NOTE ; for readers unfamiliar with the “backdrop” highlighted in the ‘elegy’, as well as certain “words” utilized in the language widely used in Sri Lanka – namely ‘Sinhala’ :-
A poem verbalized in the context of the current prearranged and equipped “impeachment” by Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa government, against the present Chief Justice (CJ) of Sri Lanka, Dr. Shirani Anshumala Bandaranayake, the first female to hold the said title in the island, as well as a ‘Political Appointee’ herself to the said designation, by the present President, Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa (a.k.a. Mahinda Rajapaksa) himself, a little over a year ago, Shirani also having been a close confidante to the throne.
Yet, the moment the CJ supposedly started acting independently, performing candidly and precisely in her given duties, (in this case, having criticized the transfer of power from regions of Sri Lanka, in relation to a ministry, led by a sibling of the president), or at least giving a sense to the society of a notion similar to the said, she has now become a thorn in this devious government’s flesh, and rather, a target of impeachment.
Widely used as an illustration in vocabulary, in Sri Lankan society, in comparing such occurrences ; that’s how the once “Kabaragoyas”  later become “Thalagoyas” and vise-versa, basically, to fit the “need of the hour” (in this case, to utilize as a meal, depending on the urgency of the hunger of the ‘predator’) , in present day’s calamitous, disgraceful, murky politics in the said island nation.
In this particular instance, Shirani was fit to serve the title of CJ, in the eye of the current President of the country, despite her former shady appointments by the previous regime, her acknowledged stances in favour of the ‘devolution of power’, and later biased verdicts and whatnot, she was merely conveniently chosen to the said post (Chief Justice) by the present President – no questions asked, only until she decided to act independently, the mere cause of her being subject to ‘impeachment’.
·         “Kabaragoya”, as known in the Sinhala language, is the “Water Monitor” (Varanus salvator), a large lizard found in Southern Asia. Usually harmless, unless disturbed by humans or other animals (such as dogs), in which case it may strike a fine blow with its powerful tail.
·         “Thalagoya”, as known in the Sinhala language, is the “Monitor Lizard”, that are also large lizards, yet some being small as 20 centimetres in length, also a harmless lizard widely seen in Sri Lanka (Asia), and Africa.
Furthermore, when “friends” of once upon a time, are required to be turned into “foes”, also according to the “need of the hour”, the eminent Sri Lankan proverb is used ; “Pahu-Pahu wenakota Kohu-Kohu wethi !”
This simply means, with time, for ludicrous, feeble, wretched reasons, ‘best friends & bonds’ become the ‘worst enemies & bangs’.
In this particular instance, the time that had passed-by, for ‘friends’ (the present Sri Lankan President and the CJ whom he appointed), to become ‘foes’, was somewhat implausibly brief – not even two years in span.
Shirani was appointed as the CJ on May 18th 2011, succeeding the retiring Asoka de Silva. The plans to ‘impeach’ her was compiled and announced by the Sri Lankan Government, in November 2012 (the current month in this year). Hence, it took only 1 year and a mere 6 months for ‘friends’ to turn in to ‘foes’.
Comical are such chapters in present Sri Lankan politics, as well as, in its similar, yet not too obnoxious history, in comparison to the present day milieu. Given the nature of the current context, it is quite evident than not, that more ‘slapsticks’ are possibly yet to unfold from the Sri Lankan Political Arena in the future.
** The “Kandyan”, mentioned in this sonnet, is a form of Sari that usually Sri-Lankan-Women hailing form the Up-Country-Cast (the Kandyan Cast) drape around themselves, and is considered as a decent form of attire, usually worn by all women representing institutions of esteem, as well as the glamour arena, not necessarily confining the wearer to be of a particular cast, but only remains a personal choice of the woman, who may wish to dress herself in it. The word “Sari” is derived from the Sunskrit word meaning “Strip of Cloth”.

Publisher’s Note :
SUNALIE RATNAYAKE is a SRI LANKAN Journalist based in USA.
Though her yearning and adoration for “poetry” from her tender years have kept her occupied in writing her own “poetry” almost all her life, as means of pure pleasure, thus far, she has seldom shared her “sonnets” with the public.
She could be reached at : /

Special thanks to Sri Lanka Guardian



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