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How to Make Enemies around the World in Two Easy Lessons

One has to wonder if US policy makers are really that stupid...

Obama and Middle east fighting

(JAMESTOWN, RI) - Sometimes the policy of my country sickens me. Take Egypt for example. A democratic election, was held, and by a narrow victory Mr. Morsi was elected President. He won a majority of the public vote, but he was the leader of the “Muslim Brotherhood” party, and so immediately US mainstream media did not like him, despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood party of Egypt is a very moderate party, and despite the fact their party prevailed in a democratic election.

One year later the military of Egypt, built and funded by the US government, overthrew the democratically elected leader in a military coup. The US government did not strenuously oppose or speak out. The coup leaders placed Mr. Morsi in jail and he will be put on trial with the backing and support of the US government.

The majority party of Egypt has been banned by the military, its leaders imprisoned, freedom of the press is not tolerated, and democracy was been shattered and destroyed, yet we continue to support the military, who illegally overthrew the government, and in so doing have angered the majority of the Egyptian people.

It is illegal for the US government to fund unelected governments, so Obama announced he would cut aid to the Egyptian military. He cut a few pennies out of the annual billions.

This week, Secretary of State Kerry, praised the leaders of the military coup, and slobbered over himself while lavishing praise on an illegal military coup saying:

“We support you in this tremendous transformation that Egypt is undergoing”.

He never mentioned the mass slaughter by the military of the innocents who tried to peacefully protest the illegal military coup of their democratically elected government, nor why he would support a coup of a democratically elected government. And so yet again our policy has managed to anger the majority in a country who saw the US dash democracy.

Take Pakistan as another example. Just as the Taliban leadership and the Pakistani government were about to begin and exchange terms for a long lasting peace, the US in a drone attack a few days ago, assassinated the Taliban leaders headed to the peace talks. The peace talks are now gone; the Taliban is enraged, and the great majority of the Pakistani public, who already hated the US for its nine years of drone attacks, now bitterly hate the US for being an obstacle to peace in their country.

Polls indicated before this latest drone assassination that Pakistanis did not want the US to use drones in their country, but we have managed to enrage the public and destroy a chance for peace. Once again a stupid policy, for experts argue for every person killed in a drone attack, anywhere from 10 to 50 new enemies of the US are created.

This latest drone assassination has enraged a majority of yet another country. Since there is no logical reason for using drones, because they create many more enemies than they kill, one has to wonder if US policy makers are really that stupid, or is this yet another intentional way to create enemies and perpetuate endless wars, while satiating the military industrial complex.

_________________________________ Writer Joe Clifford, lives in historic Jamestown, Rhode Island, and has contributed a number of articles relating to foreign policy to newspapers in the Rhode Island area for years.

He graduated from Providence College where he earned an undergraduate and graduate degree. After a lengthy career as a high school teacher he turned to the study of US foreign policy, and then to writing, as a means of expressing an alternative perspective. His reading and research on foreign policy is broad and extensive, especially as the policy relates to the Middle East. His interest in foreign policy was inspired by the American misadventure in Vietnam. You can write to Joe at this address:



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