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FaceBook, Mordechai Vanunu: Wrapping it up and Moving On was established in 2005 as a public service after my first of seven investigative journeys to the so called Holy Land- which is in pieces!

Eileen Fleming and Mordechai Vanunu
Eileen Fleming and Mordechai Vanunu

(CLERMONT, FL) - In 2005, during my first of seven investigative journeys to both sides of the Wall in Israel Palestine, I began a series of interviews with Israel’s Nuclear Whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu and arranged this interview conducted by MONKEY FIST PRODUCTIONS: went online three weeks after that interview while I was in Berkley, California and you can read about that here:

Musical Nailings, Reflections on Tikkuning and My Grandfather's Ghost  


I first joined Facebook in November 2008 but was deactivated by the powers that be in July 2009, for my politically incorrect activism for Vanunu's right to freedom: [ Read more... Eileen Fleming is NOT on Facebook since she was Deactivated]

I returned to Facebook in Dec. 2009, under the pseudonym Joe Flannigan [a fictional character in a book I was writing at the time] with the intent to get human rights activists and people of conscience to learn about, support and work for Vanunu's freedom and a Nuclear FREE Middle East-and world!


At the time, I had no intention of revealing my true identity, but on August 11, 2010, I received an invitation from Vanunu to be Facebook friends.

I responded, I was NOT Joe Flannigan, but the Eileen Fleming, who was banned by Facebook for her political activism in support of him in July 2009:

After making Facebook friends with Vanunu, I also 'outed' myself to the few Facebook I had made at the time, which as of this writing has grown to over 3,600 who 'know' me by this icon:

Eileen Fleming

On 7 September 2010, a Vanunu supporter from the UK, John Tyrrell asked me to be an Administrator of the Facebook Cause he founded, Free Mordechai Vanunu which as of this writing has accrued 6,452 members


I accepted, but as times have changed and for many reason, I am deactivating my Facebook account on 6 November 2012-election day in USA.


I chose that day because after I 'birthed' this website, a crazy dream to run for Congress came to me and would not let go.

On 9 January 2011, I announced my candidacy for US HOUSE, District 5, Fl:

Today, I wrapped it up at YouTube:

I reaffirm all I have ever said or written, but because family matters more to me than politics or striving to change the world by telling the truth and writing my heart out in oped’s;


And because my father died last week Read more... and my mother [his loving wife for 63 years] is lost without him and as their only child in the state; conscience calls me to move on from impossible dreams and focus first on family matters.

I am also deactivating my Facebook account, I won’t read or respond to any more of the numerous email listserves I am on, and I will begin the editing my fourth and write my fifth book:

“Vanunu WAITS for LIBERTY, Remembering the USS LIBERTY and My Life as a Candidate of Conscience for US HOUSE 2012” and “Family Matters” which will enshrine many of the writings of my Pop/John Kasmir, who wanted to be a writer and reporter.


I have inherited my father’s brief case full of writings and I am compelled to enshrine them-if for no one else but our family- because what I learned from my Pop is that the best one can do is always tell the truth, forgive all hurts, see and speak the humor in all situations and circumstances and keep on moving on!

So, I am putting my ‘baby’ – -up for sale, and even if the buyer only wants it for the Google Rating and may well indeed delete my seven year labor of love, I don't care; because freedom for me is all about following my conscience, doing my best and detaching from outcome.

As conscience calls and Family Matters most of all, this will be my final entry at , which was established in 2005 as a public service after my first of seven investigative journeys to the so called Holy Land- which is in pieces!


Palestinian Loff of Land 1946 - 2011 



I am Eileen Fleming, I have been a candidate of Conscience for US HOUSE 2012 and I approve of all of my messages.



Prophets on Apartheid: Part 1

Prophets on Apartheid: Part 2

May 31, 2011: Back to Helen Thomas, Lennon, Vanunu and Giving U.S. Some Truth

May 26, 2011: An Evening with Helen Thomas and Flashback to John Lennon and Vanunu Mordechai


BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu's Freedom of Speech Trial




"Keep Hope Alive"
To order either book
click here.


After Election Day in the USA, will become the first page in a new chapter in my life



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Toni Samanie November 2, 2012 12:36 am (Pacific time)

Eileen Fleming, you are a winner no matter what. Many hugs to you and condolences regarding your father.

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