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Quality Goes In Before The Name Goes On

Western militarism has been in an elevator heading south for years.

Statue of Liberty crying

(CLEVELAND) - We live in a society today that blames others for having "desires" and possibly "inclinations" toward perpetrating violence, while the Americans and their allies deliver terror like a one-two punch, sometimes, daily. The belligerent nations stand in utter judgmental of others that may or may not at some point, possess nuclear weapons. This, while the countries that have proven their ability to kill at will over and over; namely the USA, Israel, Great Britain and France, carry out the acts they accuse others of "one day being capable of".

You can look at the 2112 connection, the continuing wars and violence and high tech bloodshed that is now delivered by things like drones that the people on the ground, getting blown up, likely never saw or heard. Western militarism has been in an elevator heading downward for years. Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, My Lai, if these events represent the US, and they do, then our level of shame is one our hearts will never meet as Americans, because people in this country are too self-proud to admit their faults, and that accounts for a majority of what is wrong. Beyond the human angle, the war crimes, the damage from deadly radioactive munitions, these things stand out, as do the scars on this earth from the weapons developed here.

It is saddest for the children, because some of us have been able to live for many years and had a brief span of time to look at what the earth has to offer, and kids have had no such opportunity as of yet. The leadership that people glorify and follow the directives of, has no good intentions and is willing to kill for profit and control. I wish there was a way to fix it, but the only one that can do that is God, and that is very likely what we are beginning to see. Negative? Sure, very negative for some people, I hate what is taking place on the human side of the issue and will never stop looking for ways to find that elusive better day.
- forward by Tim King, news editor


Quality Goes In Before The Name Goes On

Quality! Exactly what does the name imply?
Honesty, integrity, reliability, truth not lies,
Because you’re in a crisis you did not foresee,
Does not mean there is any lack of Quality.

There is a recession and these are perilous times,
Not just a good one but any job is hard to find,
An ugly increase in the rate of serious crime,
Gas at 3.59 is a bargain look at the long lines.

War and rumors of war are these not the signs?
Ever see the series of movies titled Left Behind?
Is Romans 12 important by renewing your mind?
Can any one you know slow down or delete time?

Well, welcome my brethren to your fiery trial,
Tighten that seat belt it is going to take a while,
Mighty Joshua had to fight a total of forty-two wars,
Who can knock one time and walk through the door?

Look at hero’s of the bible, who received Gods best,
Just name one promoted before they passed the test?
Jesus was tempted after fasting forty days and nights,
OK, tell me again why you should not have to fight?

Oh, that John 10: 10 scripture about the abundant life,
And Calvary Hill as well as our new covenant right,
But, what about doubt, unbelief and continued sin?
Hey, no need for obedience if we automatically get in.

Losers will never win and winners will seldom lose,
Mercedes isn’t Mercedes until it’s stamped approved,
God hasn’t forgotten your storm stop feeling neglected,
Quality isn’t Quality until it’s thoroughly been inspected.

Until another “1” creates a world, gives and takes life,
Better learn to do according to what God deems right,
By, “Meditating day and night on this book of the law,”
Joshua 1: 8, does not mean some it but it does mean all.

Lucifer will never furiously attack those unable to show,
Other Christian followers the correct, proper way to go,
When the evil one’s kicking up dust making it hard to see,
Satan tried the same with Jesus you’re in good company.

God doesn’t call the qualified He qualifies the called,
This is why some blessings are big and some are small,
Yes, for God’s children grace is definitely available to all,
Like software, Quality is something that needs to be installed.

Sickness, collections, foreclosures, we need steadfast faith,
Trusting in God is not complaining about how long we wait,
But, my problems are increasing why does it take so long?
Well, the Quality has to go in before the name goes on.

By Luke Easter


Luke Easter is a poet who writes about things that are very close to the heart of Another former U.S. Marine, Luke heals the world with an approach that reaches people on a different level, one known for centuries, yet too often forgotten in the one we live in.

We live in a world of social & economic injustice. The main reason for founding America in the first place was to relieve the oppression of the King of England. Patrick Henry said it best, “give me liberty or give me death.” And yet, all too often death seems to be the only way out. Why is there such a high suicide rate especially among teens, in the land of the free & the home of the brave? What makes headlines? Good news? Ha! More depressing stories than anything else. I feel poetry takes an edge off the hurt of bad news while still delivering it but in a, “glitzy” sort of way. Giving a different perspective. Kind of like slap in the face as opposed to a knife in the back. At least with the slap you’ll live to see another day and you will know whom it’s from. I wasn’t here for the beginning of the world but at 59, I just might be here for the end.

Even though it’s still a knife, rhyme poetry helps to dull the blade. And that’s my job. You can write to Luke Easter at:

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