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Apartheid South Africa vs Apartheid Israel and the Wild West

Insider's comparison between two systems of racist apartheid.

Israel apartheid
Artwork by the amazing Carlos Latuff, friend of Salem-News.com located in Rio de Janeiro. To see more of his work, visit: Latuff Gallery

(SEOULE, South Korea) - Under the Apartheid South Africa, whites would help themselves to the best of the land and water re business and residential areas and we would also help ourselves to the best of the beaches and tourist spots.

After all, it was our "God given right" and the thought of of having "second rate human beings" share the land and water with us by having equal rights was absolutely absurd; the land needed to be divided for two peoples, parts of it for the whites (and naturally of course the most important parts would be for the whites), and parts of it for the blacks, so there were designated areas where the blacks could live and where the whites could live.

Schools for the white kids were given top priority whilst schools for the blacks were very far down the to do list and this explains why South Africa still suffers from these ridiculous racist policies of the past with rampant unemployment due to the majority of the people been unempowered to earn a decent living.

But the one big "plus" was, the Apartheid South Africa was openly racist and didn't play games trying to conceal their racist attitude, the World knew exactly where they stood.

Today in Israel and Palestine, since the 1967 6 Day war, Israel has occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem. For security reasons they maintained a military presence, but have gone one step further and helped themselves to the best parts of this land for residential and business purposes, including the land where the water is, and has taken full control of the water and one of the biggest money spinners re tourism, East Jerusalem.

Artwork by Carlos Latuff, friend of Salem-News.com.

Since this war Israel considers the land theirs and seems to think we are back in the days of the "Wild West" (where all you needed was a peg, hammer and a fast horse in a free-for-all land grab), and so Israel has blatantly disregarded international law that makes it clear once the war is over and you are the victor, you can't claim the land as your own. This law is to prevent the world becoming the Wild West and strong nations simply deciding to take over other weaker ones and claim them as their own, e.g like Saddam Hussein tried to take over Kuwait in the early 90's.

And so Bedouin Arab villages have been forcefully removed so that Jewish people can build their settlement bloc's (huge blocks of flats) to accommodate "natural growth, I mean surely everyone can understand this- PM Netanyahu". This goes on even in current years. Also Israeli Arabs are not considered eligible to live in these flats. In Israel, schools for the Jewish communities are given top priorities re finances whilst the Arab communities make do with what they can get, which is very little.

And today the Jewish people don't see the Israeli Arabs as their own people, but two different peoples, and according to Israel's Foreign minister upon a peace deal, the Israeli Arabs must get out of Israel and live with their "own people". So there must be two States for two peoples.

It's an apartheid of note; fact finding missions from the ANC (African National Congress) of South Africa have reported the Palestinians have it worse than what the blacks had it under the SA apartheid. The only difference between Israel and South Africa is that where SA was openly racist, Israel is blatantly deceptive about theirs under the cover of their so called democracy.

Israel is now trying to bring a dictatorial law preventing anyone speaking out against Israeli policies to clamp down on both Israeli Arabs and Jews who protest against the occupation.

If you ever want to know what the leadership is thinking and feeling you just need to look at events on the ground and you'll see through the deception.

But this racist attitude was openly filtered through to the Israeli defence force during the Gaza war with the Gaza Men, women and children slaughtered on a massive scale. All you had to do was watch the coverage on the news and you'll see something wasn't right with the way the army just bombed the living daylights out of residential areas in a brutal reckless, manner and was cited for this in the Goldstone report.

Judge Goldstone has just recently said the report doesn't accurately report on what happened, but just out of the blue, without giving evidence for these reasons, so one can just imagine the pressure he must have been coming under to be prepared to just throw his reputation away and say what he said without sharing the evidence or sharing it with the other judges that co-authored the report who have refused to retract the report and have continued to back the report!! Israel is guilty of war crimes and can't be allowed to get away with slaughtering the people of Gaza. I don't need a Goldstone report to tell me this, all I needed, was to watch the news coverage of the Gaza war to see how totally unacceptable it was.

The Gaza war was in response to the Kasam rockets from Hamas extremists who many say are bent on Israel's destruction. The oppression of the Palestinians is breeding violent extremism, and America's bias policies with Israel have allowed Israel to get away with its land grabbing and oppressive regimes and is the root cause for Osama Ben Laden's 9/11 and now the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Hamas can however be dealt with when there is a serious peace deal on the table that the Palestinians are willing to accept, Meshaal (Hamas's leader) as recently said he will respect the wishes of a united Palestinian people.

So when Netanyahu says the 1967 lines are indefensible, Israel should have thought about that before they thought they were back in the Wild West and stole the Palestinian land and built flats on it which are illegal under international law, as the land belongs to the Palestinians, and besides this, they were quite able to defend these lines with not even half the military capabilities they had back in '67 verse what they have today, and the cherry on top is they are not prepared to give the same size of their land vs what they took in a peace deal.

And to ice the cake Netanyahu now wants the world to go to war against Iran, when the reason Iran has issues with Israel is because what it is doing to the Palestinians. Iran's leader Ahmedinajad has said publicly if the Palestinians accept a peace deal, they'll accept it also, so it all comes back to Israel, but Israel wants to divert attention away from the roots of the problem to Iran.

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The bottom line is this: Palestinians are willing to accept One State but are going for unilateral state recognition which is a good move because it will see them with real leverage to negotiate for a comprehensive deal and should be supported by the world.

Israel's lack of respect for Arabs and their insecurities are what wants 'Two States for Two peoples' and it's a joke and will never work. The Settlement blocs under a one state won't be a issue, large numbers of Palestinians work in Israel and don't want to have to go through check points in the morning to get to work, and Israel needs the Palestinian water, and East Jerusalem should be shared, and everyone will have equal rights and Palestinian refugees should be allowed to return in line with economic growth and a skills empowerment program.

Two States will just see more fighting as there have been too many infringements and now the only solution is One State, equal rights for everybody like South Africa which saw Nelson Mandela's dream come true and brought a comprehensive deal!

America needs to realize it can't fix all the World's problems and should focus on what its problems are with the Taliban and Al-Qaida; namely its biased policies with Israel and should make a deal with them re it's policies with Israel and end the war with them in Afghanistan, and stop wasting their young American lambs for the slaughter to cozy up to Israel.

It's nothing more that greed and corruption driving the Israeli settlement activity that gets huge amounts of funding from Jewish owned American casino's, the whole settlement activity just stinks of corruption.

The World should bring sanctions against Israel to make them think twice about the direction they are going in and the cheek they have to try and get us to sacrifice our young men and women for another corrupt war against Iran which will be a massive war!


Learn more about Adrian de Villiers by visiting the Website: http://www.lionofjuda.com/

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Charles Jenkins May 30, 2011 5:56 pm (Pacific time)

Keep up the good work, Editor. This is precisely what they do in an effort to silence people from exposing the systematic crimes that have been committed by the state of Israel. Thank goodness that we aren’t all as studied and as bias for we’re more than capable to distinguish wrong from the right. Palestinians will have their way just as the Blacks in South Africa for truth always outlives deception.

Iranian May 30, 2011 12:04 pm (Pacific time)

"Iran's president is a classy guy," I'm deeply offended by that both as a Jew and being Iranian. He is about as classy as any man who condones stonings, believes rape victims deserved it and supports the horrible Islamic Republic which limits everyone's freedom, but especially women's freedom...

Editor: About 90% of what you think you know about the man is not true.  We have known for years that the statement about 'wiping Israel off the map' didn't happen, but at least he has the decency to speak out over Israel's war crimes.  Hell, Iran was attacked by Iraq over US pride, do you know that?  You and the others who fail to distinguish fact from fantasy do no honor to the legacy of the ancient Persian empire.   

Anonymous May 29, 2011 7:58 am (Pacific time)

Some of my very good friends are Jewish and are just as disgusted at what the Nazionists are doing in Israel. This is NOT about a race or religion, but about a nation and what it hides behind to self-sustain. It will come falling down some day. The question is whether one fights for its existence or its annihilation.

Talya May 29, 2011 3:46 am (Pacific time)

Um... last I checked monkey-man Ahmanijad called for the annihilation of Israel and all world Zionists.

 Editor:No he didn't, he simply supported the Palestinians and still does and that is why you guys have a hard on for him.  He calls your shameless leaders out for he war crimes they commit and they lie about his statements.  Everyone in the Middle east knows this except the brainwashed Israelis.

He bombed Jewish centers in Argentina and funds terrorist activities around the world. Sorry to disappoint you but he couldn't give two hoots for the Palestinians. He's using them (as is the rest of the Arab world) as a platform to spew his hatred.

Editor: He doesn't spew hatred, you do.  So does your uncle Bibi.  Iran's president is a classy guy.  You know nothing about real history.  Hasbara 101 just doesn't count Talya. 

It's a pity you're not smart enough to realize that you have also become his little pawn in his senseless and downright boring anti semitic tirade. All you need to do is check what the Israelis have contributed to the world (including this software program you're using) and what the Arabs have contributed (war, 911, etc. etc)... I rest my case.

Editor: We are Jewish and Muslim and Christian and a little of everything else.  Nobody gives a shit what religion anyone follows, it is about war crimes, remember?  Israel is a criminal nation and it will be brought to justice.  I am sorry for the god people there who you do not represent.  

theo May 28, 2011 9:24 pm (Pacific time)

This article is full of lies.

Only one exemple: The proposal of Foreign minister Liberman is that in future negotiations with palestinians, parts of Israel populated with arabs will be transfered to Palestine, so israeli arabs will become citizens of Palestine (anyway they say they are palestinian arabs living in Israel).

So Liberman's proposal is not to take lands and houses from Israeli arabs.

Editor: Right there's no history of that!  Please, give it a rest.  Israel has an extremely well documented history of land and home theft.  Everyone knows, your lies are too late, too little.  This writer is Jewish and lived in S. Africa, have some faith and respect. 

mark May 28, 2011 7:23 pm (Pacific time)

you and these cartoons are nothing but racist dribble. even if there is some truth in it, you destroy it by the extremes you go to.

Editor: Only in your little mind Mark.  Were racism fighters, who the hell are you again? Too bad life is so in your face, good luck finding your way back to your comfort zone, sorry to disappoint you.

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