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Benny & Sid Presents Chapter 12 of the new serialized graphic novel The Hummer

The Truant Officer now available in comic format!

The Hummer #12
By Glen Bledsoe

(Your City, USA) - Ever notice people driving around without license plates? Or grumpy old men not wearing seat belts? Or poorly dressed, overweight white trash women parking in the No Parking Zone?

How is it that they get to decide which laws they have to obey and which ones they can safely ignore and not get caught?

Of course, at times they do get caught, but not often enough for the Tang of Injustice to be rinsed from your mouth because if you should slide even one time in such crimes, you'd be standing in front of a judge trying to explain your lack of attention to life's details.

The Truant Officer now available in ! comic format

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Leonardo (Glen L. Bledsoe), cartoonist, was born and raised in Indiana. He graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago for several years. Glen made his home in Oregon in the early 80's where he continues to enjoy the mild climate and lack of sales tax.

He and his wife Karen have published seventeen books together for the school library market. Glen has written extensively on the issues of technology and education for the National Education Association and other Leonardo (Glen L. Bledsoe) publications. When he is not creating this unique cartoon series, Glen is either teaching, writing a novel, composing music, or reading.

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Osotan; May 22, 2010 7:29 pm (Pacific time)

yeah.,so it goes.

Glen May 21, 2010 10:03 pm (Pacific time)

Osotan, your points are well taken and there's little I can add. These are ideas and observations that we can take to the White House.

On a parallel track somebody in the military pointed out to me that each of the bombs we were dropping in Viet Nam cost about the same as a Chevy Impala. What a better strategy it would have been to drop the cars instead (on parachutes, of course!). Work that through your mind for a while. The reason it didn't happen is because we voted LBJ instead of Kurt Vonnegut. It's warfare as usual instead of a little creative use of the imagination.

Osotan; May 21, 2010 7:47 pm (Pacific time)

Glen,this is probably a Rod Serling coincidence,but I'd almost swear I've seen Hummer's dad somewhere before. Isn't he the author of "No corporations left behind" in the 70's? I also think "Gonna buy you a Chevrolet" by the Climax Blues Band to be an appropriate secondary anthem. It's touting a G.M. product and it's..,America as we knew it from yesteryear.,it brings tears to my eyes to think of a '57 Impala tudor, a 348 w/turbo tri power right off the production line. If that don't make ya want to take out a stick of Wrigly's spearmint and put cuffs in your Levi's and roll up a pack of Chesterfields in your T-shirt sleeve, I don't know what else would.What happened to priorities I ask you? Chinese Chevrolet factories? Outsourcing the fabric of America? I say open a dealership on the moon first and don't say anything to the commies! If we own space,we got the galaxy by the short hairs!!,to coin a phrase. What do you,the readers,the silent throngs.,have to say? Chevvy's on the moon is not such an impossible scene,after all we can actually see the moon from here, we can't see China!In fact I'd like to see Jesse Ventura "mooning" China from the passenger side of that '57 Impala parked at his G.M. dealership in the Sea of Tranquility! The Chinese can stick that in their pipe and smoke it! And.,and why not send all those Edsel's to israel.,a flotilla of freighters plying the Med all the way to Haifa with every Edsel ever produced! I'd call that "industrial karma" They'd call it anti-semetic.,but they'd have to take them because they're free!Beutiful eh? The streets of Jerusalem clogged with Edsels and gridlocked for the next decade! I'm laughin' all the way to the nearest A+W!

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