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Uncensored & Unscripted: Human Rights Activist Ken O'Keefe to Speak in Salem/Portland

“I am first and foremost a lawfully declared world citizen, meaning my ultimate allegiance is to my entire human family and to planet Earth.” ~ Ken O’Keefe

Ken OKeefe
Ken O'Keefe, World Citizen, Human rights activist.

(SALEM, Ore.) - In February, ex-US marine and Gulf War Veteran Ken O’Keefe was detained from boarding an airplane because he opted out of the TSA body scanner, agreeing instead to a physical body search, and was refused. That was the last thing O’Keefe needed, or expected. He travels a lot, and this response was a first.

That day at the Los Angeles airport, attempting to make the last leg of his journey to a speaking engagement in Acapulco, Mexico, he was thrown off track by some employees with much authority and little sense.

“I am not surprised that the Orwellian TSA (Homeland Security) have denied me the ability to board a flight from LAX to Acapulco because I opted out of the body scanner procedure,” he responded to the TSA decision.

But, why did he refuse?

“I refused this as an ex-US Marine who has been given experimental injections and pills during the 1st Gulf War; these experimental drugs being administered without informed consent due to a “waiver” provided by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of the US Government.

Ken O'Keefe

“Many have died from ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ due to these experimental drugs, essentially many have been murdered by the FDA and US Military who ordered American sons and daughters to take experimental drugs.

“I have in the past always opted out of the body scanner and agreed (under duress) to a physical body search, today I once again agreed to this under duress but again was told I must submit to a body scan or be denied the ability to travel/fly. I have refused these terms, which inherently means radiating myself with their dangerous body scanners."

Eventually, O’Keefe was allowed to continue his trip, but not without much difficulty, uncertainty and consternation.

Now, Ken is back in the United States, perhaps for the last time, and he is standing up to the injustice he experienced. If it can happen to O’Keefe, then any of us are at risk.

On behalf of our Constitutional rights, he began the "F*** the USSA/TSA/Homeland Security Tour".

He appeared at the Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA, on Sunday, then spoke in Ashland, Oregon, Tuesday and is headed northward for a few days in the Salem/Portland area before heading east to his next engagement.

Ken O’Keefe will be speaking in Salem on Friday, March 25th, and in Portland on Saturday, March 26th.

Don’t miss Ken O’Keefe as he shares the intriguing journey of his own awakening and how you, as an individual, can positively impact and influence all of humanity, not just for now, but for all future generations.

“I believe the world is what we make of it and that we have as a human duty the obligation of working to hand this world over to our children in a better state to that which we inherited it,” O’Keefe said.

A published author and lecturer who holds Irish, Hawaiian and Palestinian citizenship, Ken O’Keefe believes in non-violent, unhesitating, fully confrontational work for human rights. The ex-US marine and Gulf War Veteran formally renounced his US citizenship in 2001.

His activities to date include founding Human Shield Action to Iraq (2003), serving as a captain on the first Free Gaza Mission (2008), surviving an Israeli attack on the ship Mavi Marmara (2010) and becoming Social Enterprise Managing Director of Aloha Palestine CIC and the Samouni Project.

O’Keefe’s style of activism is exemplified by his involvement in peacefully disarming two Israeli commandos on the Mavi Marmara, even as nine of his fellow passengers were executed.

Soon after the tragic events that took place in International waters in the wee hours of that morning, in May 2010, the Israeli military falsely claimed O’Keefe was a "terrorist operative of Hamas".

An outspoken opponent of human rights violations, he has stood against all means of oppressing men, women and children at the mercy of misplaced authority, corrupt bureaucracy, and man made hatefulness.

O’Keefe has repeatedly stated that Israeli Mossad and its assets, along with traitorous elements within the US, are directly responsible for the ‘false flag’ 9/11 attacks, and is unwavered in his beliefs.

“F*** the traitors in all areas of American society. The US Constitution is the only answer for Americans,” Ken O’Keefe says loud and clear.

These speaking events are FREE to attend, with a suggested donation. A fundraising dinner will start at 4:30pm prior to Ken's presentation which begins at 6:00pm.

The delicious Vegetarian meal is provided by local restaurants. All donations ($20 suggested) go to defray the travel expenses. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Friday’s event will be held at Quaker Friends Meeting House at 490 19th St. in Salem, OR 97301; he will be speaking in Portland on Saturday, March 26th at 4:30 PM - 9 PM, at Flossin Media located at 311 N. Ivy, Portland, Oregon 97227.

In 2010, hosted a speaking tour with Ken O'Keefe. Two weeks on the road with Ken O'Keefe, his mother, Pat Johnson, and Eileen Fleming throughout Oregon and Washington was an irreplaceable experience. It was life-changing, in fact.

Be inspired. Grab a friend and take this chance to spend a little time with Ken O'Keefe. You'll be glad you did.

TJP (Truth-Justice-Peace)


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Me February 28, 2017 4:02 pm (Pacific time)

You are one of the few REAL men amongst men Ken, may you stay strong and live long, we need more Ken O'Keefes in this world ....

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