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Facebook or Hatebook?
Social Network Used as a Call for Violence in Israel

Extremists use Facebook to call for violence against a restaurant owner who doesn't serve customers in uniform.

Israeli Defense Force soldiers by Dexter Phoenix
Photos of Israeli Defense Force soldiers by Dexter Phoenix To learn how to purchase images, write to:

(HAIFA / SALEM ) - I told you a few days ago about the Palestinian owner of a cafe-restaurant in Haifa, who was at the center of an international debate over a policy of not serving uniformed soldiers or police[1].

In the beginning the Haifa Police specifically said that this cafe had a right to enforce a dress code, noting that the 20-year old Israeli soldier who complained about the established policy, was welcome to return in civilian attire.

Now Israelis are calling for death against the owner and demolition of the business; it is a shameful event but another clear reminder of the calls for blood that emanate from Israel any time its pride is bruised.

Mobs of right wing militaristic Israelis are calling for a protest on Monday, and they are using Facebook as a hate platform.

This particular cafe owner wanted an atmosphere of peace in his cafe. Now the Mayor of Haifa has issued an order to close this popular restaurant. That 20-year-old soldier went in and was told that if he changed out of military garb he could come back.

Instead of honoring the dress code, he started an international incident.

The restaurant owner was told they will kill his family and bulldoze his family's house in retribution for his "disrespect", which he says was never the case. His 'no uniform' rule did not apply exclusively to Israeli soldiers and it was explicitly so stated.

Facebook is a two-faced devil, it seems. This "conservative" version of MySpace is allowing people who support the restaurant to have a voice: for Azad's. Joining this group adds support to the effort to help ward off the threats of violence.

But another Facebook site is being used by the Israelis to call for, and to organize violence against Azad's. It should totally be stopped[2].

The Israeli users either modified the code for reporting crime on Facebook, or Facebook just leaves it there so the people who use it are always assured it is an option. I tried it with both Firefox and Explorer.

It is a fact that Israeli Defense Forces are exerting extreme pressure on all peace related demonstrations and actions. This is the latest situation where Israelis are almost instantly encouraging mob-like illegal, violent acts against a successful Palestinian business.

Photos by Dexter Phoenix, to purchase images from his worldwide collection of
images, write to:

Busted in Translation

How do I know? Simple Hebrew to English translation that is widely available online. I truly don't think these Facebook users from Israel even considered that their words of hate could easily be translated to English.

Some people think they're so smart, they believe they can speak of their wishes to kill people and see them burn to death simply because they didn't want gun toting uniformed soldiers in their restaurant.

I've eaten many meals with M-16's laying around all over and it does not whet the appetite, unless maybe you're Ted Nugent.

Nobody has mentioned yet how dirty these soldiers sometimes are from operations.

This is true for all soldiers in any military, but the IDF is known for wearing ratty uniforms that the U.S. Marine Corps would court martial someone for wearing on the first day.

I mean really bad, embarrassing examples for any servicemember. No wonder they have no discipline in so many cases, and no wonder so many find it easy to be abusive.

Of course Israel is an extremely paranoid country that makes every single person join the military. A few brave individuals have refused in recent years; we have written about them. They represent the all-too-silent voice of the great Israeli people who do not believe in the policies that lead to so much oppression and bloodshed[3].

One prime hatemonger on the site, ironically, is Kobi Salem. He said, "guys give me an address and I come home if the fans see to destroy the place. Trust us .."

This call for violence was followed by one from Tomer Ben David, who said, "...violence, but it's the only way they understand ... Hate them and all the leftists who do not understand that there is no other way."

Unreported Abuse

Facebook has apparently blocked the possibility for an individual to report these calls for violence on the Israeli Facebook page designed to drive hatred for the owner of Azad, and all Palestinians in general. This society for the most part, appears unable to resist.

It's funny, Facebook flags people for talking about legal medical marijuana, and now we know it is used to fuel Israel's hatred of the Palestinian people.

Yuli Na writes on Facebook,"...and if our soldiers want to eat in uniform dont u dare say anything about it, if you do not want to see us go to Gaza and put next to you You may live as a country and see how long will u last without food, water and electricity because we wont agree to provide u that anymore."

He is talking about waging deadly starvation for the people of Gaza, over the uniform policy of a restaurant in Haifa. Just think about that for a moment. This is extreme behavior. They again, probably did not intend for these statements to be published in English.

Idan Plonsky stated, "no use to burn the restaurant. It's best to claim a personal claim the owners of the restaurant and the waiters. I suggest all owners of uniforms (even too much B), a restaurant with a mobile phone to record it all, and photograph the fact that you put. If you put, you can order water. If you do not bring you, just to claim discrimination. People have sued for discrimination in the past, and received tens of thousands ... and thousands of shekels."

Imagine that, Israelis thinking about how to make money from it too.

Hope Exists

One refreshing perspective from an Israeli soldier, came from Aviv Klain. He was clearly disappointed in the Facebook group's reactions to the situation involving the Palestinian restaurant owner.

He says he is not a "leftist", nor is he "against the occupation". He volunteered to serve with the Israeli Defense Forces, but hates to see the ugly side of his people expressed this way.

"Racism, hatred ... Free, violence, strident nationalism are indications of a sick patient. Take a few moments to think about what you say and how you say it."

He continued, "Again I repeat - what happened (at) Azad makes me disgusted as a man, a Jew and (the) soldier's outrageous, disgusting and immoral in every way."

Counter-protests are being planned, contact the Israeli Embassy in your country and ask them if they will intervene and stop this madness.

[1] Feb-27-2010: Palestinian Cafe Owner Faces Closure and Death Threats for 'No Uniform' PolicyTim King

[2] Facebook page against Azad Cafe/Restaurant

[3] Sep-22-2009: Israeli Women Serving Prison Time for Refusal to Join IDF - Tim King

Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as's Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines. Tim holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Serving the community in very real terms, is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. You can send Tim an email at this address:

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Idan May 24, 2010 10:31 am (Pacific time)

Hi Tim,

There are 2 things that keep on bothering me when reading your post.

The first is the fact that you call the restaurant owner Palestinian, and not Israeli. This guy lives in Haifa. The restaurant is in Haifa. Go to any map, Haifa is not part of the occupied territories. It is part of Israel according to any national law.
He is Palestinian (which by the way does not exists yet), and not Israeli, just like you are Palestinian and not American.

You are saying the Palestinian can have laws on their own. It is fine when and if they will ever have a state. Currently they are not willing to have one in the occupied territories (or they would have got one already).
In any case, taking control of a public place, and calling it your restaurant, is not allowed in Israel. I don’t think it is allowed anywhere. Not even in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I know that you said that your friend’s friend is a nice person, but the truth is that he is simply an outlaw. This is not because he is an Arab, it is because he just broke the law.
By the way, last week, the Haifa municipality evacuated another flower shop in Haifa. This time you didn’t report it, because it was a Jew running the shop…well…apparently the laws are working for both directions…

It is also bothers you that Israel is well militarized (you claim that it is the most militarized nation in the world…it is not true of course, but it is not important). The reason that every Israeli man and woman has to serve by law is the fact that our neighbors are not Switzerland nor Mexico.
When you live in a country where missiles are constantly fired from the Gaza strip (where there’s not even a single Israeli soldier by the way) to civilian cities in the south, you decide what to do.

Thank you for posting my last comment, I hope you will post this one as well,

Tim King: Idan,  the restaurant is owned by a friend of a friend, that is why I covered that story.  The only other thing I have published recently about Haifa was a series of photos of the city under attack.  In that event we show tragic photos of an Israeli whose home has been under attack.  As far as calling the restaurant owner Israeli, did you ever hear of the movie 'Roots' about American slavery?  There is a scene where the African is told over and over that his new name is 'Toby' instead of his African name, Kunta Kinte.  They beat him and thrash him and whip him but he will not buckle under the barbaric treatment, from his so-called 'civilized' captors.  I don't care one way or another what religion a person, I just know that the Palestinian culture lost out big over the last 60 years, and continues to.  So what do you call the guard towers that overlook Gaza, staffed by IDF?  The thing here Idan is that you are bothered because you know something isn't right.  You also know that this story was not written because the people were of a particular faith and background.  More than anything it bothers me that the young soldier did't have respect for the restaurant's rules.  I doubt he is anyone who will ever do anything meaningful in this life except throw his weight around.  Thanks for writing, you can always email me at .  

Idan May 16, 2010 1:35 pm (Pacific time)

Hi Tim,

Thank you for quoting me. Just for the record, a better English translation for what I said would be “There’s no use of burning the restaurant. The best thing is to sue this guy for discrimination. Everyone with uniforms can enter the restaurant together with his mobile which can record everything, and ask for a glass of water. If he is refused, then he should sue for discrimination, and make the restaurant owner pay”
You then suggested that I’m thinking about making money. Trust me on this one : I’m not thinking about gaining money, but making the restaurant owner lose money.

Regarding the dress code : the thing that I annoys me the most with all of these people is the fact that they are hiding behind human rights laws, while women can’t even drive in some Muslim countries. This is a great irony, and the fact that people like you bought it, worth all the admiration in the world. They are enjoying the Israeli democracy, but when they have to follow rules, they won’t.

Regarding the Haifa mayor issued a warrant to close this restaurant because the structure was illegal. I know that it is hard to believe, but in Israel there are rules. If you build walls on the street and declare that this is your restaurant, then you will get a closing warrant. This by the way true for both arabs and jews.

One last thing : there a lot of good citizens among the Israeli arabs. I have several arab friends who I truly love. This group is much better than most Jews. However, in here this is not the case.


Hi Idan, sorry for misquoting you, this is a gray area for me and I should be careful and consult with Hebrew speakers before relying on the electronic translators.  Having said that, I appreciate part of what you said, but the restaurant owner is a friend of a friend and I have heard repeatedly that he is an extremely kind person, that the restaurant was very popular with all.  I think I am right in stating that the soldier entered the building, became angry with a rule, (yes Palestinians are allowed to have a couple of their own aren't they?) You cite the fact that Israel has rules, the problem is that is has separate rules for Palestinians and don't even try to contradict that, because we have published ample material about it.   This incident made Israel look bullyish, and it causes me to understand that the problems in the IDF are mostly tied to the total immersion factor.  I mean, Israel is the most militarized nation in the world lsn't it?  Every single person is forced to serve, when in reality only a fraction of those who do are qualified to.  So you have the sons of very wealthy families and they are going to have their way, aren't they?  I'm glad you have Palestinian friends, I hope you honor those friendships by getting a better understanding of what happened in this case.  Thanks for writing,

Tim King 

STOP THE INSANITY March 6, 2010 4:37 pm (Pacific time)

this is to Assaf: It appears that you have a problem with REAL media. I'm sorry to say that you too have been a victim of zionist controlled media with messages molded straight out of PR firms on Madison Ave. When you come out of your stupor, open your eyes and LOOK at what is really happening around you. Be forewarned though, because you may be quite frightened. and for the record, Israeli's do NOT have the right to call for violence, spread hatred or to call for the violation of another's human rights. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO THAT. Inalienable rights to free speech? Free Speech does not give one the right to CREATE VIOLENCE.

STOP THE INSANITY March 6, 2010 4:31 pm (Pacific time)

the difference between america and Israel is that Israel has been Occupying the West Bank. The Arabs are just tired of all the militaristic atmosphere and force. It is not the same here as it is there. We are not under military rule (yet...and i hope it never comes to that). If it ever happens here, I am quite sure that you would feel the same as that business owner. Furthermore, having military personnel around with or without guns, does NOT give one the feeling of SECURITY. It gives the EXACT OPPOSITE and incites FEAR.

Amanda March 6, 2010 1:55 pm (Pacific time)

Gee folks, maybe the so-called "Holy Land" was not meant for Jews and Arabs to live in harmony, it definitely was a bad "political" decision to give the European Jews a Homeland on foreign soil.

Dexter March 5, 2010 2:29 pm (Pacific time)

This reminds me of being in Tel Aviv. Close to the arab quarter on the other side of the beach, a Lebanese restaurant was fire bombed because of the on going war between is Israel and Lebanon a few years back. Then there was that cozy little Lebanon deli/restaurant close to the beach in central Tel Aviv, positioned on one of the main roads that took you directly down to the beach. Myself and other Journalists use to sit out side in the warm evening eating there great food, absorbing there friendly calm hospitality. I found these people none bias towards anyone, nor did I hear anti Israeli talk while they were there, even though they had every right to do so.

All I heard from talking to them, was the death threats that they had, and the fear of being ether murdered or burnt down. They also mentioned that the police had no interest in protecting them. Now to me that sounds very odd, and racially wrong.

Do you see Arab businesses get destroyed because of the ongoing strife with other countries?, did you see any irish bars or restaurants being burned down?, how about Ethiopian restaurants?, Arab restaurants?, French?, Italian, Spanish?, German?, Russian?, South American? Vietnamese?,.. the list goes on regardless of this particular subject.

It sounds like some of these Israelis are just stomping their feet like spoilt little brats!. As for you Assaf, what is it with surrogating yourself from the rest of the world, not enabling to integrate with other races, no matter what part of the world you lot decide to reside on. Instead you decide to create your own "Jewish ONLY!" schools, colleges, universities, Schools, even having your own little areas that let off a vibe of a "no go area for others". If you lot stop behaving like a bunch of over zealous power hungry masons, that see any non Jew as an enemy of the state, then people all over the world will look upon you with disdained trust!.

I have been all over the world, and apart from some hardcore Muslim factions, EVERYONE has managed to make an effort in getting along with everyone, REGARDLESS what religious back ground that you have equated from.

Julie March 5, 2010 8:32 am (Pacific time)

"We have the right to refuse service" is hanging on every restaurant wall in America. Why should this cafe serve those that specifically go against their dress code? Nobody takes issue with "Ties Mandatory" at high-level restaurants, and they'd never let you in without one. Is that discrimination? Just because you're in a uniform doesn't give you privileges above all others. Well, maybe in Israel that is true. They should be embarrassed as a country.

MAH March 5, 2010 6:35 am (Pacific time)

Mr King You are being a bit too defensive. In no way were my remarks personal. My comments are quite clear. When it comes to hate speech the Palestinians always take the gold. Every day in Palestinian media, school curricula and even preached from the pulpit is every manner of bigotry, racism and hate. 'We'll finish what Hitler started!' and the Hamas kindergarten ditty, 'Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas!' are heard with regularity. I am by no means a blind supporter of Israel, to be sure. That said, I would attach far greater credibility and gravitas to your words and position if you were equally enthusiastic about condemning Palestinian hate with equal vigor. You are an eloquent spokesman with a pulpit. You ought to use it a platform to demand the best from all parties concerned. Until you do, you will be whistling in the wind as far as a majority of Americans are concerned.

Tim King: You want to know what I think of the Mullahs poisoning the minds of those youth?  I think it is a vicious tragedy.  I think it is despicable, and I have had so many Islamic friends that tell me the hardcore 'Muslims' aren't even part of their faith.  This was my discovery of Islamic people while covering the war in Afghanistan over the winter of 2006/2007.  I hate the Taliban, I've covered combat operations against them.  I hate the idiots who abuse women and girls, they are terrible and there is little if anything good to say about them.   Fortunately, that is not your average Afghan by any means.   The bottom line is that we all needed to get into Afghanistan after they defeated the Soviet Union, but we let it go to the warlords.  Israel, Pakistan and the U.S. all worked together then for the greater good.  Back to what you said, hate is hate.  It sadly is not a one way street, and the history with the formation of Israel and the ousting of the Palestinians I believe, is at the root of our problems in the world,  If somehow a way exists to establish peace there, then anything is possible.  The things in the way are religion, nationalism, past death, memory, greed and ego.  I see the Muslims as the Native Americans in the battle and Israel as the American Cavalry.  There were good on all sides, but one group was there to oust the other.  Today in America we have learned to really love and appreciate the American Indian, and what we did to them, though everybody can't, most people can. 

And for the record, any person in the U.S. who degrades the Native American, is a bigot.  So overall, I have no use for any religious extremist groups, whatever name or label one places on it.  Religion should only be a tool to aid humanity, not one that offers a real estate deed.    

MAH March 5, 2010 3:34 am (Pacific time)

Mr King's righteous indignation is laughable. Does he really want to get into the offensive hate speech competition between the Israelis and Palestinian populations?  Does he really want to go there?

Tim King: What kind of a veiled threat is that?  Do you want to do there?  How much time do you have?  Why can't the answer just be to give peace a chance?

Assaf March 5, 2010 1:30 am (Pacific time)

Dude, WHERE are you 'reporting' from? "Mobs or right wing Israeli militarists"? You must be joking.  I am a Hebrew speaker, and this group explicitly calls to boycott this restaurant, because Uniform-wearing Israelis, namely, police officers, soldiers and medics, all serve the public and should be free from discrimination and humiliation based on their attire and receive service as the rest of the public. I believe refusing service to people wearing uniform would be found unconstitutional in American courts and this restaurant would be guilty of violating several federal laws. I am sure once this issue is litigated in the Israeli courts the owners of this restaurant will pay the banned soldier enough money to shut their place down, and rightfully so. These comments that you "quoted" are indeed angered and express agressive opinions, none of which are illegal, albeit unpleasant to read. Free speech works both ways. Just as you are allowed to have a 'blog' and conjure nonsense about 'militant Israeli mob', Israelis are right to go online and express their anger and outrage, and justifiably so. In doing so, as one would have in a free society, they are protected by an inalienable right to free speech, and know that they will suffer no harm or fear of persecution as a result of their words. This, of course, again, goes both ways, which is why my comment will continue to embellish this article, and this article will continue to vex the common sense of reasonable people who.You pathetic attempt to appear academic in this fallacious article is insulting to human intelligence, and I encourage you not to embarrass yourself further, and simply remove it, unless you enjoy your bad writing and lack of professionalism to be here for all to see.  Best wishes.

Tim King: I guess when you fight for oppression of people and racism, there are no bounds, is that it?  You see, you are ignoring the fact that this place has been open for a long time, it has an aura of peace and he didn't allow people in uniforms in, but you Israeli's think that if you want something you basically just get it right?  One snively little brat started this and all of you have to follow like sheep, instead of having the courage to criticize the jerk that started that. Oh but you wouldn't put down an Israeli for any reason, because there is no fairness for anyone there of the 'wrong' religion, is there?  NONE and it makes people sick.  Leave this guy ALONE why don't you?  How about minding your own business and get off your military high horse.  Your military is a force of oppression!  How dare any of you use that uniform to murder and then demand that you should be allowed to bang your little fists and get your way, SICKENING!  Best wishes to you too 

Jeff Z March 4, 2010 11:32 pm (Pacific time)

How would Tim king as a former military member feel if a local restaurant in Salem,OR refused service to him because of his wanting to wear his uniform in that establishment. The owner of the establishment was wrong; however, this does not excuse the abusive and hateful response to his actions. I presume that in the USA we would put up a picket line in front of the place, write letters and op-eds and find other means of peaceful demonstration and rebuke. Dress codes create a sense of decorum in an establishment. However, to discriminate against any group for wearing a legitimate uniform of their profession is akin to racial discrimination. Your uniform represents who you are, just the same way that a bigot might look at a persons skin or what they are wearing to discriminate. In an establishment one has the right to require proper clothing that all are required to wear; i.e. a tie for men or a jacket. I always wondered based on the sign: shirts and shoes required, what would happen if one entered without pants or a skirt. Anyway, a lot of people are wrong in this instance.

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