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Jun-27-2010 23:04printcomments

FEMA Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Area In Place?

FEMA has plans for the evacuation of the Tampa Bay area, according to the Hernando County Political Buzz Examiner.

Calm before the storm?  Some experts say Florida could be in trouble as a result of problems related to the Gulf of Mexico.
Calm before the storm? Some experts say Florida could be in trouble as a result of problems related to the Gulf of Mexico. Courtesy:

(TAMPA, Fla.) - FEMA has plans to evacuate the Tampa Bay area in the event of a controlled burn of surface oil in the Gulf of Mexico, or if wind or other conditions are expected to take toxic fumes through Tampa Bay, according to a report by Maryann Tobin in the Hernando County Political Buzz Examiner.  Tobin has been a freelance writer for more than twenty years, writing for local publications in New York and Florida. 

Maryann Tobin’s news story has generated high reader interest.  It’s obvious that the Gulf oil spill continues to be the leading story in the media as long as the oil well remains uncapped and the threat of exposure to environmental hazards like benezene exists.

For Maryann Tobin’s news story  on the FEMA plan to evacuate Tampa, see:  Florida Gulf oil spill: Plans to evacuate Tampa Bay area are in place -

Maryann Tobin has been following the BP oil spill with a series of short, hard hitting news stories for weeks.  Click on this link for access to some of  Tobin’s news stories on the Gulf spill:  Search Results for "mary ann tobin gulf oil" -

My guess if forced to, FEMA may use their hurricane evacuation plan for Tampa. Tobin reported that, “plans would be announced in the event of a controlled burn of surface oil in the Gulf of Mexico, or if wind or other conditions are expected to take toxic fumes through Tampa Bay.”

If you’re a conspiracy advocate and I’m not, you may see some devious FEMA plot to do away with people.  In fact, if the crude oil nears Tampa Bay and burn off is used on the oil spill, there may be health risk of inhalation exposure to inhabitants.  It follows that evacuation as in the case of a hurricane is a logical alternative.

An informed source told us on June 25th that there were reports of the smell of oil in the Tampa Bay area.  Real or imaginations running wild?

Joel Achenback, Washington Post staff writer, in an article of June 23rd entitled “Each Day Another Way to Define Worst-Case for Oil Spill,” reported that Matt Simmons, founder of Simmons and Co., an oil investment firm and “and since the April 20 blowout, the unflagging source of end-of-the-world predictions. “Can you imagine evacuating 20 million people? . . . This story is 80 times worse than I thought.”

The only thing for sure is that this story is not going away as long as the well  is unplugged and the crude oil continues to spread into the Gulf.

Chemicals in crude oil and dispersants can cause a wide range of health effects in people and wildlife, depending on the level of exposure and susceptibility.  Crude oil has many highly toxic chemical ingredients that can damage every system in the body.  Dispersant chemicals can affect many of the same organs.  For more information on this, see: Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards -

The email contact for Maryann Tobin is

Bob O’Dowd is a former U.S. Marine with thirty years of experience on the east coast as an auditor, accountant, and financial manager with the Federal government. Originally from Pennsylvania, he enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 19, served in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Marine Aircraft Wings in 52 months of active duty in the 1960s. This subject is where Bob intersected with Bob served in the exact same Marine Aviation Squadron that Salem-News founder Tim King served in, twenty years earlier. With their combined on-site knowledge and research ability, Bob and Tim and a handful of other ex-Marines, have put the contamination of MCAS El Toro on the map. El Toro, a Superfund site, was closed in ’99, and most of the former base sold by the Navy at a public auction in ’05. The base is highly contaminated with organic solvents like trichloroethelyne (TCE) and other chemicals of concern. No veteran, dependent or civilian employee was informed of their possible exposure to toxic chemicals and their health effects. You can email Bob O’Dowd, Environmental and Military Reporter, at this address: You can email Bob O’Dowd, Environmental and Military Reporter, at this address:

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dihydrogen monoxide July 4, 2010 10:03 pm (Pacific time)

from what i can tell there is one more supper spill/leak that is far greater in size 6 miles out from the bp sight i have yet to cornfirm it how ever planing for an event like this is proof they are likely going to implement it as such an event has never been even concived as remotely posable before if they are making a plan then they are going to use it fema has plans for earthquakes in calaforna drought and tornados in the mid west but an oil spill that threatens the entires worlds ocean is not on that list most people have a plan if their car breaks down in many places call a tow truck how many people have plans if a nuclear bomb is dropped on their city if you survive the event any thing you could think of to survive is likely what you will do fema is in the same type of sitution they never had a plan for an event that would change the balance of power and most likely even the world map so what ever they are planing is what they will do it is not a what if but a when

BOB June 30, 2010 6:02 pm (Pacific time)


BOB June 30, 2010 6:01 pm (Pacific time)


David June 30, 2010 5:08 am (Pacific time)

This sort of speculative sensationalism is not journalism. Maryann Tobin's story cites a contingency plan by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which also has contingency plans for evacuations in the event of hurricanes or other disasters. FEMA is a government agency, yet Tobin fails to cite information from another government agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA has recently suspended its trajectory forecasts of surface oil in the Gulf, citing the absence of recent observations confirming significant amounts of oil in offshore areas, and the large separation between the loop current complex and the oil slick. Additionally, NASDAQ stock market reports state that shipping restrictions in the Gulf have eased greatly as concerns over the spill have diminished. I emailed Ms. Tobin and asked why she didn't publicize the statement by NOAA. She replied that she couldn't "comfortably" report this information because of the large amount of oil still pouring into the Gulf. It appears from the NOAA and NASDAQ's statements that the various efforts to contain the spilled oil are succeeding. Yet this goes unreported and the public is terrorized because of lopsided fear-mongering over things which may never occur such as evacuation of a city due to burn-off of oil.

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