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The Bigot on Comedy Central: Jon Stewart
and the Crucifixion of Helen Thomas

He's no friend of veteran journalists, or the Palestinian people.

Jon Stewart the Zionist and Palestinian Genocide
Jon Stewart is so used to the good life that he wouldn't know a victim if he saw one, but then he doesn't need to see them to know if they are legitimate victims, he only needs to know that they are of his own religion; that they are Jewish. Arabs apparently don't count, what a bigot!

(SALEM, Ore.) - There is a reason Jon Stewart has such an intact comedy news throne. He's well educated, always current, a sharp wit; he's funny, and he's the right religion. In my mind's eye, Stewart's face keeps blurring with Ted Nugent's, and those of other heroes who have eventually shown their real colors. The reason is simple: these are the pop culture sellouts.

"Never Forget"
stands for the rights of Palestinians
and all the world's oppressed people

I couldn't care less what religion he or anyone else is, until it starts getting in the way of the human race, which it did in last night's program where he rips into veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas.

No, I did not include the clip, that's on the Daily Show site, though I did include some video to illustrate why blind support of Israel's systematic elimination of the Palestinian people is a goal that only brings great reprisal and retaliation.

It takes comedy down a dreary road in my opinion, when people like Stewart speak in terms so ignorantly offensive to Palestinians, journalists, and all people with half a brain in on-air jobs, who have some control over their final script. But all comedy aside, Stewart is heartless for attacking nine generations of American journalism and history, a person who knew Presidents when Stewart was still a baby playing in his poop.

Helen Thomas, the only real voice in her league with the guts and fortitude to tell the truth about what Israel has become; a cruel gatekeeper for a whole population that owned the land Israel now comprises, only 60 years ago.

Jon Stewart obviously believes the line about the "Chosen People who can kill and pillage in the name of God" or however their exact spin on it goes, I suppose it depends on the year, and region.

Israel's military operates like the Nazi's who oppressed them in the 1930's and 1940's and while it isn't socially acceptable to talk about it, it is still being increasingly discussed. The people of Gaza are sniped from Israeli towers, farmers are shot down in their fields[1].

Families are slaughtered by Israel's military while having picnics on the beach[2].

Jon Stewart is cool with that, it creeps me out.

For Those Who Don't Believe Israel Shoots Innocent Farmers

The Noble Deeds of Israel's Military

Artwork by the amazing Carlos Latuff, friend of located in Rio de Janeiro.
To see more of his work, visit: Latuff Gallery

I have heard Jon Stewart go on about "Iran's nukes" when in fact there is not a shred of evidence that there is any plan there for nuclear weapons; it is against their philosophy and I defy any reader to show me a passage where Iran talks about wanting or planning to have nuclear arms.

But Israel has hundreds, and every stinking one is illegal. They refuse to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty; illegal and dangerous, that's what Israel is.

So after 60 years, it is still OK, with Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, to act like the tragic plight of the Palestinian people is just fine, perfectly OK.

Then he has the lack of class to go on and on and on about racism.

He's Jewish, so as long as he leaves Arabs out, he's meeting personal goals, and Israeli goals.

He's obviously personally pissed that Helen Thomas had the guts to tell a rabbi who asked her thoughts on Israel, "Tell them to get the Hell out of Palestine" - that is what Helen Thomas said.

This rabbi himself dresses up with his black hat and does a comedy act where he imitates a Mexican person, it is foul and repulsive, so bad I won't even add the YouTube clip, you can find it easily I'm sure, it is really lame.

No reference to that offensive racism on the Daily Show. I'm considering pulling one of their own tricks on them and simply counting how many times he says 'racist' and 'racism' in the Helen Thomas piece, the little tool.

Stewart said in regard to the statement, "I'm sure once Ms. Thomas saw that her comments might be misinterpreted by the people at Jewish heritage festivity day, where she made them, she explained what they should do."

He misses the fact that she took had the confidence to trust the little racist rabbi; she was telling him the truth, with regard to how she sees it, from an inside perspective in the White House dating back to the earliest years of broadcasting.

Maybe she has a point Jon Stewart, but then you are 'cool' with Israeli oppression and the murder of little kids, ooops, I meant "Israel's right to defend itself", and the slaughter in Gaza, oh there I go again, "Operation Cast Lead" (somehow that doesn't sound much better). Then of course it is no big deal to you that Israel uses weapons that are expressly illegal under the Geneva Convention. Jon Stewart is one of the smartest guys around, he has to know, why would he choose to ridicule an American hero for speaking out?

who have to be escorted to school to escape daily violence from 'settlers' intent in harming them. Groups like the Christian Peacemakers Team literally has to escort the kids past the radical Jews to simply keep them safe.

Oh wait, that's right, they are 'defending themselves' as they attack little boys and girls in the streets, I almost forgot that Steward isn't cool, after all I always thought he was, but all good things run their course.

We reported recently that the settlers are now organizing terror cells, to train in techniques that allow them to more effectively kill Palestinians, and if you actually read the story, and look at the images, you will see little Israeli kids being trained to be terrorists against the indigenous population that these entitlement babies have to steal from[3].

Oh, and if a settler squats in one of these 'settlement' homes for ten years, he gets it for free. What a deal, the Islamic crazies get 72 virgins, (that is mostly BS by the way, very limited philosophy, heavily used by groups like FOX News and the White House, but not necessarily true), and the Zionists get a free house, a little home of oppression that they can call their own.

Israeli settlers bent on harassing Palestinians look similar
in an odd way, to LA gang members; and in a similar way they
move in packs, never fighting alone, with no regard for women
or children in casting their violence. They are the scourge of
Israel's religious lunatic fringe

Stewart's reply to Helen Thomas' statement about how Israelis should give the country back to the Palestinians, "to Poland, and Germany, the United States and everywhere else", was predictable, and mostly only understood by fellow Jews...

"That's too bad actually, they said they are going to get her seat, Elijah." (Laughter)

Stewart: "You know that joke killed when she told it to Moses... boom!"

Yeah, all of the New York pizazz and a loud 'boom' from the little IDF soldier Stewart to make sure lots of people clap. Not like they don't have a person holding a "clap now" sign, you know they do.

Then he said, "Why did the Jews ever leave Germany and Poland?"

Which is a total implication that it is 'dangerous' for Jewish people to live in Germany today, and not one Jewish or German friend in recent years has tried to push that story. There are neo-Nazi's in the back alleys and all, but you get your ass kicked in Germany for displaying a swastika; it isn't considered cool at all, and it isn't like there aren't always plenty of Israelis in Germany on any given day.

He compared her to a racist manifestation of the Sesame Street character, Elmo. Must've had the writers on overtime for that one, eh Jon?

Here is the clip that is potentially world changing, which received
little fanfare, next to the comment about Israel's occupation of Palestine.

What I could do is show pictures of little children intentionally attacked by the Israeli military during their winter siege on Gaza, 2008/2009.

Schools were targeted, hospitals were targeted. I will never relinquish an inch in this area, I only regret not being in Palestine right now to aid our brothers and sisters who are starving and under constant daily threat from Israeli 'settlers' - friends of Stewart's who are all religious fanatical Zionists intent on clearing all Palestinians from the land, in the name of God of course[4].

Yeah right, what a line of sh*t that is, no decent God would ever have instructed Israel to become the ugly evil tyrant that once went after the Jewish population.

Any real hope for a peaceful solution seems far away, though the recent murders of unarmed peace activists aboard the Mavi Marmara in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla are bringing about an end to the blockade, along with the efforts of Egypt and Turkey[5].

Israel went too far and definitely lost some of their grip, thank goodness for that.

Neighboring Muslim countries have been looking the other way for a long time, better and easier for them to do whatever Israel wants, their people are safer that way.

US citizen Emily Henochowicz was shot directly in the face with
a tear gas canister as she demonstrated against the Flotilla massacre

Hey Stewart, what about Emily? Do you know who I'm talking about? Right, the Jewish American art student from New York who lost an eye last week when one of your cousins over in Israel shot her at point blank range with a tear gas gun. She didn't die, thank God, but she lost an eye and was really hurt badly[6].

Cool with you Jon Stewart?

No mention of her in the Helen Thomas piece, why not?

Some Jewish people, like Emily, are the best people in the world, like Muslims, and Christians, and Buddhists, but you don't have some damned right to stand in judgment of someone like Helen Thomas, you're totally a punk next to her and you will never be her, because you chose to be a jokemaker instead of a serious journalist, whatever.

Israeli people write every day in comments and to my email address, asking why I don't tell the other side of the story. My immediate answer is that there is only one truth; one group is suffering and one group is benefiting, and that group is clearly Israel.

But what is Israel? There is no easy answer, the best one is that it is not Israel, it is Palestine.

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    Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as's Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines.

    Tim holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Serving the community in very real terms, is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. You can send Tim an email at this address:

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    Ferd September 29, 2010 7:32 pm (Pacific time)

    of course there will be paid shills, trolls and disinfo agents in every article where israel and its shills are lambasted. it's a thrill to read this kind of article. israel is a contrivance and it's there to propagate the interests of the rothschild and their ineterests are not always the interests of mankind. in fact, satan's interests are congruent to the rothschild's. i don't recognize israel because it is an illegal entity and the UN illegally recognized it being a state flagrantly stolen from its real owners, the Palestinians. no one believes that chosen people shit not even the majority of learned jews. israel is there first and foremost to start the third world war and it will be destroyed on that war. those people living in stolen land will get what's coming to them by their own stupidity and ignorance and no one will shed a tear for these squatters when they're annihilated.

    Rix September 29, 2010 2:55 pm (Pacific time)

    To Vick from July 14, 2010 - "So Helen Thomas is entitled to her opinion but Jon Stewart is not?" In fact, Helen Thomas was NOT treated as though she were entitled to her opinion. From what I understand, her long and honorable career was defamed and ruined due to her expression of her opinion. When that happens to Jon Stewart, then the expressions are equal. Otherwise, it would take the resurrection of Helen's career to equalize the entitlement issue here. It's simple. If I'm harmed for holding my opinion, then I am not entitled to it. "Entitled" means "having a right to". If I am punished for exercising my right or entitlement, then I have had that right or entitlement taken away from me. I have lost the right or entitlement by some force greater than me. That's exactly what has happened to Helen Thomas. So, sadly, Jon Stewart apparently has more rights than Helen Thomas. How's THAT for equality?

    Ken F September 29, 2010 2:19 pm (Pacific time)

    One point: If Israel hasn't signed the treaty its nukes cannot be illegal. Also they've never confirmed or denied the existence of any Israeli nuclear weapons so stating categorically they own them is as misleading as Stewart doing so to Iran.

    IH8zionists September 29, 2010 1:09 pm (Pacific time)

    I hate that f--ing Zionist Jew Stewart. throw him to the Taliban n see some real show.

    beebok September 29, 2010 12:50 pm (Pacific time)

    Naomi seems quite confused by the history of Palestine. Canaanites lived in that land and others lived in that land long before it was ever called Israel. Besides, there were two kingdoms, Judah and Israel which sometimes warred with each other. Herodotus, the Greek historian referred to is as Philistia, the ancient Egyptian temple at Medinet Habu referred to it as Pelest, and the Assyrian King Sargon 2 referred to it as Pilistu, and the Romans returned it to that name (Syria Palestina) in the time of Hadrian, and in the Byzantine period it was called Palaestina. Other ancient Egyptian texts refer to the area as Retjenu. Archaeological evidence for the existence for a kingdom of Israel around 1200 to 1000 BC is scant and many scholars dispute its existence. Around the time that the Muslims conquered the area, there was only a tiny Jewish population in the area. The Caliph Omar offered Jews the chance to return, but most decided to stay away since they were living comfortably in Europe. The majority of people of that time in the area were Monophysite Christian peasants or other Christian groups. The Muslims historian al-Biladhuri records Muslims living in the area soon after. By the time of the crusades, the majority of the people there were Muslims (from local converts and immigration) and all of the arable land had been taken. During the crusades, Benjamin of Tudela, for instance, found only three Jews living in the town of Bayt Jibrin. Before political Zionism began in the middle 1800s, about 85% of the population was Muslim, 11% Christian, and 4% Jew. The local Arabs tried to stop Zionism, but the British protected the Jewish immigrants, and only briefly halted Jewish immigration, and by that time there was a large enough Jewish population that illegal immigration was easy. Before Israel declared itself a state, the Zionists had begun to slaughter Palestinian villages. About 750,000 Palestinians fled. For a list of villages that were depopulated see the following link: By the way, Hamas won through elections, and even when Israelis pretended to back out of Gaza a little, violence against Palestinians continued.

    Throb September 29, 2010 12:45 pm (Pacific time)

    Jon is not a gatekeeper for Israel. Israel, as is the US, is being used as a loss leader manufacturer of consent to promote the global War Usury Financial Complex. Israel is, as French PM Chirac once said, a "pathetic" little country. Israel is only important in the campaign to promote the war on terror to benefit the Forever War Usury Bank. Otherwise, Israel, and Israelis, as are Americans and America, don't mean anything to the War Bankers. We are just disposable, ignorant profit centers. Jon's on TV and should be treated as any Mocking Bird Carney Barker. The only way you get the bucks to broadcast is by being solidly in the hands of War Banks.

    Les Visible September 29, 2010 12:05 pm (Pacific time)

    Brilliantly done Tim; I'm surprised a newspaper in America would print something like this. You must be working for some decent people. Many blessings on you my friend for telling it like it is. We out here in the alternative media (what part of it is not compromised or disinfo are doing the same)

    PhishyBongwaters September 29, 2010 12:13 pm (Pacific time)

    Well, you do understand that talking points are being inserted into popular shows by the government, openly admitted BTW. I mean, you can chastise him all you want, he's doing his job. He's not a journalist, he's a comedian on a cable network owned by, yup you already know. It's a done deal, do you think he's expressing his opinions up there? He's reading what the writers have written, a lot of which are government issued talking points. Yes, I was having a face palm moment when he lambasted Thomas but then I remembered, he's just doing his job. If you are in government or media, you simply can't state the truth, or whole truth, about anything related to Judaism, Zionism, Israel or Palestine. You simply can't, it's career suicide. I personally think you'd have more of an argument if you were complaining about a NEWS outlet. What's next, complaining about southparks depictions of Jews? (Kyle) Though I agree with where you are coming from, I think your anger is directed at the wrong source.

    J.R. August 31, 2010 1:09 pm (Pacific time)

    He's a zionist gatekeeper to shill for israel. Remember their BOAST that THEY Control America ! WHY ? because of their belief that they are the master race ! .... Time to WAKE UP and smell the TRUTH ! http://www.JEWISH TRIBAL

    Vick July 14, 2010 10:04 pm (Pacific time)

    So Helen Thomas is entitled to her opinion but Jon stewart is not? It sounds to me that your disapproval of his piece comes from your disagreement with his position and not necessarily the way in which it was presented. I would recommend that you consider this statement for more than thirty seconds before angrily responding to my post as well. Just because you disagree with someone does not mean that they are suddenly a bigot. Jon Stewart is critical of everyone including the current president who he obviously supports. In no way was this work propaganda for the Zionist movement and your refusal to even include the clip on the site makes me believe you know this to be a fact (but sensationalism sells even if it is not factually accurate)

    Tamim June 18, 2010 11:00 pm (Pacific time)

    I posted earlier, and I don't think you took the time to actually comprehend my words. I was not saying you were anti-semetic for criticizing Israel. What I was saying was, the way you call Jon Stewart a "bigot", resembles how zionists call critics of Israel anti-semetic. As an advocate for Palestinian rights, I do not like to see when other advocates of Palestinian rights, like yourself, resort to the cheap tactics that characterize Zionist Hasbara. While I do agree with your characterization of Israel, I am obligated to defend Mr. Stewart, who I believe has been brave in his coverage of the conflict.

    Tim King: Well I don't see it as a time for being politically correct I guess; he didn't just insult the Palestinian people, he went after a respected American journalist who had the courage to speak up, and make her look like a fool.  I appreciate your point of view but I don't have a special set of kid gloves just because Jon Stewart is normally a great guy, he needs to consistently be a great guy.  Thanks for your comment. 

    Natalie June 13, 2010 7:07 pm (Pacific time)

    Vic, it's my turn now to pay you back by picking on a detail. On your 1933 globe you should also have a huge red area in Euroasia. Compare that spot with what you see after 1991 and before 1922. Amazing, isn't it? I don't see how wiping off the map any country is helpful. It's more appropriate for little boys playing with plastic soldiers.

    Naomi June 13, 2010 11:34 am (Pacific time)

    To Vic – I'm having trouble deciding whether you're comment is serious or not. Too many question marks and hysteric statements make it hard to decide. Well, in case you were serious – Is your opinion on history really based on a globe you got from Cheerios? Really? In case you didn't know, the name Israel is very ancient, and is mentioned (besides the bible obviously) as early as 1230 BC. This area is also known as Cnaan, Kingdom of Judah and Palaestina. Palaestina is called after the Philistines, who came from the sea, no one knows exactly from where, Some say from Greece or Cyprus, and started occupying cities along the shore of that area, including Egypt, who's empire had weakened at the time. They worshiped the gods Dagon, Baal Zebub and Ashtoret and had temples built for them. There's nothing special about this, a lot of different people occupied the area at the time. Since then the original Philistines disappeared. Scholars assume they just mixed with the locals. The Arabs, who rules the place between 536-1099 AC embraced the name Palaestina, named after those men from the sea. It only makes sense, then, that the 1933 globe that you got bore the name Palaestina, Since the area was under the rule of the British Mandate at the time, who didn't want troubles with the Arab population, and named the territory Palaestina. Later it changed the name to Palaestina, Land of Israel. That's for that. No idea where you got all those nice quotations about "God gave it to them", and titles signed by god. I am an atheists, I do not believe in god. By the way, a majority of Israelis do not define themselves as religious. I am certainly not filled with hate. I guess it's a lot easier for people to paint the world in black and white – These are bad people, these are good people – rather than accept that reality is very complicated, and that nothing can be solved with a wave of a hand. I live in Jerusalem, where there are people of many cultures and religions. I have friends and speak daily with people who are Christians, Arabs and Muslim. The problem is that the people of Gaza are under the rule of a very violent leadership, and there are many organizations fighting for leadership, usually in a violent manner, so that any more centered leadership doesn't stand a chance. That's how the Hamas achieved leadership, in place of the leadership who wanted to start negotiating with Israel. You can say "Leave Gaza alone, just let them live in peace". The problem is that the last time we did it, there was not much peace. The israeli army backed away from the Gaza, and 4 Israeli settlement were evicted. The result? Mere hours passed until Gaza started shooting rockets at Israeli cities. As you can see, this is a very problematic and complex situation, for both sides of the conflict.

    vic June 12, 2010 10:12 pm (Pacific time)

    Naomi..your ignorance is showing and it isnt flattering at all. I have a 1933 globe that one got from sending in ten Cheerios boxtops and one dollar...and guess what??? There is NO Israel !! There is a PALESTINE, but no Israel..I suppose those folks at General Mills are ANTI_SEMITES, right? Why else would they leave off a county/state that is "thousands" of years old??? Maybe because it didnt exist ? "God gave it to them"??? Show me the title signed by God. You are the ignorant one...AND an apologist for child killing racists. May "God" have mercy on your hate-filled soul...or not.

    NC June 11, 2010 9:54 am (Pacific time)

    This is the least informed hit piece i've ever seen on a jew. Stewart takes no sides in he debate but his sympathies are clearly with those suffering in gaza. You would get that if you watched the episode that went on the day before this one where he literally said to someone, and I paraphrase "How can your heart be so cold and lifeless that you cannot see that there is immense suffering going on in gaza right now"

    GoodAmerican June 10, 2010 12:40 pm (Pacific time)

    Steward's simply a stooge who wouldnt know what it means to be an American if it bit him on the obvious he gets his talking points from the zionist owned and controlled media, like most of the rest of U.S....scary part is people actually watch this guys drivel looking for news and information. Peace to you all, in spite of the liars who'd have it otherwise.

    k.c. June 10, 2010 10:29 am (Pacific time)

    He's a jew and a shill for zionism. http://www.JEW

    Naomi June 10, 2010 5:28 am (Pacific time)

    "A whole population that owned the land Israel now comprises, only 60 years ago." - That's quite an ignorant statement, which shows a lack of knowledge of the area's history. Israel was `owned` by many groups over the course of thousands of years. From the Israeli kingdom around the 11th century BC, and the British, who took it from the Ottoman Empire (which no longer exits), and ruled it between 1920 – 1948. The Ottoman Empire didn't care much for Israel. Most of the population at the time, Jews and Christians, were living in a few large cities. 1831 was a turning point, when Ibrahim Pasha, the son of the Ruler of Egypt took over Israel, and for logistic and political reasons sent Egyptians farmers to occupy the land, while slathering the Bedouin tribes, among others. In 1841 the Ottoman Empire managed to fight him off, while sending the Egyptians farmer to scatter across the land. In 1857 the Ottoman Empire understood the a barely occupied land calls for trouble, she sends massage for people to come and occupy it – Algerians, Chechen people who fled from the war with Russia, and people from Bosnia, who just lost a war to Austria, as well as Templers and Americans. Another wave of Egyptian settlement was in 1869, when the work on the Suez Canal was over, and a lot of worker who had no home to return to migrated north to the already exiting Egyptian settlements in Israel. Another turning point was at 1917, with the Balfour Declaration, in which the British said they "view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people". This move made the Arab countries around furious, and the arab population in Israel responded with slaughter of Jews. The British, not wanting to anger the Arab countries more, withdrew the Declaration, and more – they started preventing Jews from coming to Israel, while Arabs could do so freely, a thing which they did in masses. Even in 1946, While Holocaust survivors came to what they thought would be a safe place, they were turned back by the Brits. After the declaration of the State of Israel, when the Palestinians fled to Gaza, Jordan and Egypt themselves refused to help the Palestinians, refused to acknowledge they have any sort of leadership (In hopes of taking over that territory for themselves), or even allow them to go back to their original homes. Even now Egypt will shoot any Palestinian who crosses its border. So those Arabs, who came from many neighbor countries, in the sole purpose of occupying the land, and preventing Jews from doing so – These are the Palestinians you speak of. They have no common background, no shared history; no more claim to the land than any of the other groups occupying the area at the time – The Bedouin nomads, the Druze people, and the Christians, all of which are now citizens of Israel, with full citizen rights.

    Political Scientist June 9, 2010 8:37 pm (Pacific time)


    Excellent analysis.

    Helen Thomas deserves a "Truth for Humanity Award".

    Indeed, one should be created and named in her honor: The Helen Thomas Truth for Humanity Peace Prize.

    War-mongers, including applicable US Presidents or Secretaries of State, should be automatically excluded, unlike the case for an other so-called "Peace Prize".

    anonymous June 9, 2010 5:35 pm (Pacific time)

    As a former Navy Corpsman and the father of a US Marine - well said. It's time to stop being Israel bitch.

    Wiley June 9, 2010 4:42 pm (Pacific time)
    Do you think this is an isolated case? I suppose you don't believe that Hamas murders it's own, throws possible collaborators off of buildings, or shoots rockets from schools and hospitals. As for Helen Thomas, I need not say anything more...justice was done. SHE GONE!

    Editor: You're such a liar, you criminals used that excuse to bomb over 300 schools in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead and strike 55 hospitals.  Hell waits for you, and what kind of a girly name is Wiley?  

    carlos June 10, 2010 12:38 am (Pacific time)

    I'm having some difficulty understanding your position on Ted Nugent. You say the problem is hypocrisy but the contrast you make is on the one hand he takes a stand against pot but on the other hand he brandishes weapons and threatens people? I'm failing to understand they connection between these two things and how either one of them tie into the song White Buffalo. The closest i can get is the reference to his beiing a bow hunter and the buffalo being hunted nearly to extinction..... but that doesn't even follow since he wasn't railing against hunting (the Indians did it) but against wholesale slaughter with most of the meat left to rot.

    I'm not sure if it's the threatening of Hillary that you have a problem with or something else...

    Tim King: Ted Nugent represented a time and type of music that was very supportive of American youth; it was empowering and very cool.  Maybe it was wrong, but he sort of defined the 'sex and drugs and rock and roll' period (Trivia-our writer Gilad Atzmon was/is a member of the Blockheads which recorded the song of that name with Ian Dury)  Yes, Great White Buffalo lamented the white man's approach to hunting to extinction.  Yes of course Native Americans hunted, but in a different way entirely.  That song made me think Ted Nugent was dialed into the Native American experience, and that means a man's heart is somewhat well adjusted.  Then he has a divorce, and he suddenly denounces marijuana, then he begins showing up on the right wing talk shows, bashing the poor, bashing those who don't agree with hard right politics.  My friend's son bow hunts with Ted Nugent, has for years.  Do you know how many animals get hit with an arrow, never caught, and yet die of infections?  It is terrible.  If a person needs to hunt and kill animals, they should use a gun and get it over with. What they really should do is devote their energy and time and money to peace.  That is THE only honorable cause, all else are personal gain ventures.  I don't appreciate Nugent's bowhunter in the modern age approach.  I hated his rants toward Obama and Hillary Clinton, because raising a weapon when you're the king of the trailer park rednecks has dangerous implications, do you appreciate that?  My goal is not to be cryptic.   

    Tamim June 10, 2010 12:12 am (Pacific time)

    I am a Palestinian American who is very disheartened after reading this. Do you even watch the show? Mr. Stewart is one of the only television figures out there who has the bravery to criticize Israel. Have you not seen his pieces after the Gaza "war" or his criticism of Israel about the flotilla? To call Mr. Stewart a bigot is wildly inaccurate and completely irresponsible. The message of this article parallels zionist claims of "anti-semetism" when they encounter those who criticize Israel. I deeply regret the vilification of Helen Thomas, and I applaud her for her incredible career. Mr. Stewart takes offense to her comments, and that's fine, its his opinion, and in no way whatsoever does that make him a bigot who supports Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

    Tim King:  I think I am clear in this that I like Jon Stewart and I'm disappointed.  But if he was familiar with Gaza, then none of his ridicule of Helen Thomas makes sense.  Why oh why do you always call people anti-Semitic for criticizing the plight of the Palestinians?  Do you really believe that?  It is perfectly ridiculous, and I would put my efforts to fight racism up against yours any day of the week.  It is so damned offensive, my Jewish friends and I roll our eyes, but then your reference for them is Jew-hater right?  Nobody has a problem with anyone for being Jewish; it is Zionism, it is settlements, it is Israel's apartheid laws and cruelty.  If you and Jon Stewart support this, then you have blood on your hands.   

    carlos June 10, 2010 12:01 am (Pacific time)

    "It's funny Jenny, how people love to insult a person's character and overall writing ability when they disagree with the subject. " Kinda like you're doing here with John Stewart?

    carlos June 9, 2010 11:59 pm (Pacific time)

    "I'm considering pulling one of their own tricks on them and simply counting how many times he says 'racist' and 'racism' in the Helen Thomas piece, the little tool."

    I did it for you. In fact, I watched it twice to make sure. Throughout the Helen Thomas segment he uses racism or racist exactly....... ready for it? He uses the term not once, not twice but exactly ZERO times. He does use it in the piece following about the current gubernatorial race in South Carolina, but never uses any form of the word in the Helen Thomas piece.

    I'm using this as an indicator of your bias and am assuming that I could probably find numerous, easily verifiable falsehoods in your diatribe (I just couldn't bear to call it an article).

    Anyone wishing to check for themselves can start watching the video found here:

    If you start at 1:00 you can catch the end of the piece on Rush Limbaugh's wedding and get the segue into the Helen Thomas piece. You can watch through 4:30 where the piece on South Carolina begins, but I'd encourage you to watch through to the end because that item is pretty funny...... and sad.

    I listened to the show and probably shouldn't have written that without verifying it, I could go listen to it again, too bad it is so disappointing.   

    nate June 9, 2010 11:53 pm (Pacific time)

    There is no such thing as an innocent Jew. The PoTE0Z is true, what will you do? The Talmud is far worse--when they control your money and media they are holding, in effect, a gun to your head.

    gobacktoschool June 9, 2010 11:28 pm (Pacific time)

    when the Islamic militants come for you...there will be no one left to help you.

    goodandplenty June 9, 2010 11:21 pm (Pacific time)

    I suppose the fact that you are Arab has no influence upon your rambling accusals? Israel has a right to defend itself, period, period. Helen Thomas is a bigot, period. And you, are distorting the truth.

    Tim King: Well, I hate to tell you this but I'm an American, born and raised in California.  I am not Arab, but I take it as a compliment.  You don't even know what a bigot is; why do you think your race is superior?  How is that not racism?  I have some news for you; God didn't ever want anyone to kill.  You bastardize your existence by assuming the role of the Nazi oppressors, which you know probably next to nothing about.  I am a lifelong student of WWII and I get sick of your victim flag.  Why don't you launch a program in Israel to take care of the Holocaust survivors?  Yeah, we know about that.  You base your false flag accusations on the plight of your ancestors, who subsist in Israel in abject poverty.  I really don't like the spirit of the place, but I would do anything for those poor souls who survived the Holocaust; I'd defend them from you, and I would defend the Palestinians from you also.   Maybe I left part of my heart in the Mid East, maybe I am part Arab. 

    Easterling June 9, 2010 9:37 pm (Pacific time)

    BiBi Netanyahoo's fathers surname Milikovsky (Lithuanian) Ariel Sharon birth surname Scheinermann Mark Regev (Ace Spokeperson) born Freiberg Golda Meir born Mobovitch David Ben Gurion father Grun (Polish) Rham Emanuel father's surname Auerbach George Soros born Gregory Schwartz (Hungarian) Ayn Rand born Rosenbaum Jack Ruby born Jack Rubenstein HELEN WAS CORRECT - ZioMedia mentions that she comes from Lebanese stock but fails to mention that she is Christian?

    Humanist June 9, 2010 8:43 pm (Pacific time)

    Funny, no mention of the absolute failure of the Palestinian authority for the absolute annihilation of all Jews (not just Israelis). Here's an idea...stop lobbing rockets on the country next door. Stop going into the cities and exploding yourself and taking out dozens of people. Everytime Israel loosens its grip on the border, the porous border fills with weapons. There is a two state solution, but both states need to simply acknowledge the right of the other to be there. Only one has done that so far...Israel. Look, when things are as tense and violent as they have become, it isn't going to be easy, but the easiest first step in the world is for the Palestinian Authority to accept Israel's right to exist. C'mon. This isn't a one sided thing on either side... Israel just happens to be better at building a civilization under adversity. Palestine could too if THEY JUST STOP BOMBING ISRAEL!

    Editor: Actually, Jews are the first culture to charge interest, Muslims don't believe in it, neither do I.  You should know that anyone willing to be an abusive bully comes out ahead, for a while at least.  A couple of ill guided rockets versus an Israeli billion dollar high attack directed at children?  The vast majority are all unarmed and resorting to protest, and the bastards in the IDF attack them.  You haven't a leg to stand on, stop being a self-entitled baby.  

    GoToIsrael? June 9, 2010 6:38 pm (Pacific time)

    I'd love to go to Israel to bang some of their hot women!! Tim, it's a FOX news, neo-con think tank tactic to use ad hominem when argument about any certain subject falls short. LOVE you!

    xdream June 9, 2010 6:34 pm (Pacific time)

    You're the man, Tim! I've been trying to get through to people, especially my so-called "christian" family. But they are so deceived by the corporate owned media it's disgusting. And I could care less what religion they are, but i'm doing pretty good right where i am. ;)

    Tim King: I appreciate your comment and struggle, thanks so much!

    Ersun Warncke June 9, 2010 6:15 pm (Pacific time)

    I personally enjoy the Daily Show, but I agree that the coverage of Helen Thomas was way over the line. I don't expect neutral coverage of Israel from them, nor have I ever seen it, but denigrating such an honorable and esteemed individual, who has dedicated her career to honest and professional journalism, is shameful, tasteless, and inexcusable. Helen Thomas has asked penetrating questions regarding the imperialist and colonialist ambitions of both the U.S. and Israeli governments for years. Questions often unanswered, and questions that her fellow so-called journalists have happily left unasked in order to serve their paymasters. I am sure a lot of people have wanted Thomas gone for a long time, and they got their wish. So be it. The corporate press is dead now. They do not have a single honest journalist covering the White House left. That is their own loss. Their credibility will only continue to plummet as people abandon their garbage product in droves.

    Chandra June 9, 2010 5:06 pm (Pacific time)

    I found your article through a search of the Daily Show and any statements regarding the Flotillas. I am an avid Daily Show watcher but the lack of information in regard to what is happening is disturbing me. Not mentioning it will not make it go away. I know that the Daily Show is not real news and is intended to have a funny slant on the world but if you are to make fun of one, you should make fun of all. Evidently, the Daily Show has it's favorites and prefers the scape goat of the week as opposed to bringing attention to the REAL issue in Israel/Palestine. I commend you for giving voice to those that are forced into silence for fear of retributions from those that are uninformed. If people in the U.S. believe they know the whole truth, they are deluding themselves. We are all victims of the filtered news that is forced on us every minute of the day. In order to get to some type of truth, I suggest everyone read beyond the scope of this country and the printed material from abroad. We cannot afford anymore to pretend we live in the little bubble we call our country. What happens beyond our shores has a great impact on us and we need to become more aware and care more about others and what happens to them.

    Anonymous June 9, 2010 3:16 pm (Pacific time)

    "a cruel gatekeeper for a whole population that owned the land Israel now comprises, only 60 years ago."

    Seriously, Tim. Is your knowledge of history that poor? You do know that the Jews lived on that land THOUSANDS of years before there ever was a "Palastine" don't you? It seems evident that you have your own agenda.

    Tim King: Well if I say LA was Anglo prior to the 'Great white flight' in the early 60's, it isn't to say that there weren't black and Hispanic people living there.  Yes, there are places in Palestine where Jewish people lived, in peace from what I understand, until the expansion of Zionism.  In the end, no matter what, it is racism.  Believing God put your race/culture ahead of others is pretty hard to swallow by itself, but it if is totally on target from God, he still said 'Thou Shall Not Kill' first didn't he?   

    gp June 9, 2010 3:10 pm (Pacific time)

    Code Pink praises Helen Thomas record of equal rights for all, peace and justice and demands her reinstatement.

    robertsgt40 June 9, 2010 12:16 pm (Pacific time)

    You make a lot of good points. I'm not sure why you have a rub with Ted Nugent. He loves his country, backs the Constitution and especially the 2nd Amendment. As a Vietnam veteran, I would have him in my foxho;e any day.

    Tim King: It is the hypocrisy that gets me; his being totally against pot as a member of the generation; but raising the assault rifles on stage and making statements toward Hillary Clinton and Obama saying, "I got something for you bitch" and that is just wrong to me.  Trust me, I am a huge fan musically, and I know the lyrics to most of his stuff.  I back the 2nd Amendment too, but I don't understand this bow hunter's contradiction in terms of the song, "Great While Buffalo".  He taught me to see things a certain way as a kid, and then this?  Anyway, thanks for your comment.  

    J.R. June 9, 2010 1:53 pm (Pacific time)

    Jon Stewart is juat another zionist apologist put there by the controlled media .. to keep us cattle slaves in our place. He belongs to a minority that shapes the mindset of the larger population ... Time to expose the TRUTH

    J.R. June 9, 2010 1:53 pm (Pacific time)

    Jon Stewart is juat another zionist apologist put there by the controlled media .. to keep us cattle slaves in our place. He belongs to a minority that shapes the mindset of the larger population ... Time to expose the TRUTH

    J.R. June 9, 2010 1:49 pm (Pacific time)

    Jon Stewart is juat another zionist apologist put there by the controlled media ... .. to keep us cattle slaves in our place. He belongs to a minority that shapes the mindset of the larger population ... Time to expose the TRUTH

    a non jew June 9, 2010 1:33 pm (Pacific time)

    Please, go spend a few weeks in Israel and quit your neurotic hate writing.

    Tim King: If I went that far I would go to Palestine.   

    Anonymous June 9, 2010 12:46 pm (Pacific time)

    jon stewart is already losing his audience, and this will make it continue, same as mainstream media. nobody like a liar. I said from day one, this flotilla incident is going to bring out the true colors of those in D.C. and media. It did. No government can serve two masters, we need a government that puts America first.

    steve June 9, 2010 12:35 pm (Pacific time)

    a jew stays a jew when it comes to israel and he his on a major communication network he would not get there if he doesnt have this conviction

    CATch-23 June 9, 2010 12:15 pm (Pacific time)

    For the truth about the ME ubermenschen, read prof. Israel Shahak's "Jewish History, Jewish Religion". Just like their history and weight of their morals, this is a small book. Easy to read in one afternoon. How relevant is it? Amazon periodically tries to put off buyers by offering it at $70+ dollars. It's free at your local library. Or read it online for free: You need to scroll down quite a bit if you want to skip the many preceding writings. They will make sense AFTER reading Shahak's book. Boycott the Stewart show. His schtick stopped being funny a long time ago. It's very easy to make anything laughable. It takes real brains to do funny CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Stewart is no George Carlin. Carlin couldn't be bought.

    Jay June 9, 2010 11:58 am (Pacific time)

    He just needs to keep his ratings up. Now the Rabbi wants to play victim too! Jon should have talked about the Rabbi's rqacist video. Jay @

    profnasty June 9, 2010 11:37 am (Pacific time)

    Hard to believe this kind of reporting finds a place in a legitimate US newspaper. I thought the truth had become felonious in all mainstream media?

    Editor: Yes, legitimate is the word.  FYI we are privately owned, that is why.  McClatchy Newspapers and a few other groups are doing good things too.    

    Davol June 9, 2010 11:33 am (Pacific time)

    Haven't read the article yet. Gonna download it. I disagree with Helen Thomas, but that doesn't mean she's actually wrong. I just think it's too late to kick all the people out of Israel of European persuasion. That would just exchange this problem with another one. I think the problem is the 2-state solution itself because it just exacerbates the growing problem over there, which is bigotry and racism on both sides. This un-American BS is just polluting the humanity in the region, and turning them into a cesspool of monsters. I'm an American and think the only solution to this problem is an American one. You know here in America we have to live with the Palestinians who move in across the street, and if they don't clean up their dogshit there's very little that can be done about that. This American one-state solution has been working great in this country for all of US, and Israel could learn something from becoming more like America as opposed to the visa-versa currently destroying my country in torturous, illegal war crime ways transforming America before my eyes way too much into the Israeli bad idea. Granted this solution only works for countries populated with citizens who are human beings, but what kind of despicable citizens do you end up with in a successful two state solution? I'm disgusted with where the 2 state solution is going all for the sake of creating another kind of country that ought to be an abomination to an American raised to believe in separation of church and state.

    aaron lee June 9, 2010 11:22 am (Pacific time)

    "I could care less what religion he or anyone else is..." It's I COULDN'T care less.... jesus effing christ.... I can't believe you got that wrong

    Tim King: You're right, I was running on fumes at that point, full of passion but low on grammatical integrity.  I had no copy editor and it is one of four articles that I wrote overnight.  Thank you!  

    Tariq Khan June 9, 2010 11:16 am (Pacific time)

    Well done Tim. make sure you send a copy of this piece to that sob. Best wishes

    jimmy June 9, 2010 11:11 am (Pacific time)

    Wipe them off the f*andking map!

    Martin June 9, 2010 10:28 am (Pacific time)

    As the below threat from a U.S. congressman acknowledges, this situation is getting quite ugly, and caution should be exercised if Rep. Sherman becomes successful, for your Constitutional rights may be trumped by some unknown arcane legal passages? "Rep. Sherman: Prosecute U.S. Citizens involved with Gaza Flotilla . "Rep. Brad Sherman, {Democrat of California}, told reporters that he intends to seek the prosecution of any U.S. citizens who were aboard or involved with the Freedom Flotilla.“The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 [PDF] makes it absolutely illegal for any American to give food, money, school supplies, paper clips, concrete or weapons to Hamas or any of its officials,” Sherman said on the Israel Project call, conflating Hamas and Gaza’s civilian population. “And so I will be asking the Attorney General to prosecute any American involved in what was clearly an effort to give items of value to a terrorist organization.” What is considered items of value could be rather subjective. We need some presidential leadership.

    jenny June 9, 2010 9:59 am (Pacific time)

    How can someone who spells, types and misuses the English language so badly have won so many awards? Leaving aside Mr. King's complete and deliberate misunderstanding of what Jon Stewart was saying, it's a little difficult to take him seriously when there are so many errors of fact and grammar in the piece.

    Tim King: I didn't misunderstand Jon Stewart in any way, shape or form.  Your insults are noted, but stand in strong contrast to the many positive emails and comments that the story continues to receive.  It's funny Jenny, how people love to insult a person's character and overall writing ability when they disagree with the subject.  If you are happy that Israel slaughters babies, that is your own deal, I have the courage and resolve to do what I can, whereas you strike me more as a queen of complacency, and racism?  Regardless of whether you like it, I do hold many awards, though not compared to many friends in the business.  Each was hard earned, and I am glad to have something to show for those years.         

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