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Abbas Pushing for State Recognition along the '67 lines at UN is a Win-Win!

Israel is beside itself and needs us to stand up against it, If you rebuke your brother, you gain your brother.

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(SEOULE, South Korea) - President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, must push forward for State recognition along the 67 lines at the UN, regardless of what Obama says, Obama is playing politics.

Abbas must push forward, the only vote that will possibly stop them from getting recognized along the 67 borders is an American veto, all the other countries will go for it bar maybe one or two outside the five security members, but of the 5 that can veto, only America might.

But Abbas must push for this, to get Israel crying on the phone again to Obama for help (like recently Obama had to veto the UN condemning illegal Israeli settlement activity).

This will once again put the ball back in Obama's hands to play a whole new card game with way more leverage, and bearing in mind a lot can happen between now and September, a lot, especially amongst the American public, especially if they get wind that the roots of 9/11 lies with American bias policy with Israel... can change and very quickly and Obama might just oblige Either way, it's a win-win for Abbas and the Palestinians, Statehood recognition or Israel with "Bibi" once again crying like a baby for more American "favours".

Making the case for the starting point for negotiations the 1967 lines.

Israel is trying to take America and the World into a massive war against Iran, with the IAEA now saying there might be military facilities in Iran re it's nuclear plant, this will once again see the drums for war played all over again.

Israel has become a dangerous, wreckless nation because it has been huddly cuddled by America for too long and and is use to getting away with murder(Gaza War 08/09)) and is now an adult that has not been brought up correctly and see's nothing wrong with a massive war with Iran for it's own security instead of putting a end to its insatiable greed and lust for Palestinian land which will neutralize tensions with Iran.

We need to stop this war before it happens; it's going to be an absolute disaster if it does happen. Israel won't hesitate to use a nuclear bomb against Tehran, which will see a full scale missile attack on Tel Aviv, but with a broader war, and see us all embroiled in a bloody conflict with disastrous consequences for all of us.

It will see us all become debt slaves to the IMF and World Bank- post this world war to rebuild our nations. It will be a lose-lose situation apart from all the death, pain and suffering that will come from it.

Israel is beside itself and needs us to stand up against it. If you rebuke your brother, you gain your brother.

We need to persuade Abbas to push for the UN vote and get as much leverage as possible for the negotiating table. It's becoming more and more crucial for a comprehensive peace deal as the count down to war is beginning to tick.

All journalists who are taking bold stand against all these corrupt wars and against Israel's self centered mindless drum's of war must please be careful, there are seriously evil people at work in the world, and they won't appreciate you shining the light.

If necessary and you feel threatened, shuffle the deck, we must be bold in these dark times, but as wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove, so exercise caution, the Lord needs you alive to shine the light, amen.

It's because we love the Israelis and Iranian's that we speak out against military action as a solution, there is a better way, a non violent way that it involves us been determined to sort things out fairly and honestly.

Learn more about Adrian de Villiers by visiting the Website: http://www.lionofjuda.com/

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xexon June 8, 2011 6:37 pm (Pacific time)

I'm going to give you my take on things. There must NEVER be a Palestinian state. Israel has to be united under a new flag and government to survive. The idea of a Palestinian state will play right into the zionists hands, as it will leave the zionist state of Israel intact. They are the problem here and must be brought down by the Israelis themselves. The best thing we can do for all concerned is to support those who wish to overthrow the government of Isreal. You've heard of the Arab Spring? It's time for an anti-zionist Jewish summer. x

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