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Jun-02-2008 17:10printcomments

87-Year Old Woman Attacked By Four Dogs in Estacada

Investigators say the dog's owners were cooperative.

87-year old woman who was attacked by a dog in Oregon, 6-1-08
Photos: Jim Strovink / Clackamas Sheriff

(ESTACADA, Ore.) - An 87-year old woman survived an attack by four dogs Saturday around 7:25 PM as she was taking her nightly stroll on SE Divers Road in Estacada.

Jim Strovink with the Clackamas Sheriff's Office says Stella A. Severtsen was attacked and bitten by four dogs that escaped from a well enclosed, 8-foot tall chain link kennel area.

"Stella Severtsen was assisted by a concerned citizen who witnessed this event and came to the aid of Severtsen while alerting emergency personnel to the scene."

Strovink says Barbara Ann Richardson, who lives on SE Divers Road, witnessed this event and came to the aid of Stella Severtson

Richardson told investigators that she came upon the dogs while they were aggressively attacking Severtsen who was on the ground and surrounded by them.

"Richardson indicates as soon as she approached the dogs, they began to wag their tales and were very friendly as she directed attention away from Severtson who was injured and on the ground," Strovink added.

Estacada Fire personnel responded to the scene and administered medical attention to the left arm, right arm and left leg of Stella Severtsen. She was transported from the scene by ambulance to the Portland Adventist Hospital, in Portland.

The dogs are owned by Mark Andrew Byram and Luke Allen Byram who reside at 32720 SE Divers Road, in Estacada. Strovink says that both owners responded to the incident location and were very cooperative with rescue personnel present at the scene.

"Both Mark and Luke Byram indicate the four friendly canines wandered onto their property several years ago and they began caring for the dogs at that time. All the animals are reported to have since been vaccinated, well cared for and secured in the 8' kennel provided for on the Byram property."

The Byram family says they are concerned about this type of aggressiveness displayed by the animals and state perhaps it would be in everyone's best interest to ‘voluntarily euthanize the animals' to prevent any future attacks.

This is the first incident of this type reported concerning these animals at the Byram residence, Strovink said.

We never go long without a report about an aggressive dog of some type, it is just part of life. It is nice however, to see owners of dogs in these situations volunteer to do anything necessary to prevent them from injuring another person.

Strovink says the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office has received word from Clackamas County Dog Control personnel, that the animals in question with the reported attack of an 87-year old Estacada woman, are now in the care and custody of Clackamas County Dog Control.

He says that typically, in these types of situations Clackamas County Dog Control will conduct their own formal investigation concerning this dog attack incident. In addition, the animals will be maintained by Dog Control for the required quarantine period of 10-days.

"Most comforting is to learn the 80-year old victim, Stella Severtsen, is reported to be resting recovering comfortably and in stable condition at Portland Adventist Hospital, in Portland," Strovink said.

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MichelleD June 9, 2008 10:50 am (Pacific time)

Why would the dogs attack the old woman and be very friendly to the other person? This indicates that victim behavior contributed to this incident - one person was perceived as a threat, the other as a friend. Its a shame ONCE AGAIN, that failing to do a little investigative reporting will ensure nothing is learned from this situation.

Tony June 5, 2008 10:12 am (Pacific time)

They look like Border Collie mutts.

Jennifer June 3, 2008 5:34 pm (Pacific time)

This dog attack shocked and dismayed many of us. I feel badly for the woman attacked and the owners of the four dogs involved. The owners did such a kind thing by taking in these four dogs and providing them with a home, veterinary care and proper licensing. As a concerned dog owner myself, I hope we all can learn a lesson about the importance of proper training and socialization for all dogs, big or small, mixed breed or purebred. The purpose of socialization is to allow your dog to experience as many different situations as possible so that new people and places won’t scare him. Fear causes many dogs to become aggressive, and that is when dogs become dangerous and unpredictable. Even dogs who are well behaved at home can become aggressive when they are in a situation that they don’t have the skills and experience to understand. We are lucky in this area to have a wealth of dog trainers who hold inexpensive and convenient group classes as well as individual sessions. We also have many dog daycare facilities that host socialization events so that your dog can meet other dogs of varying sizes and ages. And, we have many local restaurants and businesses that allow dogs to accompany their owners so that they can experience different smells and people. A walk up and down a city street can be a fun way to introduce your dog to the community. Socialization takes time and planning-—bringing the dog also means bringing food, water, clean-up bags and toys—-but the benefits of a well-adjusted dog who enjoys the world he lives in are immeasurable.

June 2, 2008 7:16 pm (Pacific time)

I love how you left the breed of the dog out of this article. If it was a pit bull it would have been in the headlines, but in this article the breed is left out.

FIDO June 3, 2008 9:23 am (Pacific time)

The moral of this story: Carry Treats! Carry a handgun! The latter is last resort for preserving your life.

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