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Why the Tesla Model Y is the Safest SUV Ever

Elon Musk expects the SUV to eventually overtake the Model 3 to become the best-selling Tesla ever.

Tesla interior
Photo by Bram Van Oost, Unsplash

(SALEM, Ore.) - Despite Tesla scrapping plans to roll out a cheaper version of the Model Y, Elon Musk still expects the SUV to eventually overtake the Model 3 to become the best-selling Tesla ever.

Although Oregon is still short of its target to have 50,000 electric vehicles operating on state roads by the end of 2020, the new Model Y sales in the state could push the number closer to the target, or even exceed it, thanks to the growing demand for the many cool features that the car has to offer.

Apart from its huge capacity and long mileage, one of the things driving the demand for the Tesla Model Y is its safety ratings.

From Tesla's advanced driver assistance systems to AutoPilot, these are some of the reasons why the Tesla Model Y is the safest SUV available today.

Revolutionary battery technology

When it comes to EV battery technology, no automaker comes close to what Tesla has been able to achieve over the past few years.

The Tesla Model Y batteries have the best range and are also the safest in any EV. To prevent overheating of the batteries that could cause dangerous fires, the connection between battery cells are designed to melt at extremely low temperatures such that if one cell was to overheat, the heat won't spread to the cells around it.

Each cell also has emergency vents strategically placed to allow hot gases to escape before building up enough pressure to explode.

Tesla's battery placement also has an impact on the safety of the car; with Model Y's 4,416-pound battery sitting at the bottom of the car, it's easier to handle and very difficult to roll over during an accident.

Cameras everywhere

The Tesla Model Y has eight high-quality cameras that provide 360 degrees of visibility at up to 250 meters of range.

These cameras play a vital role in safety in various ways. For one, they make it easier to see out the back when the driver needs to change lanes or back into a parking space.

The driver can also access the cameras at any time using their smartphone, allowing them to check on the car any time they need to.

The Model Y also comes with a dashcam from the manufacturer, allowing drivers to record their trips and access the footage remotely. This can come in handy in the event of an accident as it can be a valuable source of evidence.

Advanced driver assistance systems

One of the things that people look for when comparing different cars is driver assistance technologies, and the Tesla Model Y has just about every feature found in upscale modern vehicles.

The Model Y has a forward radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and eight cameras that work together to power driver assistance features such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blindspot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and red light recognition.

On top of that, the Tesla Model Y has AutoPilot available as an $8,000 option that, when engaged, allows the car to self-steer, adjust speed, apply brakes, detect nearby objects, and park.

Since the Model S was rolled out, one thing has been clear about Tesla vehicles — they are designed to be the safest vehicles on the planet.

With the Model Y following in the footsteps of its predecessors, it is safe to say that it is the safest SUV Oregon residents can buy.

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