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The Ideal Lawyer for a Child Custody Battle

You don’t want to have to fight for custody, but if it happens, you might be in over your head. How do you find the right lawyer for your situation?

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Custody is one of the most important and difficult parts of divorce. In fact, in Colorado, the burden of custody is so great that the court has shifted to using the term “parental responsibilities” instead, which refers to the time spent with the child and the decision-making required to responsibly parent them.

When you want to take on certain aspects of these responsibilities, but your spouse wants to take them on instead, things can get messy. That’s why you need to choose your representation wisely.

You likely need a great Denver child custody lawyer like the ones at Burnham Law. If you’re worried about a child custody battle happening during your divorce, you want a lawyer with these characteristics.

Highly Empathetic

This is one of the most important things to look for in child custody lawyers. You want a lawyer who’s willing to see you as more than numbers. Obviously, empathy is very important when dealing with any lawyer, but when it comes to a child custody battle, you need your lawyer to be able to connect with you emotionally to more effectively build your case. Make sure you meet with your potential lawyer before actually signing on with them, so you can make sure you’re going to work well together.

Knowledgeable About Denver Child Custody Laws

Obviously, you want your lawyer to know about the laws in your area. After all, that’s what you’re paying them for. A good thing to do is ask them to describe how the court proceedings will probably work. They’ll likely explain to you the current wording in the law, which includes the term “parental responsibilities” for custody and “parenting time” for visitation.

They can also explain what a “parenting plan” is, and may even go into what a parenting plan would include. You don’t need to bombard your lawyer with questions, but make sure you ask them about all the things you may need for your case.

Willing to Work With Your Schedule and Needs

When you’re getting ready for a divorce filing, you’re going to need to throw a lot of things into your schedule all at once. Depending on your individual circumstance, you may also need to have your lawyer help you with very specific things. These are both difficult to handle, but a good lawyer will be able to help.

Although most lawyers do have a 9-to-5 schedule, they may be able to talk to you over the phone or communicate largely over email. It goes back to empathy. If they’re willing to meet you halfway, they’ll be a better fit for your case.

Proven in Their Field

You want a lawyer who has a good track record. Ask your potential lawyer to talk with you about cases they’ve had before, whether they got the exact custody situation the client wanted or they had to compromise on certain parts. Even cases that don’t go the way they were envisioning can still be educational. Ask whether your case reminds them of cases they’ve had before, or ask them about how their prior cases have prepared them to take on this one.

Working With a Good Law Firm

There are some lawyers that work on their own but are still very successful and good at their job. However, it can be more of a risk to work with a lawyer that’s not at a law firm. After all, with a law firm, you have an additional point of contact, more people able to help with minutiae, and it’s likely to be more streamlined.

Before you sign with a lawyer, even one you really like, make sure you research the law firm a bit and get information about their reputation in the community.

The Ideal Denver Child Custody Lawyer Is in Reach

This can all seem like a lot to ask from one person, but getting the right lawyer is essential to making sure your children are well-cared-for after your divorce. Even if you and your spouse seem to have the same goals in mind pertaining to parenting after your divorce, it’s important to get that as formalized as possible.

That way, in case anything changes in the future, you’re all covered. Use this checklist to make sure your Denver child custody lawyer is the best fit for you and your family.

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