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Poll: Many Americans Don't Like Black People or Mormons

No matter who wins, America is going to grow, since they’ve never had to choose between an African American and a Mormon.

Black and white
Americans are facing choices they may not have foreseen.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Both the Mormon and the African-American communities still face prejudices in America. This information is striking considering how views on both communities have been shifting since Mitt Romney (a Mormon) and Barack Obama (African-American) ran in the presidential election back in 2008.

Great numbers of voters have confessed that they would not be comfortable if a close relative decided to marry someone who was either black or Mormon. The Washington Post and ABC News did a poll that showed that Mormons are not trusted by people outside of their community.

The poll shows that 20 percent of voters would not want a Mormon to marry into their family, and 14 percent said they would not want an African American to marry in either.

Whites who live in communities with fewer African Americans were the ones who were more likely to express that viewpoint, since they were less likely to be exposed to all kinds of black people. The same geographic factors do not apply as much to Mormons.

In the past four years, views on both racial prejudice and on the Mormon Church have evolved. Fewer Americans sense discrimination toward blacks in their communities.

Much of this change has occurred since President Obama was inaugurated into the White House. The poll results concerning African American discrimination have reduced from 50% of the public back in January 09, down to around 37 percent today.

It is not clear whether or not African Americans have noticed this shift in ideas, as whites and other non-blacks are the ones who claim that this shift has taken place.

Since Barack Obama became president, our country has evolved. Many whites have had a chance to see an intelligent black man in the media, and many African Americans have an additional role model.

The same could be true during a Mitt Romney presidency, since many Americans could see a normal Mormon family in the White House. So, no matter who wins, America is going to grow, since they’ve never had to choose between an African American and a Mormon.

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Joe July 20, 2012 8:45 pm (Pacific time)

I like black Mormons

Anonymous July 20, 2012 5:08 pm (Pacific time)

Reporters like you makes it a race issue, not the people. Everything is about race these days, white no good, black great, no matter what.

Anonymous July 20, 2012 11:18 am (Pacific time)

I would not care if the president was part black, part hispanic, part arab, and believed in mormonism, jehovah witness, muslim, catholic etc. all put together. As long as the president was not controlled by the bankers and corporations, who have been around for centuries, I would be fine.. that will happen when hell freezes over tho, and people are too ignorant to see what is going on to change it. p.s. I call them bankers and corporations to keep this brief, but if you go back in history they have other names, thee are simply current.

Anonymous July 20, 2012 4:54 am (Pacific time)

We would be better off if we would not show a picture of the running President. Roosevelt would never be elected Today because of his handicap. But the news media constantly brings out the race and religion of the candidates. I personally don't care if we have an African-American President as long he is a born American and not a Communist/Marxist. There are some good black conservative Politicians in Washington. But because the media puts them down they will never have a chance to become President.i am so sick of that Race bull shit, I wished the people would look at the person and not the race. But the majority of the people is so drugged up that they don't even know what's going on in our Country.

Editor: There are barely a handful of Black conservatives willing to trounce on their own people for political gain.  You are saying, "as long as they act white" and I disagree.  Race should not matter, but thanks to people like you, it does.

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