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News of the World Whistleblower Sean Hoare found Dead

A former News of the World journalist who made claims against the paper has been found dead.

Sean Hoare

(LONDON / SALEM) - Sean Hoare, the journalist who blew the whistle on phone-hacking allegations at the Rupert Murdoch owned News of the World Tabloid, has been found dead, The BBC reports.

The New York Times had reported through conversations with Sean Hoare, that the practice was far more extensive than the paper acknowledged when police first investigated hacking claims. Hoare was the first reporter on the record over Andy Coulson's alleged knowledge of the phone hacking there. He was found by police at his London home.

At this point, police say Hoare's death is regarded as "unexplained", however it was not suspected to be suspicious. That seems interesting to suggest in any respect, since the man was at the center of a steaming controversy involving some of the most determined and best funded powers in the western world.

At the same time, they won't release the cause of death. A Huffington Post article put it this way: "...it still comes as a grim coincidence during a period when the phone hacking scandal is escalating seemingly every day".

The BBC notes that computer hackers tampered with the online site for The Sun, incorrectly listing that Rupert Murdoch has been found dead in his garden. Again, this was a hoax, apparently connected to a group of hackers called Lulz Security, which has previously targeted corporate organizations and US government websites.

Related Development - Yates calls it quits

It was reported earlier by The BBC, that Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates resigned, buckling under pressure stemming from the phone-hacking scandal. Yates has served as a senior Detective in north and west London and was the Senior Investigating Officer on over 20 murders.

"We in the Police Service are truly accountable. Those of us who take on the most difficult jobs clearly have to stand up and be counted when things go wrong. However, when we get things wrong, we say so and try and put them right. As I have said very recently, it is a matter of great personal regret that those potentially affected by phone hacking were not dealt with appropriately.

"Sadly, there continues to be a huge amount of inaccurate, ill-informed and on occasion downright malicious gossip published about me personally. This has the potential to be a significant distraction in my current role as the national lead for Counter Terrorism.

"I see no prospect of this improving in the coming weeks and months as we approach one of the most important events in the history of the Metropolitan Police Service, the 2012 Olympic Games. The threats that we face in the modern world are such that I would never forgive myself if I was unable to give total commitment to the task of protecting London and the country during this period. I simply cannot let this situation continue.

"It is a matter of great personal frustration that despite my efforts, on a number of occasions, to explain the true facts surrounding my role in these matters since 2009, there remains confusion about what exactly took place.

"I have acted with complete integrity and my conscience is clear. I look forward to the future Judge-led inquiry where my role will be examined in a proper and calmer environment and where my actions will be judged on the evidence rather than on innuendo and speculation as they are at present".

It looks like the mess is going to continue to spiral out of control, it seems very interesting that police would so quickly rule out foul play, seems like the information has not been fully released. Also, our writer Dr. Phil Leveque is both a Forensic Toxicologist and a Professor of Pharmacology. We would never publish the how's and why's, but rest assured that there are many ways a person can be murdered without a trace with the use of attainable substances.

In a statement, the Met said it would look into the matter, saying: "We recognise that this may cause concern and that some professions may be incompatible with the role of an interpreter."


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COLLI July 19, 2011 6:08 pm (Pacific time)

Yep - and we had to dump Bin Laden's body at sea. One more cover-up.

Amanda July 19, 2011 11:00 am (Pacific time)

The journalist found dead, can hardly be found a coincident. "Corporate Power"

Stephen July 19, 2011 9:37 am (Pacific time)

Alex Jones said this was going to happen days ago. Same with Princess Diana and others..All you have to do, is realize there is an elite group controlling much of the world, learn who they are, their M.O. etc, and you can be accurate in predictions.
Simple. You should learn their other plans, they are taking place as I type this.

Mark July 19, 2011 8:33 am (Pacific time)

It seems quite obvious that many want to see this foreign situation to come here to the states and change the reporting/editorial policies of FOX News. Say that happens some how, then people just get politically one-sided filtered news as is what's literally happening with so-called mainstream news agencies and publications, like MSNBC, CNN and all the other networks. In my opinion it is this mainstream propaganda that the public has rejected and why most seek out more professional reporting services. Very unlikely FOX, a top rated network will fade away, but if it did, even more like it would surface. The national ideological trend is center right, and that is going to continue. Having conflicting news sources is not a bad thing, it's when there is no debate that we then have a situation that can get unacceptable. This Murdoch situation has nothing to do with America, but watch the Holder crew (and many others) try to make a connection, they will fail, just as they will ultimately fail at trying to avoid criminal sanctions for their gun-running, which makes Watergate look like childsplay. The Buck Stops at the Oval Office.

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